Musings: On Personal Growth...

Like muscle training, personal growth can be a bit uncomfortable but the pain isn't pointless.  Ideally, you'll come out on the other side of the process a better person. It takes self awareness to come to the realization you're in one of these periods of life. But once you're on board, you realize your role here is to learn, to grow, to expand upon your previous definition of yourself. 

Are you stuck in a rut? Are you locked into a few bad habits? Are you closing in on yourself and not opening yourself up to life's journey? Honey, it's time to quit that. Life is change - and lots of it. While I fully believe we have the power to shape our lives, I'm also keen to the fact that surprises are coming our way daily. Some are meaningless distractions there to try to trip us up. Others are opportunities. If you one develop life skill, I suggest it be the gift of discernment which will allow you to ferret out the rare opportunities from the sea of distractions that fly your way. 

So... what's irking you? is your patience being tested? Perhaps you need to develop that skill. Are your professional skills being questioned? Maybe you need to focus on your strengths and your gifts. Are you feeling fatigued? Believe it or not, physical activity is what you need and certainly an analysis of your dietary intake is in order. Are you lonely? Perhaps you need to open yourself up to more social interaction. Pay attention to the discomfort - it is an arrow pointing to your area needing work. 

Are you at a pivotal point in your life where you need to expand and not shrink? It might make you nervous - but there's joy and growth in your future. Will you decide to resist or will you make the decision to improve? Will you decide to grow? Will you move beyond the fear at learn to fly? I like to believe you will. I love to imagine you can. I hope to see you flourish.