Current Obsession: The Ultra-Chic Bucket Backpack...

I haven't had this much Tory Burch love in a long, long time. It's been maybe 7 years since I was swooning over her every move. I'm not sure what her designers are sipping in the studio, but it must be some mighty fine espresso because these new handbags are completely on point. 

Witness the ultimate backpack. It looks like a Chanel (no shame in their copycat game as they model their leather-entwined gold chains in a style identical to Coco's signature bags. I've turned my nose up at their other attempts to mimic iconic flap bags (after all, originality is to be prized and treasured), but this bag... this surprisingly chic bag is something really remarkable. 

And lucky you, today it's 30% off! I am seriously crushing on this black beauty like nobody's business. While I don't see myself wearing it full on backpack style, this versatile wonder can be worn via top handle, tossed over a single shoulder or worn as (you guessed it) a classic backpack. And those chains... those sexy gold and black chains? Forgetaboutit. This lovely multi-tasker has it all and I am in major handbag love.