Perspective: See Your Goals. State Your Goals. Seize Your Goals...

So... I have a new life goal. And it's a good one! I've always had a deep, deep desire to be a venture capitalist - able to give entrepreneurs and upstarts the financial push they need to thrive. I still have that goal, as it's a passion close to my heart for personal reasons. Now, however, I have a parallel goal. I need (notice the shift in verbiage here) I need to own homes around the world that are part of the a luxury home rental network. 

Just flipping through the Inspirato magazine is enough to jumpstart a dozen dreams. but I suspect most people glossing through the pages simply think of their next vacation. Me? I want more. I need more. It is my intention to own a handful of carefully selected properties that a company like Inspirato (and there are growing number of others like it) will manage and strike to keep booked throughout the year. 

Imagine knowing you have a home in St. Martin like the one above and it's generating passive income for you. Imagine feeling thrilled by the knowledge that you own a stunning mountain home in Vail that is producing a handsome profit for you. A chic flat in Paris's 16th arrondissement would be dreamy, no? What about a Mediterranean beauty in Sonoma overlooking a vineyard. It sounds like a dream, but these are real homes owned by investors who see the value in the ownership of spectacular properties. 

The rise of the Airbnb's and Luxury Retreats of the world is a cultural shift not to be overlooked. It's one thing to dream of vacations - and I definitely do. It's another thing entirely to develop the goal to own jaw-dropping real estate in the world's most coveted destinations and set yourself up for financial success. 

So that's it world. I'm putting this intention out there for you, for me, for everyone to see. It's a dream that's been building for a while and I'm finally saying it out loud with greater frequency, a stronger sense of purpose and a vision of it so clear that it rivals the clarity of that swimming pool above. 

What good is a post like this if I don't share simple goal setting & achieving steps? None at all. Here are the basic steps I liken to those shampoo bottle instructions "Lather. Rinse. Repeat."


This is the most difficult part for everyone. You need CLARITY. To get this, find ways to clear your head. Perhaps it's a scenic drive, a challenging run, a long swim, a solo bike ride. For me, thinking of this intensity happens when I'm moving. Regardless, you need perspective which means you'll want to shake off your typical daily routine and perhaps GO somewhere. Distance can be your very best friend. Frankly, these ideas just "come to me" once I'm alone with my thoughts. It takes some discernment to cast aside the flights of fancy from the inspired ideas.  Trust that you'll have the wisdom to know when your marvelous idea or ideas emerge. (Hint: you'll be overwhelmed with the urge to engage in step 2...)


Write those ideas down. FAST and in detail. Articulate them and flesh them out in as many beautiful details as you can. If it's a better body you dream of, describe how you'll feel, what that new body will wear and how you'll own every room you walk in. If it's a series of properties like mine, begin declaring specifics such as locations, occupancy rates, property management partners, etc. Articulate your BIG GOALS on paper for YOU to see, then you'll feel emboldened to share them with people. This process will develop a sense of certainty in you - a feeling of power and momentum. (Tip: a pretty journal pairs nicely with this act.)

One more tip: put it "out there" in the form of a decorated refrigerator door (do people still do that?) or an inspiration board. Me? I'm putting Inspirato photos of that house on my pinboard (my favorite option can be found here). I'm writing a few goals out and putting them up to see every day. I'm boldly declaring to myself (and anyone who observes my work space) the driving force behind my burning ambition. 


You won't believe this, but the first two steps are the most difficult for people. Most of humanity simply won't attempt the first two steps. They don't take time to dream, they feel that "thinking" the idea is enough. It isn't. Without a written goal that you can SEE on a regular basis, your actions won't align to bring about the necessary changes. Step 3 is a natural response to steps 1 and 2. So stop here and take the time alone to get clarity and then put those visions and goals on paper in big, bold, bossy ways. The third step will almost happen for you once you've established the importance of the goal on your subconscious. 

So go ahead... Dream big - REALLY big - because if those goals don't make other people think you're crazy, they aren't big enough. 

{Editor's note: this incredible home can be seen at Inspirato.)