Tot Fashion: Kate Mack's Playful Glamour for Little Girls...

{All photos in this post taken by & owned by yours truly, Franki Durbin}

{All photos in this post taken by & owned by yours truly, Franki Durbin}

Summer is here and now is the time for long days of endless activity. Since I'm in the company of my two minis-in-training, I can't help but see life through the lens of their young eyes. Both girls love dressing up, but a requirement for each of them is comfort. So when it's time to put on a pretty dress, good looks and thoughtful design details are important. Thankfully, we found our sartorial love match.

These pretty little frocks may be shimmery and sparkly, but Kate Mack/Biscotti knows looks shouldn't trump feeling fabulous. Those sequins you see are encased in a fluid veil of the dreamiest mesh making these glam little getups as comfy as a pair of jammies (not kidding). Whether we're headed to brunch or it's simply time for cupcakes, these two cuties can toss these on and go at a moment's notice and I know they'll be comfortable all day long. Can't ask for more than that, can you? I have yet to come across another brand that offers my girls this level of chic and still encourages movement. 

Beyond the beauty of the dresses themselves, it's the quality craftsmanship I appreciate as well as the age-appropriate designs. Big sister and little sister can often dress the same or merely have a similar look and still be fashionably on-point. This is especially nice for those siblings wishing to exert a little style independence. In terms of quality, I assure you these sequined numbers are marvelously made. My girls may look like delicate flowers but they play hard from dawn til dusk. They have the mosquito bites, skinned knees and bruises to show for it. And yet... these pretty dresses allow them to run, jump and play without restriction of movement or discomfort. That's quality. 

Now... I do believe I have some bubble makers to go catch. Enjoy your day!