Beauty: Secrets to Serving Up that Radiant Summer Glow...

Newsflash: it's summer! School is out. Pools are open. Skin is being shown. It's time to get your skincare and makeup look in line with the season. 

I've been experimenting with a variety of factors and reaping the benefits of all my research. I'd love to share a few of my hard-earned favorites and a few tips for letting your true colors shine through. Quite simply, nothing will substitute for a happy life and a healthy lifestyle. However, you can boost your beauty just a bit with a few simple techniques and carefully selected products. 

Ready for summer beauty school? Here we go: 


Fact is, clogged pores need cleaning and your skin may  need encouragement to make way for new cells and skin to emerge. Healthy skin is safely exfoliated skin. It's taking me time to get my "recipe" just right, but I'm honing in on a few important factors. A regular AHA/BHA treatment keeps pesky blemishes away and fights the good fight of cellular renewal. (My tip: these presoaked pads from Radical Skincare were a happy discovery!!! Skinstore almost always has 20% off too, so it's a sweet deal!) A Clairsonic brush is your bestie if a dewy, fresh-faced look is your goal. I'm discovering the joys of this newest version (hello, awesomeness!) paired with this crazy looking black soap. Turns out, a little mud is great for your skin. Who knew? 


I may be a self-professed serum addict, but if there's one thing I'm loving is my newest discovery: a plumping, skin-enhancing, radiance-boosting mist that arrives just in time for the summer heat. The benefits of a serum with the refreshing qualities of a spray. Hello, innovation! Kate Somerville just introduced this stuff and I'm already hooked. Better yet, pair it with her Nourish moisturizer for a light as a feather but perfectly hydrated product. Both contain Matrixyl 3000™ which lifts, firms and smooths any fine lines beginning to show. It's a one two punch for your skin. Now, protect that beauty with a serious sunscreen. My old favorite from Clarins has been reformulated but thanks to the wonders of online reviews I've discovered my new favorite. Vita Liberata packs a serious anti-aging punch and doesn't burn or give you a ghostly glow. Regardless of your choice of brand please protect your skin from the sun! 


I love a light-as-air foundation. Think liquid goodness that only requires a few drops to deposit skin-tone balancing pigment on your lovely face. Rather than conceal your skin, the idea is to reveal it via a light-reflecting product leveraging the latest makeup technologies. My search for the perfect foundation has been documented here and here, I'm happy to say B10 in Chanel's Vitalumiere Aqua has sealed the deal as my product of choice for the moment. It is positively dreamy and seems to be neither drying not too "wet" for my skin. I prime with Base Lumiere, but the girls at the counter swear by Le Blanc for its dreamy skin-perfecting qualities. 


Finally... the fun! Truth be told, I love applying makeup. While it might look like a lot, each of these steps deposits only a very thin layer of high quality ingredients. By taking care of your skin (sunscreen & moisturizer, girls!), you'll use far less makeup and actually enjoy your reflection in the mirror. That said, a little blush and bronzer is a good thing. My suggestion? All those awards only confirm what loyal fans know. NARS Orgasm blush is quite possibly the most perfect shade of blush a girl could ever hope for. I've used it for many years and will always consider it a staple. Next: choose your bronzer and prepare to fall in love with that "I just returned from St. Barths" glow. Guerlain makes an amazing version in their Terracotta Joli Teint Powder. You've likely seen it's eye-catching image in many Instagram shots. Well... I tried it and it lives up to the hype. My favorite is Blonde Clair, a color perfect for those of us on the fairer side. Brunettes, they have something for you as well! 


So... beauty sleep is a real thing. And you can leverage those resting hours to reveal (and develop) more beautiful skin. A retinol product can be used at night once you hit your 20's. Available in many forms and strengths, this acne & wrinkle fighting ingredient fights breakouts, plumps skin, shrinks pores, battles wrinkles and is one of the only proven (and proven time and time again) anti-aging ingredients out there. Grab a powerful dose of retinol and vitamin C (another radiance booster) with PTR's Retinol Fusion PM. This bottle offers serious bang for your beauty buck! I also love a good AHA cream to facilitate cell renewal and make the skin more receptive to those high quality ingredients you're applying. Kate Somerville's Goat Milk moisturizer is a good one, as it this more potent glycolic acid moisturizer. Retinol + and AHA will positively result in a fresher face by morning. 

Now... go out here and get your summer on, everyone! And don't forget your sunscreen. :)