Loving: A Week of Wonderful New Discoveries...

I found many special little things this week. Perfect casual dresses, the ultimate makeup palette (a total surprise for this non-palette fan), a go-anywhere tote and pretty shoes in my size. It's the little things, really. Right?

While it feels to me that summer is in full swing, I can see that for many of my friends it is quickly winding down as kids head back to school and vacations are wrapping up. Luckily those end-of-season sales are in full effect keeping us from getting all wistful about how quickly the sunny months are passing. Distractions are wonderful things. 

But what's really rocking my world this week is my renewed passion for life. I've begun eating a far more alkaline diet, stripping out all non-essential & unfulfilling things from my life and diving deeper into those things which matter most. Focus. Determination. Vision. 

I am in the midst of giving my office a good zhushing and my closet a big purge (what's new, right?) and the effects are downright freeing.  What about you? What made you happy this week?