Feeling Bookish: Fall Favorites Inspiring Excellence in Design...

Fall offers so many examples of abundance. While many think of the decadence of the upcoming holidays, festive extravagance and food, I think of all things fashion & design related. Designers debut their upcoming collections on runways at NYFW, interior designers descend upon High Point to see the latest wares and publishers release their latest and greatest books. This post will highlight a few that I've just indulged in. While all are home and interiors related, each is quite different in its approach and in its mission to communicate an idea to the reader.

First, I offer you  A Day at Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte. This is a really intriguing read about a private estate of the Vogue family. By way of revealing beautiful photography, documents and rich storytelling, the heirs share the roller coaster history of this world class chateau starting in the seventeenth century want walking us through through the Belle Époque, World War I, and its public opening in 1968. Housed in an elegant sleeve with family crest debossed with foil accents, the presentation of the book alludes to the richness and attention to detail captured throughout. Trust me, it is a feast for the eyes and does not hold back on glorious archived details of this celebrated chateau. For the historian, architecture enthusiast or fracophile, this is a book to be savored.  

For those seeking inspiration on the other end of the spectrum, Life|Style by Tricia Foley washes away your cares with a less is more attitude. Offering us easy tips for streamlining our lives and our bookshelves, we are treated tales of her personal home restoration, her affinity for clean lines, utility and a decidedly less complicated way of living. If you want someone savvy and skilled to help you navigate the wide array of whites, solid tips for editing (even if you're a collector!) and how to perfect your guest bedroom, this is a must-read. I loved reading about her personal journey with "stuff" and the her push-pull relationship with her belongings. Tricia's elegantly simple approach to design and outlook are something to be appreciated as a remedy for our overly complex lives.  

This next book was my "wow" read of the weekend. Multi-award winning designer Greg Natale not only serves up stunning images of his projects in The Tailored Interior, he goes into great detail offering us tips, guidelines and his own set of "rules" by which to play to achieve your own tailored surroundings. His portfolio is astonishing, to say the least, but his easy tone and generous insights will have you cozied up reading this from cover to cover. A must have for designers, design-loving homeowners and casual enthusiasts alike. 

Room for one more treat on your coffee table? This is it. Timothy Wheaton's In Pursuit of Beauty is one of those rare books that dazzles outside (hello, silver spine lettering!) and indulges you via the contents within. Timothy's style is "accessible glamour" for those looking for a label, but I feel his work is fabulously unscripted. Rooms are gorgeous but not "decorated" in an obvious sense. Effortlessly blending modern and classic, this yummy book is great for everyone looking to up their interior style game. I personally love that the book is broken up by property, allowing you to completely immerse yourself in each of his separate projects and deep dive into what the designer was thinking as he wrestled with the unique opportunities that each provided. Add In Pursuit of Beauty to your wish list and your great gift list.

Hope you enjoyed the post, everyone! More marvelous reviews to come!