Musings: On Leaping Before You Look...

{image via  Vogue Italy }

{image via Vogue Italy}

They say that fortune favors the bold. In my experience, this is so very true. It is also said that she who hesitates is lost. Another truth in my world. I prefer to say I'm decisive rather than impulsive, as I do draw upon my experiences before action. But the other side of that rapid-fire decision making coin is instinct. I trust mine implicitly to guide me through daily life. When I'm in a good state (read: sleeping well, eating right and exercising) that inner voice speaks to me loud and clear shouting "do this" and "don't do that" commands on seemingly everything. 

This article really spoke to me when it dropped wisdom on what "impulsive" people experience in life. We are quick to tackle the bigger forks in the road of life, but when it comes to tiny details we obsess. Yes. I have to give a fist bump to whoever pegged us on that issue. Absolutely true. Buying shoes? I fuss over every detail. New foundation? I try every ption available and test them all repeatedly before bellying up to the counter to purchase a bottle.

Quick trip to Sicily? I say yes in an instant and don't think twice. Why? Because I trust my gut and I don't like to waste a moment of this precious existence deliberating on nonsense. Italy = good. New foundation = risky. It might seem like a strange logic to you but this is the reality of the decisive thinker. 

What about you? Are you a leap before you look kind of person? Are you hesitant? I'm sure life either way has its pluses and minuses. I'd love to hear your side of the coin!