Shopping: Luxe for Less...

What you may not know about me is that I'm a major deal finder. I am definitely a champagne taste girl. Do you know what I find exhilarating? Scoring exceptional things on a rosé budget. It thrills me in ways I can hardly explain. I'm the luxe shopper who can't wait to share (if asked) about the killer score on this or that.

My philosophy? ONLY purchase what you really truly, truly love. Don't settle. Ever. Simply do without an object rather than "fill the gap" with a temporary "it'll do" substitute. Save up or hold out until you find the EXACT item you have been searching for or dreaming of and then - and only then - do you invest. This goes for everything from plain white tee shirts to high end furniture. You simply wait until you find the precise item of your dreams. One life, one opportunity, right? 

So when I am on the prowl for something nice, I size up the landscape deciding the best source for this or that. While dubious at first, it seems Amazon has spawned a new One Kings Lane style flash-sale site offering everything from copper clad cookware to Saint Laurent bags. The later of which is of great interest to me.

Why is MyHabit so intriguing? That lovely lambskin bag you've been coveting is now seriously discounted. Jason Wu, Valentino, Prada, Chloe, Fendi - the gang is all here. And since we've developed a love affair with Amazon's lightening fast shipping and easy peasy returns, it instills confidence in purchasing high end goods. Have I pulled the trigger on a purchase yet? No. Still stalking. But I'm sharing a few fab finds below and sharing a $20 credit for your first spin around the MyHabit block.

But remember... only invest in what you truly love! Search to find what makes your heart sing - not what's a "good deal" or on sale. But if one of these beauties gives you goosebumps and is on sale, more power to you!