Samantha's Picks: What She Scored at Tea Collection's Massive Summer Sale...

We did it. We snagged our top choices and in preferred sizes during Tea Collection's seriously discounted summer sale. If you've ever shopped for not one but two children and needed to find clothing for both (four years apart in age) you'll know this was definitely a fist bump from the good Lord above. Right?

My oldest has quite a strong sense of personal style (not surprisingly) and has a very clear vision of how she wants to present herself. She quickly sussed out her Tea favorites and nudged me towards pieces I didn't notice. We're featuring the final selections here and giving a bit of insight into what we both love about our seriously discounted haul. 

What she loves about the brand: Pretty designs in comfortable fabrics. End of story. Samantha shares that she feels girly in her Tea dresses & leggings but can still have fun at the park. 

What I love about the brand: high quality construction, terrific fabrics, durable pieces, mix and match opportunities and perfect price points. Did I mention I can order online and it arrives quickly via free shipping? Hallelujah. 

So what did we buy? Some very cute summer outfits for both girls that are easy to mix and match. This flexibility means our outfits are multiplied because we can get creative with our pairings. Striped leggings are a mainstay for us, especially with a swingy floral print dress. We also snagged a few leggings with gold accents to liven up the mix. Seems gold is appealing to girls of all ages. 

We also invested in a perfect cream cardigan because it was significantly marked down it is always smart use of resources to add classics to the closet. Cool fall nights will arrive before you know it and pieces like this last for many years. On that note: Tea does a lovely job of slowly transitioning colors from season to season, meaning these summer coordinates will blend well with the upcoming fall collection pieces and those fall looks will ease us into the spring 2016 colorway. I've always appreciated this "build as you go" approach to children's clothing. Tea wins major points for me here. 

No coupon code is needed to shop the sale, but I suggest you make selections before your sizes vanish - never to be seen again. Also note: we just discovered Salt Water shoes and have fallen in love with these sandals for my littlest. Made from waterproof leather that gets better when it gets wet? I and my puddle jumping toddler will take them. Tea has Salt Water, and you can also also find them at Nordstrom. Happy hunting!  


A bit of backstory: I discovered Tea Collection when my oldest (now 7) was about 18 months old. At the time it was very much a boutique brand and was difficult to find. Over the years their reach and customer base has grown. Each "collection" of fabrics is inspired by a different global location with silhouettes largely remaining the same and a few special occasion dresses mixed in.

The shapes evolve slightly over the years, but we always return for their easy swingy dresses and super soft leggings. While I do focus on the looks for girls, their quality is unrivaled when it comes to durable boy's clothing. Those twill shorts and cotton shirts feel as though they are made from military-grade fabrics. If long-term use is a goal (and for families with boys, a summer feels quite long) this brand is a winner.