Shopping: A Fresh Look at An Old Favorite...

I have a confession to make. For that first "real" job I was quite proud of my sophisticated and slightly preppy Ann Taylor wardrobe. I felt so grown up striding into the art department in my flawless wardrobe, courtesy of my obsessive relationship with the brand. 

And then, as so often happens, I began to shake it up and discovered niche brands and slowly steered away from my trusty wardrobe-building mainstay. That's not to say I haven't picked up a cashmere scarf here, a killer jacket there and a few great accessories from the brand over the years - but my once intense love affair definitely waned. While I certainly loved the process of adding new looks to my closet, I definitely missed the predictability of price points and quality that the chain offered.  

And yet... here I am today deep diving the Ann site looking at more modern silhouettes and a slightly more fashion forward overall style. Perhaps even a little boho and a little rock 'n roll edge. Those pencil skirts and work attire must-have's may still be in the inventory mix, but they now stand alongside leather moto jackets, flared denim and spike earrings.

If I were describing Ann like a friend, I'd say she's loosened up a bit and isn't such a workaholic these days. She's the very embodiment of classic with an slight edge. Don't get me wrong, she's not a downtown rocker chick with a bad boy on her arm. She's simply learned to balance those corner office goals with plenty of after hours fun. Oh, and those prices? Those are definitely still very appealing, especially since promotions seem to abound and no one does a sale quite like Ann Taylor (hello, sweet savings!). 

Since my closet is now the epicenter of a major overhaul (buh-bye almost every garment I own), I am feeling the acute pain of needing to source a few new pieces. This is what led me to the site this evening and a realization that I may still have a big soft spot in my heart for the brand. Imagine investing reasonable amounts of dough on quality pieces that last pretty much forever. Yes, it's like that. 

I'm a different shopper now that I was in my early career. I won't be lining my closet walls with a singular dominant label, but this loyal brand has grabbed my attention again. It's time I gave it a fresh look and a new opportunity to shine in the mix with my other longtime favorites. It'll be nice getting reacquainted and seeing how we've both changed.  

(By the way, they are indeed having a major sale this weekend. Use code SHOP60 for 60% off fall & sale items. Enjoy!