Beauty: Nailing the Perfect Ten with Toxin-Free Nail Polish...

{photo by  Franki Durbin }

{photo by Franki Durbin}

It's become second nature to seek out organic foods, grass-fed beef, hormone-free this and antibiotic free that when it comes to our food. But I'll be candid when I say that I've been willfully turning a blind eye to the nasty bits in my beauty arsenal. Quarternium-what? It's no wonder the font is so small. One close look at those ingredient lists make me queazy. What is this I'm putting on (and therefore in) my body? 

Enter the next phase of my "life edit" which involves removing the next frontier of poisons and unknowns from my life. Hair was easy, as I've shifted back to Aveda completely on all of my products. Even better, the elusive brand is now available at Nordstrom. Hello, free shipping! Healthy hair: check. And I'll tackle my main products for taming my mane in a coming post. 

But what about the ultimate taboo... nail polish? We've all read about the dangers of formaldehyde yet we dutifully paint our claws in dazzling shades of ruby, coral and azalea pink. How can we resist? Well, we can. But for those who do enjoy their mani/pedi with a dose of color (or even just shine) I've finally surrendered to (read: found my solution in) celeb favorite Smith & Cult.

Why this brand? I've tried a few with lackluster results (literally). No durability. No bold colors. No flawless finish. This brand has somehow nailed (see what I did there?) the ability to marry the luxury of pretty nails with our current health-conscious mindset. Not one of their beautifully packaged nail lacquers contains the main five nasty polish ingredients. Not familiar? These are Dibutyl, Phthalate, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin and Camphor. Smith & Cult features high-shine, flawless coverage, heavy durability and - last but definitely not least - stunning colors in an exclusive 5-Free formula.

Did I mention they are readily available and reasonably priced? And the packaging is gorgeous. So for me this is high fives (once my nails dry, of course) all around. Can't wait? Shop them all at Net-a-Porter & Neiman Marcus. Each bottle is exactly $18, so for the price of a single spa visit you've got yourself a foolproof three-step mani/pedi. Toxin-free, I might add. Otherwise here's what I recommend as you dip your toes (sorry, can't help myself) in the colorful 5-Free waters. 

The Basis of Everything (base coat) // Psycho Candy (bright coral orange) // Plastic Beach (the ultimate Barbie pink) // Suburban Warrior (fierce bougainvillea pink) // Above It All (top coat)

Wondering how to remove that pretty lacquer? I like RGB's pre-soaked cotton pads which are made without harmful acetone or acetate. They'll whisk away that polish when you're ready to refresh your color. Now, go forth and beautify yourself, lovelies! What am I wearing this week? The delightful Plastic Beach is my current favorite, but don't count out the shocking pink of Suburban Warrior. I feel a summer pedi coming on soon! 

Editor's note: If you have a brand you love more that you suggest, I'm all ears. I'm tackling each section of life one by one and making improvements. Even my deodorant is being replaced by a less sinister one. If you're a wellness lover, health freak and a natural beauty lover please share your expertise. I would very much love to learn about your favorite products. xoxo!