Musings: On Another Year, Another Chance to Live Fully...

It's time close the chapter on one of my years on this pretty globe. Is it okay to admit I'm slamming the book shut and jumping all over it? In the interest of full disclosure, this wasn't my most enjoyable year and I cannot WAIT to start fresh, beginning today. I'm so grateful for the many things that are right and amazing in my life - and they are generous in number. It makes the few challenging areas easier to handle and helps me have perspective on them.

As I pause on my birthday to reflect upon the past year I feel incredibly blessed, grateful and - wow - have I GROWN. If pressure creates diamonds, I am one sparkly girl! And frankly, I've accomplished more in this single year than many would guess or attempt to accomplish on their own. If there is one quality I enjoy about myself it is tenacity, an unshakable, unquenchable thirst for progress and moving forward. 

What about you? You may not be a June 3 birthday girl or guy, but what about your past year? How have you grown? What will you do differently moving forward? Ask yourself this: what ONE thing that if done and done well makes all of your other goals irrelevant or easier? What is one goal or area of life you can focus on that - if achieved or improved upon - makes all other areas of life better? Think about that. Think hard, because the answer is like a golden arrow pointing you towards success and your best version of yourself. 

So what am I going to focus on this year? The answer is in the question. FOCUS. Since I'm an "all in" kind of girl, I will actively refine what I'm investing my time and attention on. I will journal more and will most certainly put myself through my "Improve Your Life in Just One Week" process. (Note: If you're not familiar, expect me to repost it here soon). This year will be about embracing all that is good in life and making time FIRST for those things that are most sacred to me. It is also about being open to the inevitable changes life brings you. After all, the shifting of the sands is what makes the desert landscape so beautiful. 

So for today and each day after, I wish for you to feel the feeling of flourishing, growing stronger, becoming more beautiful and blooming into the stunning flower you are meant to become. Let those pressures of life transform you into a glistening, gleaming rarified creature of incredible worth. Shine bright, darlings. Shine bright and sparkle on!