Foundations: Fashion Investments You'll (Actually) Love Forever...

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By now you might have read dozens of curated closet tales similar to mine. It begins with a desire to put your wardrobe through the rigors of a CrossFit style program. Using a simple yet direct approach, you whip your oversized collection of fashion goods into such fine shape you can't help but stand back and admire your hard work. Sleek, fine-tuned and beautiful, a strong wardrobe is the result of a disciplined approach to shopping and investing. Gone is the excess of items that go unworn. Gone are the weak links in the chain in the form of space-takers bought with great optimism that you never actually wear. Gone are the "what was I thinking?" regrettable items that needed to be discarded. The resulting wardrobe is high-functioning, joy-inducing and packed with beauties that are as pleasurable to wear as they are to admire on the hanger or shelf.


Now the fun begins... a lifelong process of carefully adding in new investment pieces you'll (actually) cherish forever. This is a very different approach to fashion. There is no space in your life for "not quite right" items or missteps. There are only a carefully chosen group of "wow" pieces that (at least for me) will be adored for a lifetime and worn over and over again. Why does this matter? These accessories and statement making items are definitely in the line of investment pieces. Think: buy once, cry once - never need to replace because the style is so timeless and the craftsmanship is fantastic. Thus, their "cost per wear" within reason even if their investment price gives you pause.

My belief is that each new acquisition should make your heart sing and your stomach flip. There are no so-so selections. Each and every addition to your newly toned closet (more on that here) is a stunner and worth appreciating for its sheer beauty. Here's what I'm loving right now...

Rather than the staid khaki trench, I love the idea of this Burberry rose-hued lace version with traditional styling details and impeccable tailoring. This offers absolutely timeless sophistication with a fresh spin on tradition. Now, the bag. Saint Laurent is my current love with the Kate bags being the best of the bunch. Easily switching from double-strap shoulder bag to cross body form, these black leather bags go from tourist the city to elegant dinner without missing a step. In black and gold you'll be favoring this bag forever.

In the same vein, diamond stud earrings are never, ever going out of style. Find a pair you adore and cherish them. No accessory is as versatile as a scarf. Worn around the neck, over the shoulders, around the waist - you name it. The right scarf is a colorful pop that "makes" your look. I'm loving this floral silk scarf for the endless options it affords. Finally, shoes. While nude pumps have their moment, a pair of classic black pumps is an absolute must in your life. Manolo makes them perfectly. Worn with a dress, a skirt, jeans, pants, a jumpsuit - there are no limits. Invest in a very high quality pair and take great care of them. 


6. Chunky Gold Link Bracelet (similar here & here) // 7. Black Cashmere Sweater (similar here & here).  // 8. Black Bootcut Jeans (similar here & here) // 9. White Bow Blouse (similar here & here) // 10. Prada Saffiano Tote in Blush (similar here & here)