Loving: Mid-Summer Exotic Glamour...

As if hit by this mid-summer heat wave (it's reaching 100 and 100+ degrees as far out as my iPhone app can see), my internal style compass is aimed squarely at more exotic looks. While it's easy to keep it consistent, I'm loving the idea of pulling a more complex Eastern theme into my design lens in a sophisticated way. Think: detailed patterns, vibrant hues and pops of gold (always!). It needn't be much, but why not have a bit of fun and bring this Morocco-meets-Bollywood look into your living room, onto your closet and into your life? Perhaps a bit of hot color is just the thing to cool you off in this mid-summer burn session. 

Here's what I'm loving for around the house and in the closet...


What about you? Does the heat inspire you to change things up? Do you dress differently? Do you deck out your pad with a more intense flair - or perhaps swing it the other way in soothing colors and less intense prints?  Tell me what feels like the mid-summer mood for you. I'd love to discover more about the inner workings of your style inspiration.