Musings: On Stretching...

Hello, everyone! Happy Monday to you. Yes, HAPPY Monday. While a 72 hour Sunday sounds dreamy, the official start of the "business" part of the week gives each of us an opportunity for growth and reinvention. Are you learning anything new? If so, why not? It's not just for kids, you know. And it doesn't require going back to school. Grab any number of mind-stretching books, learn how to retrain your brain for a happier life, expand upon your formal education at no cost (yes, free) or cough up a small fee for an opportunity to develop mastery over specific skill sets

So... now that we've cast aside any excuses, what is it you want to learn or improve upon? Is photography your prized skill? Do you long for the ability to whip up a fantastic culinary experience for your friends & family? Williams-Sonoma offers free classes on the weekends for everyone. Whatever your yearning, there's surely a book out there poised to take you to new heights. And - let's face it - you have Google. There's an expert out there blogging his or her heart out daily offering you every bit of wisdom you could hope for. Take it.  

My point? Get going. Get growing. LEARN something new and expand your mind. No, you won't be the same afterwards. And that's a very good thing.