Feeling Bookish: Windsor Smith Drops Serious Design Knowledge in Homefront...

I'll admit it. I went into reading this book believing I "knew" who Windsor Smith was and was familiar with the success of her brand, her products and her firm. I've been a fan of her for many years. From her high profile projects to her successful Design in a Box offering to her products and product collaborations. Yet I write this review today feeling humbled and truly inspired - not just from what she's achieved professionally, but from what she is capable of achieving as a human being.

Windsor is a serious powerhouse of ideas, innovation and - most importantly - a deep loving knowledge of how we live and aspire to live. Trust when I tell you: we all want to be Windsor Smith when we grow up. Seriously. Windsor's got game and appears to have mastered the art of living. 

While the currently accepted stamp of "arrival" at the top echelon the literary design scene is a foreword by Charlotte Moss, Windsor's book opens to a passage by none other than Gwyneth Paltrow herself. The Goop guru is a client and friend, having purchased a stunning Mandeville Canyon home designed by Windsor herself. The resulting real estate exchange was widely publicized and possibly the tipping point for bringing the name Windsor Smith to the forefront of everyone's mind. 

But, back to this gorgeous book...

Not only is is impressive in size, it it filled - filled! - with quality photographs of projects both popular and rare. I love adding a book to my collection that offers project details not normally seen online. This book achieves the lofty goal of being visually rich and offering tremendous wisdom from the designer herself. This is where I feel I really got to know so much more about her unparalleled understanding of how we live, how we want to live and how interior design plays a pivotal role in our enjoyment of life. 

Quite possibly the most appealing aspect of Homefront is its accessibility. It is written to appeal to everyone from the pedigreed designer to the curious design lover. Through thoughtful insights and an "arms open wide" generosity of spirit, Windsor brings us all into the fold of her excellent and practical advice for living and design. 

Homefront is like a master class for anyone looking to make more sense of their home environment and wishing to maximize both the usefulness of spaces and their beauty. Rather than pages of lofty concepts about furnishings and design, Homefront serves up specific tips and personal insights for truly "living" in your home.

While her historical knowledge of design and its many incarnations is impressive, the tome never reads like a textbook or comes off as too lofty. Windsor offers plenty of her signature warmth wrapped around applicable ideas for surrounding yourself with pieces you love. She freely shares thought-provoking insights on how rooms should be used and why you should consider mixing up the status quo.

If you haven't already read between the lines: I absolutely love this book. Consider me an even bigger fan of Windsor Smith, a seemingly unstoppable design force who deserves every moment of the success she is enjoying. 

Get to know Windsor Smith better via her portfolio, her collections and her blog. If her name is new to you, I hope this post has served as a great starting point for your appreciation of this great talent. Those of you like myself who consider themselves already familiar with Windsor will find yourselves in  awe of her talent, her passionate generosity of spirit and her love of "home" in this book. Book available hereEnjoy!