Mind & Body: Amazing Natural Wonders for Beauty & Health...

Beneath all the seemingly superficial fashion & beauty posts, this blog is truly about living an optimized life. Peak performance living is the ultimate goal for me, and hopefully for you as well. Facing each day energized, revitalized and free from ailments and hindrances is the ideal existence. And yet, so many of us - self included - have introduced things into our lives that drag us down and make us feel (or perhaps look) less than our best. 

For me, I was noticing severe energy level issues and general feelings of lethargy. Unusual. The answer is usually whispering to you, telling you the cause. In my case I felt it was a mashup of a my food intake and an overall mismatch of nutrients. And let's not avoid the other elephant in the room: toxins entering our bodies through plastic water bottles and skin care products. 

While I have much to continue sharing on the topic. I will share that I've shifted to an alkaline approach to eating, glass water bottles filled with lemon-infused water and in many cases, skin care from innovative brands harnessing the power of nature. Another fun new addition? Tumeric. And lots of it. Apparently this vibrantly hued spice is loaded with disease fighting compounds and can even battle the bulge. Who knew? 

As I warm up to share much, much more with you, I wanted to introduce a few natural all-stars in my life. 


Beauty is just as easily achieved with nature-derived solutions. Who knew? And because your body is your temple, below are a few of my nutrition-related obsessions...

I have SO much to share with you. From spices that can prevent (or even reverse) health issues to plant-derived skin case obsessions, I'm charting a personal new path that really energizes me. I hope you'll join me in on the journey! Much, much more to come in future posts.