Beauty: The Very Necessary End of Summer Skin Reboot...

I've sunblocked. I've worn hats. I've stayed in the shade when I could. And yet, I have an unwanted tan on my face. When I tell you my lovely visage is thirsty I truly mean it. And as I look at my vanity counter I realize I'm slowly but surely adding a cool stash of a singular brand to my tried and true winning product arsenal. Chanel (I'm surprised to say) has been earning its way into my very competitive skin care collection. Competition is stiff, as I'll quickly ditch what doesn't work effectively. So seeing more of those double C's in my mirrored tray tells me those babes in lab coats at Chanel beauty HQ know how to deliver maximum results. 

What heroes can I share with you? Mostly they fall within two groups: the Hydra Beauty and Resynchronizing Skincare. These two sub-collections within the esteemed Chanel skincare line will remedy all of your late summer complexion woes. Personally it's dry, parched skin in need of rehydration. But thanks to the unwanted sun exposure I'm all about gentle exfoliation by way of the right mix of acids. Think: a glowing renewed Gigi Hadid type glow and you've got the picture. 

I've found my favorites amongst these lines and am eager to share. You should know my preferences to decide if this might work for you. I like gentle yet effective exfoliation via glycolic & salicylic acid serums. I adore products with hyaluronic acid, as the plumped look is oh, so fabulous on everyone. I prefer light cream formulas that deliver ongoing hydration and lend skin that coveted bounce and a hint of dewiness without irritation. And don't forget the lips: a good balm works wonders. Also: I like a comprehensive yet simple program to follow. I like knowing I'm getting antioxidants, a peptides, retinol and everything else I need to round out my skincare "diet" if you will. 


This huge jar ($60) is a miracle worker. I am probably more surprised than you, but this beautiful pink gel inside is somehow the perfect 3-in-1 product to not only removes makeup, but also acts as a mask and an overnight hydrating treatment. I've tried Multi-Miracle Glow and am a convert. And did I mention the amount given is huge? This rose-gold lidded jar has proudly earned a spot on my counter. 

The heavy hitters, though, come from Chanel. The "holy trinity" at work here can be found in the Resynchronizing collection. Three bold black & white bottles possess everything you need to revitalize your skin and undo a little damage. An effective yet gentle glycolic peel called Le Weekend is the star of the show here, but no star works alone. Paired with Le Jour (a delightful salicylic acid rich serum for morning) and La Nuit (a hylauronic packed hydrating product for night) reveals brighter, clearer, smoother and more plumped skin without much thought or participation on your part. A handy travel sized version of the trio is available for those of you on-the-go (or on the fence). 

And during your waking (and makeup wearing hours) I love pampering the skin with either the Chanel Hydra collection or Dr. Dennis Gross's Hylauronic Moisture Cushion gel cream. The Hydra collection is idea for combo skin. If you are truly on the dry side, you should choose the cream version of the moisturizer versus the gel cream. And Dr. Dennis Gross is a very eddective brand oyu should quickly familiarize yourself with. You'll see more of these all-stars here as I share more of my current faves. When I'm feeling really special (read: tired & desperate) I'll whip out some eye patches to rejuvenate the eye area. 

If you were only going to invest in three of these, this would be my essential mix:


So what about you? How's your skin faring now that it's August and the season of the sun is winding down? Are you in need of some facial R&R? Did you stay loyal to your sunscreen or are your proudly wearing your sunny glow?