Personal Style: Reimagining the Feminine Home Office...

Into every life a little redesigning must fall. The challenge when it's your own space is that it either falls into low priority (back of the line, baby!) or we become victim to analysis paralysis. In this case my cause for delay is that I'm too busy doing other work to dive full force into my own office refresh. The good news? I have most of what I need ready to go. 

First, let's talk about those plain jane walls. The plan is to take this elegant wallpaper from Milton & King and cover just the back wall behind my desk (shown here). I have an amazing pair of Italian Empire crystal & gilt sconces that I'll flank the inspiration board with. The overall look is very glam, very elegant and very impactful. I'm besotted with the fun twist on typical brocade design this paper offers, Claire Leina gives us a beautiful hand drawn version of the classic design. The result is stunning and classic with a wink. It also softens the look with a deep charcoal rather than smoke black and a bronze-brown design. Thus honoring the current black wall trend with a bit more romance. Love that! Available at Milton & King as well as Burke Decor

My desk is out of shot because I'm revising what's presently there. In lieu of my current situation (which is lovely, but not my "dream" desk) I'm finally going to buck up and outfit my office with the chair / desk combo I've coveted for years. Hickory Chair's Alexandra chair by Suzanne Kasler in gold leaf and rose linen. Hello, gorgeous! This paired with the their Alexa Hampton designed Stephanie Desk. When you've looked around for seven years and can't find anything else you love it's time to bite the bullet and place the order. Agreed? Agreed. 

The paper hanging faced a not uncommon hurtle: textured walls. The workaround will be a fun one. I'm going to create four vertical panels to cover the wall and create a bit of dimension. I'll frame the panels out in super thin frames to create depth and a more seamless finished appearance. But I've got to tackle other client work before my own cravings are indulged. 

Hope you enjoyed seeing my work in progress. Here are some of the fun pieces I've used to pull the look together. 


Similar sconces or for more drama here //  Tory Burch Rae Tray similar trays here // stools // shagreen cabinet

{For more sourcing details on fabrics etc please let me know. More of tour to come as installation continues. Stay tuned! xoxo}