Buon Weekend: Embrace the Change...

Perhaps your climate is different, but here in Dallas it went from hot (as in bright sun & 95) to cool (70's and overcast) in a heartbeat. Autumn has always been one of my favorite seasons for many reasons. One of which is the dramatic impact the season has on daily life. Layer upon marvelous layer of fashion, hugging cups of warm tea, decorating for the holidays. It's a time of transformation on so many levels and I adore it.

As the mercury has fallen, I've been making some seemingly minor changes here on the site that I'm excited to share with you! First up, the big announcement...


My small but growing collection of art and upholstery are now online. You can shop right here on the site and have these items shipped to you anywhere in the continental US. Dallas area designers & friends, save on shipping with local pickup. I've been selling my wares to local boutiques and interior designers in the Dallas are for a while, but this is the first time I've opened sales up for purchasing online. Custom orders are also available, so don't be shy if you are looking for a fresh painting or have questions about the Mongolian wool piecesVISIT THE BOUTIQUE


Instagram friends might already be familiar with this, but I've only recently added this feature to the blog. For those of you curious about which exact boots I'm wearing in a photo or where you can get that pretty demitasse, I've made my Instagram feed shoppable. Just click on any of the images below to see where to find the item or items of your choice. This functionality is also present in the footer of every page and will update with each new Instagram post. I think you'll love the ease of use and fast "where did she get that?" answers. FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM

More fabulous improvements are in the works, as are my REALLY exciting annual holiday gift guides. These are always a big hit and this year I have a few fun shopping tricks up my sleeve. I am VERY eager to share them with you! Stay tuned, lovely friends!