Wanderlusting: West Coast is the Best Coast...

Normally my wanderlusting posts are reserved for exotic locales and destinations that require a passport. But right now I'm in a Laguna Beach state of mind and have my sights set on a West Coast escape that meanders up the picturesque coast. Those of you who've stood on the craggy rocks in La Jolla or seen the to-die-for vistas from Geoffrey's in Malibu know what I mean. Cali has the lock on natural beauty and the power of the Pacific. 

So, where to stay? I do love luxe hotels, so it's no surprise I'm loving Pelican Hill and a handful of other comparably impressive resort-style accommodations. Also, the girls will be in tow, meaning a family-friendly stay is a must. L'Auberge Del Mar is always my go-to stop in Del Mar. But as we head up the coast to Malibu I realize I've stayed with friends there, not in hotels. So those airbnb and home away spots start standing out. Choices, choices. 

The best part of this type of trip? Every roadtripping on Highway 1, the most dreamy of "woah, look at that!" drives. So hearing my own thoughts echoed from the back seat of a sweet rental is going to be well worth the airfare from Dallas . 

Now... what to do? Well, that's a matter of preference. For me it's all about getting outside and soaking in the view and the sunshine. Golf is a huge draw for the men, for the girls...? We love ti all. Spa days, chilling in a cabana and of course,  plunging your toes in the sand as the sun sets. Few things compare to strolling the local scene and window shopping between iced coffees and fresh food on gorgeous restaurant patios. 

So... you can expect to see a few more posts as I plan this mid-summer getaway to the Golden State. In the meantime, let's pack our imaginary bags... shall we? 


The mood? Totally low key. Effortless. Comfortable. An off the shoulder dress here, some espadrilles there. Add a hint of gloss, a light misting of sunblock, a shimmery bronzer and pop on your hat. Boom. Outfit done. 

West coast may catch flack for being casual, but in summer I see no reason to deny them that right. Frankly, I think we've all adopted a more laid back approach to fashion in recent years. SoCal natives have simply been ahead of the curve. 

So... where are you going this summer?