Buon Weekend: Lessons on Laziness...

Let's just put it out there: my definition of lazy will likely not be yours. It's 9:13 on a Sunday and I have yet to workout. I don't even have my yoga gear on. Yesterday I slept until 8:11. To me, this qualifies as SUPER lazy - and I'm sort of proud of it because it is very difficult for me to chill out and work on the art of doing less. 

With my husband out of town and my littles being up for whatever mommy has in store, it's been a phenomenal few days. We shopped, we dined on patios, we strolled into cafes, we spent time by the water, we slept, we laughed, we played. It's been amazing. 

The key? Putting that phone down. Just put it down. Eye contact. Conversation. Connection. With those who mean so much to you. So, this is just a quick post to give you a nudge on your Sunday to perhaps NOT be a super-achiever. Perhaps today give yourself permission to lounge, sip coffee in bed, read a book (not on a screen) and maybe even work on your nap-taking skills. I grant you full permission to be lazy today. You deserve it. 


(Tip: on lazy weekends I like to let a few skin care products do the heavy lifting to recharge my skin. And a cute romper just makes you feel all girly & pretty.)