Buon Weekend: Embracing The New and Releasing the Old...

The past few weeks I've been diving in to Skillshare almost daily taking a wide range of online classes. With merely my MacBook and my cup of tea I'm learning everything I can possibly learn about...well, everything. In addition to some pretty incredible new tech & art skills , the most beneficial side effect has been a renewed sense of excitement and passion for life. That feeling of being unstoppable, sharp-minded and highly charged is beyond fabulous. It's healthy. It's welcomed. It's refreshing. it's empowering.

It prompts me to ask... what are you learning? What new things are you reaching for? What old beliefs are you discarding? Are you evolving and growing? Are you stretching your mind and body. It's not optional, you know. Life requires change. Personal happiness requires growth. 

Now that I've tapped into this tingly excitement of fresh ideas I can't help but want you to feel the same renewed (or new) sense of excitement. This isn't so much a post about Skillshare, it's a post about growth. I hope you are pushing yourself and training your body to do new things and expanding your knowledge in some area. Grow. Change. Discover new things. Do new things. Experience new things. See new places. Meet new people. And don't be afraid to let go of what no longer works for you. 

And did I mention it's somehow changing from a blistering summer into a cozy fall? Is anything more joy inducing than that sudden and very necessary season shift? It is absolutely perfect for the internal mental shift I'm experiencing. I hope you'll join me in my confident step forward into the new. It's much more fun here. 

If you're curious, you can enjoy three free months of the premium membership at Skillshare for just 99 cents! Not only could you learn to watercolor like a pro, you might also discover ways to make a chef-worthy grilled cheese sandwich. Not kidding. :)