Feeling Bookish: Two Extremely Stylish Must-Reads for Fashion Lovers...

{image credits, clockwise from top left: Franki Durbin // Coveteur // Coveteur // Coveteur}

This week has brought with it many gifts. Not the least of which are the two very exciting book purchases. Aimee Song's much anticipated "Capture Your Style" and the Coveteur's very intimate look into the closets (and by extension lives) of the famous & fabulous.

One book will school you in the ways of making your Instagram presentation stellar, the other will inspire you to up your fashion game at home and to feel free to expand your views on fashion as decor. Trust me, you will truly enjoy both of these new releases. Fair warning: you'll also be genuinely inspired to live life more stylishly and see the artistry in the possessions of your closet. Love these two new FABULOUS additions to the nightstand!