The Art of Play: Brain Stretching Fun for Young Minds...

We love good science experiments and creativity sparking activities in our house. Pinterest is great, but there are only so many times you can build a mini volcano and remain enthusiastic. We've been thrilled to see the flood of cool subscription deliveries come on the market for kids, but we've definitely chosen our brand.

Kiwi Crate was the original box of goodies we received monthly (disclosure: they sent us the first box for free a few years ago, but we gleefully paid for the rest!). Now they've expanded the concept and increased the age range. Now there's Koala Crate for the littlest tots. Tinker crate for budding wiz kids ready to take on science and engineering experiments and Doodle Crate for the more creatively inspired amongst us. Here's how the services break down:

  • Koala Crate: 3-4 year olds
  • Kiwi Crate: 4-9 year olds
  • Tinker Crate: 9-14+ year olds
  • Doodle Crate: 9-16 year olds

These are gender neutral and honestly such a good value. We also find that the range of ages they appeal to is even more broad than those displayed above. How much? Basically $19.95 per month with a bit of wiggle room for longer subscriptions (you receive a discount) and a bit more if you want to add extra supplies for a sibling. 

Here are our thoughts on the pricing. It's a STEAL. You would be hard pressed to find higher quality supplies than those provided in these crates. As a former art student, I can attest to the fine grade of the elements in the Kiwi Crates. Excellent scissors, Faber Castell pastels are just a few things we've been provided with via the monthly activities. Each "crate" comes with everything (and I do mean everything) you need to perform or create a specific activity or two. I've found that the supplies can easily accommodate an extra child or a second (or third) pass at an activity. Also, we still have many of the supplies on hand because some of them were durable goods that we've incorporated into our supply cabinets. They pack a lot into those boxes and it's always easy to expand it into a few activity sessions while still having goodies left over for future use. 

See what I mean via the video below:

If you have any interest (and really, if you've got a kid in the house you know you do) they will love this. Here's a link to save $10 off your first month of any crate product. Try it. See if you love it. We would love to hear your feedback! We've just signed up again after a year hiatus. This time we're doing Kiwi & Tinker. I'm considering having my oldest do video reviews so you guys can see the activities. Cool, right? 

Pro tip: be the coolest aunt or uncle by signing up that curious niece or nephew for one of these services. It will beat all the other gifts hands down. Grab that $10 off right here & enjoy!