Buon Weekend: In Celebration of Doing Less (Much Less)...

After a prolonged period of going, going, going with little to no break, I paused for a mini spa day this week. A deep tissue massage followed by one of the best pedicures of my life should have had me on cloud nine. As it turned out, it revealed to me just how much tension I'm hiding in my body and how much further I have to go to fully and truly relax. The first step? Sleep: nature's refresher.

This weekend I encourage you to embrace the desire to do less. Much less. Consider reading that growing stack of magazines... in your jammies. Watch a movie... from the comfort of your bathtub. Sip your coffee... while wearing a luxurious facial mask & deep conditioning treatment. Order dinner in. Put off those optional tasks.

Discover what it's like to do LESS this weekend. Embrace the art of stillness. Open yourself up to the idea of accomplishing very little. Invite in a little nap today. You might be surprised to discover you are in dire need of more rest. Your mind & body will thank you! 

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