Personal Style: Shifting into Pre-Summer Style...

You'll either kiss me or want to kill me for the fashion secret I'm about to share. I love (L-O-V-E) the Nordstrom juniors section for finding fab summer dresses for next to nothing. Let's face it: spring & summer dressing is all about easy "toss 'em on and go" frocks. May weather means those questionably cool days are a thing of the past and it's time to take summer style seriously. Meaning shop now or see your sizes go buh-bye before you've nailed down your essentials. 

So... why the juniors section love, you ask? Aside from the lighthearted nature of the looks I also love the price. All of these dresses - ALL of them - are less than $60. Most of them are less than $50. Those are numbers that make me giddy, since it's far more enjoyable to invest in fab handbags and spectacular shoes than to drop several hundred on a dress. Don't get me wrong - I love luxe fashion. But being able to add chic dresses to my closet for next to nothing makes me jump up and down in my Jimmy Choos.

So... what's the key to high-low summer dressing? Keep it simple: think solid colors & simple silhouettes. Next: shoes. Always shoes. And a great tote never hurt either. With that... here are my high-low picks for the heat wave that surely will come and the sunny days that are already upon us.