Musings: On Being Inspired...

I've spent a few days focusing on cleaning out my inbox. Thousands of deleted emails later I'm feeling relieved, liberated and convinced that creative inspiration is often the result of unblocking things in your way. All that negative static created by spam, unread notes, unseen opportunities and client emails steals your energy. Perhaps a good digital cleanse is all you need to unleash your imagination and open your eyes to the world of possibilities around you. 

Need help getting to the fairytale state of "Inbox Zero"...? Here's what I do: 

  • Start by sorting by "from" 
    This method of seeing all emails from one sender at a time allows me to delete huge blocks of emails all at once. It also identified repeat offenders and demonstrates to you instantly whose emails you never open. 
  • Unsubscribe
    As often as possible (and when it's clearly not spam) take half a second to unsubscribe from emails, even if it's from stores and sources I love. Trust me, you won't forget Shopbop exists or that there's an Airbnb available in Del Mar. Absence might even make the heart grow stronger. 
  • Mix it up
    When I get bored (or feel overwhelmed) during this process, I switch up my "sort" method. Try viewing all "unread" emails first and tackle those or take a (scary) look at oldest emails first. 
  • Don't delay
    Stop the madness by replying RIGHT AWAY to any and all emails you can. Stop the vicious cycle of waiting to reply until later. Tackle messages & assignments, tasks, next steps as they occur. 
  • Use "no extra" time wisely
    I like to do this while sipping coffee or eating breakfast. It sets me on a clear and focused path for the day and eliminates considerable mental clutter.

Have a great Sunday!