Beauty: Silk Pillowcases, the Jen Atkin-Endorsed Luxury You Need Immediately...

It's no secret that lying down is a fresh blowout's sworn enemy. To combat this, many a girl has invested in Egyptian cotton sateen sheets & pillowcases to extend the life of her 'do. What you may not know is that those high thread count cotton sheets also leech hydration from your skin and your hair while you get your beauty sleep. Yes, the slumber you so crave is actually drying out your hair and leaving your pretty skin parched. The fix is easy and wonderful, but does come at a small price.

Silk pillowcases. I've been a fan of Slip for a while and have worn silk eye masks for about a decade now (don't judge, it's the Zsa Zsa Gabor in me) and can tell you they absolutely make a difference. Especially when paired together. Hair glides effortlessly over the surface of the pillowcase and skin unharmed during sleep. Effective immediately, famed celebrity hair guru Jen Atkin is brand ambassador for the brand Slip, maker of luxurious silk pillowcases and eye masks in a range of stunningly subtle colors. This brilliant pairing is genius, as it now thrusts this boutique brand to the forefront of our cultural obsession with silken tresses and age-defying skin care.

Hairstyles are not going to go back to complication... I’m teaching women to find something in their day to help with their hair health.

If you've not seen Slip mentioned here or in other places, it is a growing Australian line of silk goods created with proprietary fibers. Beauty editors everywhere have fallen for their high quality and soft sorbet-like color range (think blushy pink and creamy vanilla) that fits in with anyone's decor.

Why Atkin? She's the go-to tress tamer du jour for the Kardashians, Jessica Alba and many other Hollywood stars, Her debut hair care line OUAI has won acclaim from customers and critics alike.

According to the hair expert herself...

What I’ve noticed the most is that women want to take care of themselves and are focused on overall health.
— Jen Atkin

Bottom line, if Jen Atkin tells us to stop sleeping on cotton once and for all, it's time to listen and obey. Why lovingly care for skin and hair by day and cause (avoidable and unnecessary) damage by night? Here's what I'm loving form Slip right now...


Why black, you ask? Simple: you'll never accidentally put it in the laundry with your other linens. Pink for the same reason. I feel the difference in color will prolong the life of your investment as you will see the pillowcase (or mask) as unique and special. They also come in creamy white, caramel and charcoal.

I love the idea of a black mask for optimal light blocking why trying to sleep in and pink for the pillowcase for the reasons stated above. It's pretty, makes its presence known and you'll never accidentally leave it behind at the hotel while on vacation.

Which colors would you choose? Shop Net-a-Porter, Sephora, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom & Anthropologie and say bye bye to creased skin and bed head for good an wake up to your gorgeous, silky haired self.


Beauty: My Effortless Summer #MakeupEdit...

Summer is the season when less really truly is more. White sundresses, featherlight sunglasses and gold slip-on flats make for a killer look and makeup needn't be much more complicated. Here in Dallas the sun is punishingly bright and the heat is intense, so survival in the game of beauty (and sun protection) is a skill worth mastering.

I've simplified my summer makeup routine to a few fantastic products that work well for my skin and my desired look. The star of them being the Estee Lauder Summer Glow Multi-Palette. As the name implies it is a workhorse that does a million wonderful things. This pretty gold compact has since replaced my normal blush, bronzer, luminizer and eye shadows. I love, love, LOVE it so much I'll be buying a few before they sell out. No, this post isn't sponsored in any way, I just adore this incredible little palette and have found it to be a miracle worker giving me an enviable and effortless glow. Here's the simplified (yet sun-safe) summer routine in full...


After moristuring, apply Bare Minerals SPF 50 Primer Fluid. This is new for me and I love that it preps skin for the next step while adding an invisible layer of mineral SPF 50. Next  apply Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder (Tint 3) where necessary, working from the center of the face outward. On days I need it, I tap a few dots of Charlotte Tilbury Treat & Conceal (in shade 2) under the eyes and dab, dab, dab to fend off shadows. 

Now to the color: With a thin fan brush I use a hint of the bronzer from the Estee Lauder Summer Glow Multi-Palette beneath cheekbones in the natural groove where shadows would appear. It is matte and goes on extremely sheer. No nightmare streaks are possible. Then mixing the bronzer & blush (also shimmer-free) with a stipple brush I hit just above the temples and just beneath apples of cheeks up to the ear. With my blush brush I use the blush color alone to give the apples that pretty pink pop. The highlighter is unique, it's a gel-powder with sophisticated shimmer that I use in the inner corners of eyes to brighten, and carry it over the lid for a luminous sheen, I also add to the "C" shaped area around the eyes near temples with a highlighter brush. A touch on the cupids bow, brow bones and cheekbones give that happy glow we crave. Mind you, these are steps that take seconds and are applied lightly in barely-there layers. There's no precision or painstaking accuracy needed. Just this palette and my makeup brushes. That's it! It's a foolproof palette that offers just the right amount of color payoff on my light olive skin and I find the colors to be extremely flattering. 

Next comes a thin flick of Givenchy Couture Waterproof Eyeliner to outer lids for lash fluttering beauty. Finish with my all-time favorite Voluminous mascara from Loreal,  Next I take a bottle of Soleil Toujours Set & Protect Mist with me as well as one of a few straw hats and my must-have Fresh "Rose" Lip Treatment which leaves a barely there hint of (you guessed it) rose tint on the lips. Summer beauty, perfected. 

The only parts of this routine that requires focus or precision are the liner (optional) and the mascara. Candid note: I always dread applying mascara but am always the most impressed with the results. It is tedious and requires accuracy, but nothing else in this routine requires a steady hand or Kardashian dedication. The goodies I use are all listed below. Obviously I have high praise for the Estee Lauder Summer Glow Multi-Palette, as it's my go-to find this summer. It is also available herehere and here. More details below. Thank you for reading! 

Gift Guide: Ten Gift for the Beauty Obsessed...

Let's face it, we are living in a world obsessed with lip kits, flawless skin and enviably sleek locks. For that person on your list (which may very well be you!) always on the hunt for the dream cream and perfecting her no-makeup makeup look, I've found a few treasures sure to give her that lit-from-within glow.

1. Moon Juice Beauty Dust stimulates collagen production from within to create plump, bouncy effortlessly (also here & here) // 2. Oribe Gold Envy Luminous Face Mask boasts peptides, flower extracts & real gold for a radiant complexion // 3. Givenchy Le Prisme Suerstellar eyeshadow palette is as instagram-worthy as it gets and offers three classic shimmery shades // 4.  Lumee Illuminated Smartphone Case is the not-so-secret secret to perfect selfies & snapchats // 5. Wander Beauty's On-the-Go Lip & Cheek Color + Illuminator is the ideal toss & go beauty companion // 6. Slip Silk Eye Mask gives beauty sleep a whole new meaning. I suggest one for travel & one for home. (black is also a smart option) // 7. Christian Louboutin Satin Lip Color in Delicanodo is kissable pink at its best and the ultra-luxe gold packaging is squeal inducing (also here & here) // 8. Maison Francis Kurkdjian Feminin Pluriel Parfum is a heady mix of iris, rose, violet & Egyptian jasmine guaranteed to make any woman stand out & feel gorgeous (also here) // 9. Cire Trudon Giambattista Valli Positano candle is an aromatic escape to the Amalfi coast & can eventually be a chic way to store makeup brushes // 10. Charlotte Tilbury Magic Treat & Transform Cream is available in a limited edition gold 5 ounce pot of the genius cream (also here & here)

Get Gorgeous in Dallas: An Interview With Dr. Stephanie Teotia

Get Gorgeous in Dallas

Hello, friends! As promised, I have a wonderful new interview with Dr. Teotia. So many of you are passionate about skin care, treatments and looking your best. I tapped Dallas’s finest skin care guru (who is a total knockout herself) to tell us what’s changing in her industry and what’s hot with her clients. Like any great doctor, she also dishes some solid medical wisdom as well.

I hope you enjoy this follow up to our previous conversation…

Hello, Dr. Teotia! We met three years ago to talk about skin-saving strategies and the fascinating world of in-office procedures. How have things changed for your medical practice since then? 

I continue to offer both cosmetic and reconstructive surgical procedures. However, the cosmetic side of the practice has really taken off. The focus is on facial rejuvenation and breast procedures.

I’ve noticed incredible advancements in beauty treatments in such a short period of time. What new treatments or procedures are you really excited about right now? What are your clients loving?

Patients are thrilled about the Mini Necklift and Mini Facelift procedures. Most of my patients have busy lives and cannot have extended downtime. They love these surgical procedures, because they offer beautiful, natural and rejuvenated results. These two procedures are performed in my office under local anesthesia as opposed to general anesthesia (being "put to sleep"). In addition, they are almost half the cost of a full neck and facelift, and the recovery time is only one week. 

In your opinion, how has the perception of injectables changed over the past few years? How has the “selfie” culture impacted your clientele?

The consistent increase in popularity of injectables over the past several years is remarkable! The longer these products are on the market and proven to be safe, the more comfortable patients become with facial injections.  

What treatments are they seeking? 

Our younger generation of patients typically inquire about nonsurgical rejuvenation and correction techniques. I offer a variety of nonsurgical procedures including facial fillers (Juvederm, Restylane, etc), Botox, Sculptra, chemical peels, Cellfina (cellulite treatment) and Ultherapy for skin tightening. 

As a patient, you need to do your research.
— Dr. Stephanie Teotia

I hear people are asking less to look like this celebrity or that one. And more like their own FaceTuned or filtered selves. Has this been true for your clientele and how do you feel about that shift? 

Fortunately, it has been quite awhile since a patient requested to look like a celebrity! Thankfully, that request does not happen very often. I’m very upfront with my patients regarding the expected outcome. My goal is to enhance their appearance and provide correction. Committing to a celebrity look-alike result or a "filtered" appearance is unrealistic. My goal is to make my patient a refreshed version of him or herself.

The proliferation of medispas on virtually every corner cannot be ignored. You are a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. I certainly know why I trust you, and I recognize your innate and professionally honed gifts. But what can you tell my fellow readers who are also just seeking a little Botox or lip plumping? Why is it important to see a Board Certified physician for these treatments? 

The state of Texas allows non-physicians to inject patients. Unfortunately, these injectors may not be well trained or supervised. It may be tempting to use a Groupon at a medical spa…until you end up with a poor result. There are also complications that are much more serious than an overfilled lip. There are reports of patients who have experienced blindness and tissue loss from soft filler injections into blood vessels.

I cannot overstate the importance of knowing facial anatomy. Surgical procedures should always be performed by a surgeon. Board Certification matters.
— Dr. Stephanie Teotia

I cannot overstate the importance of knowing facial anatomy. Surgical procedures should always be performed by a surgeon. Board Certification matters. A Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeon is not the same as a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. A Cosmetic Surgeon is trained in an area other than plastic surgery (OB/GYN, ED, Pediatrics, etc). A plastic surgeon has a minimum of six years of surgical training in the field. As a patient, you need to do your research.

You mentioned a few innovative in-office treatments you provide for some of your surgical clients. These sound game-changing for ladies (or men!) seeking procedures with reduced down-time. Would you mind sharing more details with readers? Who is the ideal client for this type of procedure?

This would be the Mini Facelift and Mini Necklift that I discussed earlier. The ideal client has mild to moderate skin laxity. The patient is in good health, a non smoker and has realistic expectations. I also perform a Mini Brachioplasty (arm lift) for upper arm skin laxity. This procedure is also performed in the clinic. Unlike a traditional brachioplasty, the scar is well hidden in the axilla (arm pit). 

Skincare: at my last visit you introduced me to the new skincare line available at your office. SkinBetter. I can hardly explain how much I love this collection. The facial cleanser alone is a miracle product for my often confused combination skin. Why do you love this line? What makes it different?

I’ve had several skincare lines over the years. I have liked specific products, but not an entire line. Then I found SkinBetter. I’m very results driven and SkinBetter delivers. Our most popular product is InterFuse Lines. This product reduces the appearance of wrinkles through the topical application of Hyaluronic Acid. The majority of the facial soft tissue fillers that I use in my practice are made of Hyaluronic Acid. Many of my injection patients begin this product to supplement and prolong the injection results. This is a medical grade skincare line that can only be purchased through a physician. {Editor’s note: I’ll be writing a separate post about this line!. I’m tough to please or persuade when it comes to skin care, but I LOVE this line. }

Dr. Stephanie Teotia

Dr. Stephanie Teotia

Hot tip to readers:

Follow her on Facebook for her monthly specials on treatments.

Dr. Stephanie Teotia MD
4231 Cedar Springs Road | Dallas, TX 75219
(214) 823-9652

Get Gorgeous in Dallas: My Go-To Pros for That Coveted Glow


From freshly colored locks to buttery smooth skin, every girl needs her go-to experts to help her look her best. And in Dallas, we are blessed with an abundance of flagship stores, blowout boutiques, top rated derms & other fantastic options. Too many, in face. Often, sifting through the sheer volume of choices can be overwhelming. Thankfully, among my friends I’m recognized as having a talent for finding “the one” and recommending the perfect people to address their needs. Now, I’m sharing hose with you! After almost a decade in Dallas, I have finally found my go-to dream team for skin, hair, face & body. And I can’t wait to share them all with you over the next few weeks!

GET READY… HERE’s how to Get Gorgeous in Dallas…



Hands down, Daniel Lewis is the best hair guru I’ve ever met. You may know him as stylist to the stars (he is not only friends with the beauties from Real Housewives of Dallas, he was also Bravo himself as a competitor on Sheer Genius). That aside, he’s a hair celebrity in his own right, and very in-demand with a loyal clientele. In upcoming posts, I’ll take you to his Aveda concept salon as I get my “hair did” by this hair coloring savant and cutting genius. Trust me, he is positively the best in the business and one of he nicest, most fun people I’ve ever met. I adore him and so will you!



Ahh, Dr. Stephanie Teotia. The only woman in town I trust implicitly with next-level skin care treatments. Dry Texas air is harsh on anyone’s skin, but those of us 30 and up are not shy about looking for a little restoration from sun damage, signs of aging and the stress of modern life. The lovely Dr. Teotia has a special gift for making you look like YOU, but somewhat refreshed. You’ll look as though you’ve finally had that trip to Tahiti & slept 10 hours each night. I can’t wait to tell you more about specialties, her in-office treatments, what I love having done and why she is a MUST on my get gorgeous squad and a wonderful person to top it off.



From cult classics like Omorovicza to that long awaited Victoria Beckham beauty line, the team at Neiman Marcus at Willow Bend in Plano have been my loyal skin care saviors for years. When I need the absolute best, there is no better resource for their vast selection of luxury essences, serums, plumping masks and such. They always have heir fingers on the cusp of innovative new products and hos many in-store meet & greets with brand CEOs & industry pros. They are my go-to resource for all things repair & replenish. I’ll show you my must-have skin care lineup & introduce you to the staff I can count on for insider tips & life-changing facials.



In addition to playing host to some of the most luxurious beauty brands in the business, Neiman Marcus Willow Bend crushes it when to comes to fragrance selection. With grandiose displays beginning the moment you enter the door, this iconic shopping location boasts more upscale perfume brands, posh home fragrance options and exclusive lines than you can count. Fan favorite Jo Malone anchors the space with a counter lined with their coveted bottles, exclusive releases and (of course) their incredible scents. I’ll share my personal favorites and introduce you to their trusty team who somehow know exactly what scent I need for a mood boost or change in attitude.



I agree with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: the best beauty “secret” really is a lit-from-within glow from being active & living healthy. There’s no faking a truly healthy glow. For me, this means attending early morning hot yoga at least 3 times a week (4 if possible) and eating clean. I’ll introduce you to Howard, Dalton, Tanya and the rest of the yogis that keep me glowing, flowing and blissed out from the best hot vinyasa classes around. I’ll also share my latest chocolate smoothie recipe which has (almost!) replaced my morning coffee and certainly given me a fitness boost.



Fancy yourself a pore vanishing treatment? A collagen stimulating facial? A crinkle banishing session? If you look closely within the popular skin care mecca Blue Mercury, you’ll discover a team of experts ready to make your lines disappear and restore that nymph-like rosy glow to your visage. Let me take you behind-the-scenes and share my favorite treatments at the Legacy Plano location as well as showcase their incredible range of hard-to-find brands & cult favorite products.



Experts & gurus are essential, and assembling your signature routine (while never being a slave to it) together is an art form. I’ve definitely edited my glamming “musts”, and found a few shortcuts in the process. In upcoming posts I’ll be sharing the facial cleanser I’m completely obsessed with (via the delightful Dr. Teotia), the skin-firming device I wish I’d discovered years ago (miraculous!) and my perennial get glam essentials. Stay tuned for skin care routine tricks, beauty sleep tips and hair styling hacks - all learned from these generous pros and my own time-tested experience.

So get ready to get gorgeous, ladies! have so much to share with you! And be sure to follow along on my Instagram stories so you don’t miss a thing!

Beauty: Secrets to Healthy, Shiny, Bombshell Hair...

{image credits via & via}

A few months ago I had my doubts. My color-treated hair (thanks to a pernicious highlighting habit) had my hair dry, brittle and angry. There were moments I wondered if my gorgeous mane would ever return. As a long-hair devotee, these golden locks are as much a part of my identity as my smile. So rather than throw in the towel (more on that topic later) I opted to do more research and work to repair the damage.

First things first. Dehydration of all varieties takes a toll on the body. Texas is known for its dry climate, and my hot yoga sessions likely contribute to the excess torture on the hair. So upping my water intake was the first and most obvious step in the repair process.

Then the research began. What products, habits, hacks and changes would I make to bring these dull strands back to life. Was it even possible? A candid conversation with my stylist resulted in him reassuring me he'd seen far worse. That said, the switch to sulfate-free products was crucial. Stop stripping the hair with harsh detergents. Next? A reconstructing conditioner would rebuild broken chemical bonds in the hair. Somewhat reversing the damage we do each time i frame my face with blonde. And a thermal protection product is a must before drying, curling or otherwise "doing" your hair. Even air-dry experts benefit from a smoothing product to coat strands and smooth the follicle. 

And about those tools... if I was still rocking a basic hair dryer I was missing out on an opportunity to achieve hair nirvana and causing deep damage each time I blow dried. And styling tools? Skip them all together unless you're willing to upgrade to the newest ceramic and tourmaline versions.

fast forward to today, this hair-lightening, heat styling enthusiast can assure you: Shiny, bouncy Victoria's Secret model tresses are not beyond your reach. With a few key shifts in your get-ready routine and a few hardware upgrades, a glossy many can once again be yours.

    Stop using anything with sulfate. Even your corner drugstore has a bevy of great options (I'm looking at you, L'oreal!) to hydrate, smooth and soften your hair. If budget allows, Kerastase Bain Therapiste is legendary for its uncanny ability to revive and rescue too-far-gone locks.
    After showering, a pump of Wella Luxe Oil Reconstructive Elixir on damp hair is a keratin treatment that restores the shine you've been craving while rebuilding lost protein structure. Before drying, use Tresseme's Keratin Smooth Heat Protection spray to keep unwanted damage at bay. (Note: this is magical, extremely affordable & widely available.)
    The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer is all the rage right now, but I really love the ion producing dryers. The T3 professional dryer is better for your hair than air drying. Let me repeat, better for your hair than air drying. Yes. So if you dry your hair ever and live on planet earth (all of us should be raising our hands) this is a technology we need to adopt. It is clinically proven (yes, there were studies) to improve shine, volume, manageability and style retention all while reducing frizz, dryness and static. So get on that, sister.  
    You'll be hard pressed to beat the runway-worthy bounce and volume of hot rollers. If you plan to roll (and I'm a HUGE fan of this effortless hair styling method), you mustn't resort to cheap curlers. Opt for high quality, larger rollers that pamper your hair. I love the T3 Voluminous Hot Rollers  (via Nordstrom also) for the busy-girl's guide to bombshell hair. More of a beachy waves fan? T3 (again) is the one you want. This version does the spinning for you, requiring absolutely no pro skills at all. More on my "everyday bombshell" styling methods here.
    Regular readers know where I'm going with this... you need a silk pillowcase. Why go to all of this effort and expense only to undo months of effort while you sleep? A silk pillowcase allows your hair to glide over your pillow without pulling, bending, breaking or roughing up the texture. Say bye-bye to bedhead (and wrinkles) with this small but wise investment.
    Why the sudden damage to my hair? Three factors. Well, four, actually. Texas heat, hot yoga and daughter #2 all contributed to the overall dryness of my head full of hair. But as a result of the addition of my littlest one I "cheated" on my longtime hair stylist for about a year and had a girl coming to my home for cuts and color. It was fast, easy and (curiously) less expensive than the salon. Did I mention she offered to do this at my home? I was hooked on the idea of convenience with a newborn in my house.

    As a decade-long Aveda color user, the switch to traditional harsh bleaching techniques took its toll. Quickly. My long hair became brittle, broken and damaged. I was saving time and money while ruining my mane. Turns out those plant-based coloring techniques Aveda built its reputation on are more crucial to hair health than I imagined.

    My point? Stay loyal to what (and who) works in your life. If you are in a committed relationship with a stylist and a brand and it works for you, stay the course.

In many ways, this hair care failure is what led me to a more long-term view of hair health and necessary upgrades. The simple shift in shampoo & conditioner resulting in a major change in smoothness and scalp health. The tools? Painful investments, but realistically they were purchases I'd been putting off for many years. The new me has a new appreciation for heat styling, weekly masks and (yes) essentials like silk pillowcases.

My message? Bouncy, glossy, Victoria's Secret fashion show hair can be yours - even without a Ken Paves or Jen Atkin to tame your mane (although that helps). With the right care and a few cool tools you too can have the tousled curls of your dreams and enough shine to stop passers by in their tracks. You can do it. I believe in you!

Beauty: Getting Fresh-Faced & Fabulous...

I'm one of those late night readers that saves every article on flawless French girl skin and dermatologist recommended products. I research brands and ingredients as though my life depended upon it. You can bet that before my fingers hit "place order" on a new product I have done ample investigation, read dozens of reviews and likely requested a sample at the nearest beauty counter. While I'm fiercely loyal to a few products, your skin care needs do evolve and new technologies do emerge.

Lately my complexion has been displaying that end-of-season "blah" look and could use a little zhuzh to revive its vitality. Nothing crazy, just a little AHA action to gently slough off those dull summer cells without harsh scrubbing and a high quality multi-tasking moisturizer to bring vibrancy back to lackluster skin. Add in a hydrating booster and a few other tried and true tricks and this so-so skin should be back on track and ready to more radiantly exude that no-makeup necessary Lily Aldridge glow.

Here's what I'm absolutely loving right now to give my skin a much needed seasonal boost...

1. CHANEL Le Weekend // 2. Vinoperfect Radiance Serum // 4. PTR Retinol Fusion PM Serum // 5. Omorovicza Rejuvenating Night Cream

Current Obsession: A Scintillating Scent as Signature Fragrance...

It will come as no surprise to hear I am incredibly selective. Give me an opportunity to invest in a nice handbag and I'll ask to line five identical bags up to choose the one I deem to be perfect. Yes, I'm that person. So taking a risk and purchasing a new fragrance online is basically my version of gambling. Not one with a trained nose, how could I know what notes of "Pink Pepper, Pink Grapefruit, Sicilian Lemon, Sparkling Pear, Raspberry, Lychee and Vetiver" create? I honestly had no idea, but it sounded lively and yummy. But one look at the faceted bottle and a quick read of the "awww!" inducing love story and I was hooked. Gift card redeemed. Bottle ordered. I was in. All in.

Today, this impossibly pretty jewel-shaped bottle arrived. To tell you it smells divine is to say the ocean is wet. This, to me, is wild happiness embodied in a perfume. It is light, cheerful, sexy and sophisticated. Yet somehow completely luxe and instantly wearable. Plus, look at that bottle!!! This was a "gamble" that absolutely paid off.

To give you a sense of my fragrance preferences, I prefer them bright rather than sultry. I am repelled by powdery finishes. Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming comes to mind as a favorite. Omorovicza Bagatelle de Gabrielle is another absolute winner. Love, Relentlessly falls into the "wow, what are you wearing?" category of fragrances that will garner genuine compliments from friends and strangers alike.

My father wrote this note to my mother, which he ran in the newspaper and signed “Love, Relentless.” My parents were the most romantic couple I have ever known. This fragrance is inspired by their love story.
— Tory Burch

I cannot wait to wear this lovely acquisition every single day for the foreseeable future. Sheets shall also be spritzed with it (confession: already happened!). I love it that much. Perhaps a body cream of the same intoxicating scent will be available soon. (Tory, if you're reading this, that's an urgent request) Divine indeed.


Everyday Luxuries: Ensuring a Blissful Night of Beauty Sleep...

May I let you in on a little secret? Come closer and let me whisper it to you. I love to sleep. I love it. But I'm extremely active during the day, never napping and rarely even sitting. Those nighttime hours when I do relax and sleep are cherished. The caveat? I simply cannot sleep once the sun it up. I'm biologically wired to be up at or before sunrise. Thus I'm a fan of the consistent early bedtime and am an advocate for soul-soothing nightly rituals to make the precious hours ahead even more rewarding. 

Quality sleep isn't a luxury. It's an essential part of life. Brain function, skin repair, stress relief and cellular renewal all happen during those hours when we're giving our bodies and minds a rest. Knowing this, it pays to ensure your nightly appointment with your pillow is a time of day you look forward to and make preparations to enjoy. 

In addition to my nightly cup of herbal tea, there are a few creature comforts I appreciate in my quest for the most restorative night of rest possible. Here's what I'm in love with at the moment...

I love my nightly skincare routine, but I do have a few more goodies in the mix you may adore. Chiefly, I wear a silk sleep mask every night to shield my eyes from light. I will now never be able to sleep without this small but crucial luxury. Love your hair? A silk pillowcase is something you should invest in. Hope to wake up with skin that is refreshed and reinvigorated? I suggest you add a deeply hydrating serum and an indulgent sleeping cream to the mix. I have two listed below that are giving my summer skin a glowing reboot.

And finally? Headspace. If you've been avoiding meditation or simply haven't found the right method, this is for you. The world's most successful and influential people will all tell you that training your mind is as imperative as keeping your body fit. Try this app and I can almost promise you'll love it. While it is suggested to perform this ritual in the morning, my mind is more receptive to the quiet in the evening. The 10 or 20 minutes of guided meditation are giving me a noticeably calmer demeanor during my waking hours. The free trial is fabulous and I think you'll find you are more centered and (in my case) certainly in a better frame of mind for a restful night of sleep. 

Sweet dreams, loves! 


Beauty: Stellar Products I Never Want to Be Without Again...

Finding "the one" is a life changing moment. That initial rush of euphoria evolves over months into true, deep love. Rather than looking elsewhere for options, you dig deep and commit to a long term relationship filled with trust and admiration. That's how I feel about these absolutely fantastic items in my beauty arsenal. Some are longtime loves, others have replaced previous favorites and earned top rank all on their own for their next-level excellence (I'm looking at you, Tom Ford products). From a pretty jar of moisturizer that makes my heart flip and my skin glow (hello, dewy & plump visage) to a lip liner that makes my lips every bit as juicy as Kylie's these are the products making my skin glow.

I'll start with my moisturizer first. Wow, do I love this. It plumps, offers major hydr ation and is beyond great for daytime under makeup. My only wish is that Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream arrived in a larger jar. I love it that much.  You've heard me gush about Charlotte Tilbury "Light Wonder" Youth Boosting Skin Perfecting Foundation many times now. I think "foundation" is a bad label for this. It's far more like a tinted moisturizer (think, Laura Mercier's) and is never ever heavy or opaque.  I'm shade 2 in winter and 3 during the summer.

I fell HARD for Estee Lauder's Summer Goddess palette this summer, and if you can find it I suggest you hoard it. Easier to find and AH-mazing is om Ford "Weekender" Bronzer + Blush + Highligher Palette. Pricey, but like all Tom Ford items the quality is truly a luxurious experience unlike any other. Which brings me to my eye shadow obsession. Tom Ford Eyeshadow Quad in "Nude Dip" is a palette you'll want to own forever. The perfect pigmentation, the opulent shimmer without a hint of disco ball glitter, this is a sexy quad worth the splurge.

Now, let's get lippy! The discovery of Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat Liner in "Pillowtalk" will forever keep me smiling. I can cheat just enough to give my lips the boost they need. Its creamy consistency means you can color them in and ensure your lip color stays put without risk of dryness. Pillowtalk is the perfect pink nude that is just... pretty. It's so truly pretty I only like adding a balm over top. I try many, and By Terry Baum de Rose Lip Sheer in Rosy Babe is "my lips but better" and packed with enough emollients to turn even the driest pout into a pair of pretty, plump, healthy lips. On days I'm steering more neutral, Toffee Cream is another excellent nude. 

I finish with a flick of Loreal Voluminous liner and the legendary mascara of the same line (sorry Diorshow!) and I'm done. I hope this mix stays the way it is for a while. It's giving me a major good glow and streamlining my morning routine. These products are all stars on their own as standout winners, yet for me it's how they work in concert with one another that makes this mix so stellar. I hope you find you magical mix as well!


Beauty: Vegetarian, Cruelty-Free Makeup Goes Ultra Luxe...

While I've long been a fan of their legendary body butters (bye bye, dry winter skin), The Body Shop has now stepped up to the makeup plate to delight those of us seeking toxin-free, cruelty-free options. Their collection of color products for eyes and lips just arrived and I had to give it a try. I must to admit... the quality impressed me.


Ladies, you know packaging matters. It's often where well-meaning brands fail. These eye shadow quads (I tried two) are housed in glossy black clam shell cases with interior mirrors. Sleek closures. Nice weight and scale to them. The shadow pans are very generous. The twist-up eye color stick tips are rounded like Laura Mercier's caviar sticks and the packaging is somewhat similar. The matte lip color is in a more modest black matte tube with silver interior sleeve. The packaging isn't going to be an Instagram star a la YSL or Dior's gilded lippies, but the ultra-smooth twist-up mechanism and elegantly shaped product tip definitely impress. 


So let's talk about the color products themselves.  The day my products arrived it was dreary and blah, so naturally I i was attracted to the the hot pink lip color. Hello, mood boost in a tube! As soon as I began to swipe it on I realized I hadn't exfoliated my lips. Much to my surprise it didn't matter. Even with the matte finish, the product is infused with Brazil nut oil and beeswax for a supple, full-lip finish. Very pretty and already tossed in my on-the-go makeup bag.

Next, the shadows. The plum palette is truly spectacular and was really drawn to those shades with my current winter skin tone. It is very difficult to find a matte ivory shadow (a makeup drawer basic, in my opinion) and this palette has a superb version. The three additional shadows are an array of shimmering plums that veer towards super-neutrals. Super sultry shades. The shadows were shimmery without being glittery and the texture was velvety smooth. Pigmentation was exactly as I hoped and I loved that texture was smooth during application. Did I mention the pans are very generously sized? I think these quads will last me quite a while and are easily used day to night. Will be dabbling in the brown quad (which houses warmer clay tones) next.

The eye gold shadow stick? I found it ideal for adding a pop of sparkle to the center of the top lid. Smooth, shimmery but not glittery. On dash & go days this would be a pretty color to use as an all-over lid color with a swipe of mascara & gloss. Very versatile. (Note: I have got to get my hands on the purple & bronze versions. I love the idea of mess-free shadow application that leaves lids looking glam!)


Going in with no expectations, I was impressed by both the texture and feel of the makeup and the packaging. Compared to my normal color lines (Chanel, YSL, Tom Ford) these still read as elegant options. Sophisticated colors. Luxurious packaging (not quite as opulent as my normal quads and lip color packaging, but definitely in luxe territory). Vegetarian ingredients. If you're looking for a cruelty-free option for your makeup arsenal, this well-priced collection should absolutely be high on your list. See the full holiday collection


Beauty: Burberry Brings Enviable Luster to Your Makeup Edit...

Leave it to Burberry to take highlighting to the next level. Their recent collection of metallic shimmer dust products and glitter-infused makeup has arrived in stores and is poised to bring the Midas touch to every glamour girl's beauty routine. While the loose glitters and bold lipsticks might be best reserved for editorial looks and New Year's Eve fêtes, the rest of the collection easily translates to daytime glamour. Subtle, sophisticated and - most of all - there's something for everyone from the most demure to the most outré of us. Did I mention they also have black glitter powder? Hello, sultry smokey eyes!


Beauty: My Blissful Nightly Hungarian Skin Care Ritual...

As many of you know I am a huge Omorovicza fan, always keeping a few products in my stable. Yet as often happens, we periodically drift off to a new counter at the department store or begin acquiring various potions and promising cures from our dermatologist. But remember I'm a results-oriented girl and am very selective about what products occupy my vanity. After considerable trial and error I'm once again committed to the healing properties (yes, healing) of those legendary thermal waters in Budapest and the skin care line that celebrates them. Frankly, they heal the skin and deliver such beautiful results they deserve to be the core of my skin care repertoire. 


Omorovicza's brand history is as beautiful as the soft, clear skin it produces on legions of loyal customers. A rare professional opportunity to move overseas led the American-born co-founder to discover an all-natural cure for her complexion woes and (perhaps more importantly) an introduction to her now husband and co-founder Steven von Heinrich Omorovicza. Like many of us, Margaret struggled to find the remedy for blemishes and other skin issues. She soon discovered that the simple cultural ritual of spending time in the local baths (open air spas) was transforming her skin into something marvelous. That chance introduction to Steven blossomed. In addition to discovering their love for one another, they developed a shared passion for the unique health benefits provided by the mineral rich spring waters of Budapest. Working as a team, they developed innovative technologies to deliver the miraculous powers of the thermal waters from his family's spa to the world. A game-changing brand and a beautiful marriage were born.  


Omorovicza products are all made without parabens, without chemicals and (save for precious retinol) the ingredients are completely natural. What is it about the water in this international city? The Earth's crust in Budapest is thinner than anywhere else in the world, making the waters indulgently rich in minerals. Richer than any other spot on the planet. Heat from the earth's core rises up, pushing precious life-giving elements to the surface. Over centuries travelers have come from far and wide to dip their bodies in the heated baths that offer ease and healing to the body and mind. Minerals are essential to your health and your skin's radiance, so short of hopping on a jet to Budapest yourself, these little bottled wonders are the next best thing to the fountain of youth. 

Why does the water matter? Because about 70% or more of the contents of every elixir, serum & miracle moisturizer sold by every brand is water. it's the first ingredient on every ingredient list. It makes sense then that different water would yield different results. This was the change Margaret saw naturally in her skin when she moved to Budapest. This is the change I've begun to see in my own skin. 


I begin each nightly ritual with clean skin, and for me that means mild exfoliation. I feel it's wasteful to apply high quality products to clogged pores and unprepared skin. So my Refining Skin Polisher is the product of choice to gently buff away the day and encourage cell turnover. Buh-bye lackluster complexion! I use very little (here's a previous mention of it) and have been using the same generously sized tube for many months. It will last and serves as a mask as well when you need an extra dose of "pretty" in your routine. 

My initial favorite from the collection (several years ago) was the award-winning Instant Plumping Mask. Forget fillers, this little jar of wonders will leave your skin hydrated and plumped to perfection without a needle in sight. It works by way of ushering water into thirsty little hyaluronic acid spheres that swell and add volume to the skin. It's a thing of wonder when used before an event or as an overnight treatment, but over time it serves to add more bounce to the skin and deliver visible lift. I love using it on my upper cheekbones and under the eyes. I use it every other night to keep things looking fresh. After application spray generous amounts of the Queen of Hungary mist to soak the mask and give it fluid to absorb. Sit back and await as your skin rejoices & plumps in just the right places. 

On alternate nights I really go to work with a one-two punch of encapsulated retinol. The Gold Night Drops serum is non-irritating and goes to work fighting those pesky fine lines and early signs of aging. You'll never, ever worry about waking up with tender pink skin, as this luxurious serum is so gentle. The second weapon of choice is the Rejuvenating Night Cream. Oh, how I love this little jar! The cream is silky and soft and contains (again) encapsulated retinol to ramp up your anti-aging arsenal. Used lightly on face and neck I love the way this emollient formula leaves my skin feeling pampered. The best part? Waking up to perky skin that enjoyed the benefits of jojoba, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory ingredients and that wondrous thermal water as a base.



I've learned to only use the Instant Plumping Mask on my cheekbones, cheek pads and under the eyes. It's where I want volume and I see no reason to place it on my forehead, nose or upper lids. I have experimented with applications on the lips but can't determine if I'm seeing any volume change there or not. But for the cheek area it is sheer bliss. Experiment with it as you see fit and get to know the contours of your face. Adding water is a MUST to see results. The cream alone needs added moisture to work effectively. I like their Queen of Hungary mist for purely personal reasons, but have consistently had excellent results with pure water. In fact, perhaps because I'm more free wheeling with the tap water I see greater results. The Queen of Hungary mist is a FABULOUS product on its own for setting makeup or giving yourself a lovely pick me up during the day. It smells fantastic and is packed with good for you ingredients like orange blossom, rose, sage and apple pectin alongside (you guessed it) rich minerals. 

The Gold Night Drops come with an innovative dropper system making it pretty much impossible to waste this precious fluid. Due to cost I use it sparingly and prefer to mix mine with my fingertips with the Rejuvenating Night Cream. I find that just a bit of both go a long way and combined make a decadent treat for my skin overnight. Retinol with no redness or flaking? I'm in! 


Now that I've recommitted I am absolutely seeing more radiant, more healthy skin. My fine lines are reduced, there are no dry skin patches, my skin feels plump and healthy. Healthy being the operative word. I am convinced I look better today than I did five years ago - and that's saying something with two small children in the house! 


Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Selfridges, Harrods, Sephora, Cult Beauty, and many others all carry the line. Look for value sets and bundled products as they typically offer huge savings on full-size products. There are also smaller introductory sets smartly priced which allow you to discover which products are your must haves. Ladies in the Plano area should definitely swing by Willow Bend's Neiman Marcus and ask for the lovely Maria at the Omorovicza counter. I credit her with introducing me to the line and a new way of thinking about skin care. She'll steer you towards the right products for your unique needs and perhaps have a small sachet sample on hand to let you experience Omorovicza at home. You just might just find your Holy Grail in a bottle as I have done. 

Feel free to ask questions, ladies! I always love dishing on the topic of beauty and skin care, so don't be shy with questions or inquiries about how I use them. xoxo 


Beauty: Quenching My Skin's Thirst with Dolce & Gabbana's Aurealux Collection...

Last summer I discovered the incredibly indulgent Aurealux sheet mask from Dolce & Gabbana. Drenched in a magical fluid infused with their exclusive Gold Flavo-silk Tricomplex™ (gold silk sericin, Italian olive oil extract and Vitamin B3 are key components listed) that simple introduction opened my eyes to the beauty of hydrated skin. While I wouldn't call my skin dry, my combination complexion is always happier when I pamper it with the right serums and penetrating moisturizers. 

A few months back as I was running low on serums and moisturizers of another brand, I bit the bullet and decided it was time to commit to the entire Aurealux line. From the essence to the eye gel, I stopped using all other products for a few weeks as I dove deep into the Dolce program. The result? Very happy skin and a few irreplaceable products I can't imagine living without. 



Aurealux Cream // Aurealux Essence // Aurealux Sheet Mask // Aurealux Serum // Aurealux Eye Gel


If you've been looking for a luxurious skincare line, this one will not disappoint. From the packaging itself (think: gold foil lined boxes and perfectly designed bottles and jars), the Dolce & Gabbana skincare experience is extremely upscale. But you're smarter than that and want to know all about those products, so let me dive in and share. 


I'm not sure how I survived without an essence, and now that I've been completely spoiled by the skin quenching qualities of the Aurealux Essence I'll never want to skip this step. The best way to describe it is thick water. It glides over clean skin like silk and preps it for whatever you follow it with. This single product brings a smile to my face every day as I thoroughly enjoy the ritual of putting it on my skin. The fluid seems to be the exact same one the wondrous Aurealux Sheet Mask is soaked in, so having access to this daily is a treat to my skin. What does it do? Hydrate, smooth and refine. I am IN LOVE with this magical fluid and will not be without it again. Miracle! 

The essence is followed by the luxurious and creamy Aurealux Serum. I definitely ran out of this too soon, a sign that I loved it. Thicker than the essence, this lightweight product is loaded with plumping Hyaluronic Acid, my favorite skin care additive. Those of you with oily complexions might find the serum to be all you need for daily hydration, but I needed to follow up with the all-star Aurealux Cream. This was the single product I was most excited to try and it did not disappoint! Loaded with their Gold Flavo-silk Tricomplex™ (a constant in the line), this thick gel-cream seems apt to use any season of the year. It left my combo skin dewy in all the right places and never the slightest bit oily. I absolutely loved this for both day and night, but opted to save it for daytime in order to make the product last longer. I loved it, and highly recommend it to those of you with combo skin. Your pores will drink it in and visibly thank you. 

Last but not least, the Aurealux Eye Gel. This one seemed a bit off-putting at first as its gel formula was unusual for me. I decided to use the La Mer emulsifying method to see if the friction and heat of my fingertips could liquify it. Bingo! This transformed the springy gel into a decadent serum-like fluid read to soak into my skin. I liked it so much I experimented with it in a variety of ways. As an eye cream it kept lines and creases at bay. As an overall serum it was hydrating and gave me an enviable glow. I even found success patting it onto the cheekbones & eye area after makeup application as a strobing/setting product. Again, it knew no bounds. I found the gel in this little jar to be a multi-tasker in my arsenal ready for action at a moment's notice. 


For a brand known for fashion and leading-edge cosmetics I was truly surprised by the quality of the products and the visible results they produced. My skin was moisturized, happy and calm using every one of these beautiful products. The Aurealux CreamAurealux Essence & Aurealux Sheet Mask are my clear favorites but the entire collection is strong and fabulous. My advice? Give one of these sampler sets a try to dip your toes into the golden pool and see the healthy skin results for yourself. Your pretty face will be healthier, plumper, softer and happier - and what more could a girl dream of? 

Skin Discovery Set // Skin Luxury Set


Beauty: Three New (and Natural) Products I'm Loving Right Now...

Confession: I'm obsessed with discovering the "miracle" product to make all-things-beauty easier and better for myself. In a parallel goal, I'm also on a quest to rid my life (and body) of artificial substances and potentially harmful ingredients. These dual goals require considerable trial and error to discover "clean" products that deliver on their healthy promise and are superstars in their own right. I'm not in search of so-so replacements. I'm on a quest for the best in class of every category. The results (the winners) are shared here with you and the flops never see the light of day. 

This week I'm introducing you to three products that have recently won me over. All of these are silicone-free, paraben-free and derived from natural ingredients. I'm eager to share them with you and share how they won me over. 

First, the Omorovicza Refining Facial Polisher. This is a must-have product for my particular skin. No makeup or moisturizer can fix dull, blah skin. It is ALL about gently buffing away those dead skin cells and revealing fresh, soft skin. Your serums will better penetrate your epidermis, your moisturizer will "take" and your makeup will go on smooth as buttah. What makes this one so special to me is its versatility. 

I often use it for my second step of my face wash (the first being a balm to remove makeup). It is marvelous here at removing muck without stripping the skin of natural oils. And, used correctly, you'll enjoy a gently buffing of the skin too. 

Other times I apply it post-shower as a leave-on mask. All that mineral-rich Hungarian mud has time to do its magic. It does not dry up, instead it stays wet and seems to hydrate the skin. It typically do a few things to busy myself for a while and then rinse it off (or leverage the fine buffing capabilities) to reveal glowing, smooth, nourished skin. LOVE this and I feel it will last me a while since it requires so little to cover the face. Bonus: it goes on a lovely aqua color! 

Now... the crucial one. It's not glamorous to discuss, but we all need deodorant. I recently ventured into the all-natural zone when I read a Vogue editor's praise of Agent Nateur (holi)stick deodorant. Loaded with non-gmo, pesticide-free, food-grade ingredients I was intrigued. Would this lovely little stick hold up to my grueling workouts? I needed to know. I'm two weeks into my test and I'm a convert.

Amazingly, it works. It smells lovely going on and it prevents any post workout embarrassment. It passed my 75-minute hot yoga test with aplomb. The ingredient list is short, all natural and completely non-toxic. Curious? Here's the composition: "Organic coconut oil, sodium bicarbonate, beeswax, sunflower butter, avocado butter, castor oil, raw organic honey, lavender essential oil, hydrogen peroxide, eucalyptus oil, love." Love. Sweet, right? 

Things to know: it is not touted as antiperspirant. While I didn't notice any lack of performance in that area, I didn't put it to the "silk dress at a summer wedding" test. Yet during my two weeks of daily use I stayed completely dry. On that note: the ingredient list, while short, does include essential lavender & eucalyptus oils along with a host of skin soothing ingredients. Here's why this matters: Typically in my post-workout shower I fully exfoliate my body before dressing for the day. Mistake. I do not suggest doing anything to irritate sensitive underarm skin before applying this product. The delicate tissue was sensitive to application post-shower anytime I exfoliated that area. So spare the loofah or scrubbing products in this region prior to use. 

All in all I loved it and am completely impressed. I'll be tossing my old-school aluminum-filled products in the trash pronto.

Next, my heavenly gold tube of hair care magic. Seriously, this product has my name all over it. Shu Uemura The Art of Hair Nourishing Cleansing Milk. Hello! My color-treated hair was crying for this and drank it in like...milk! Used in lieu of my normal Aveda shampoo, it left my long locks silky and happy. Styling was a breeze and it definitely added shine. I should note it is silicone-free, sulfate-free and paraben-free. I don't like many bottles in the shower, but this glistening golden tube earned a spot alongside my trusty Aveda products. It earned it by producing silky tresses without buildup or weight. Very nice, and it will be used in rotation with my beloved Shampure. I'm happy to welcome it to the small hair care family. 

Ciao for now, all! 

Beauty: Nailing the Perfect Ten with Toxin-Free Nail Polish...

{photo by  Franki Durbin }

{photo by Franki Durbin}

It's become second nature to seek out organic foods, grass-fed beef, hormone-free this and antibiotic free that when it comes to our food. But I'll be candid when I say that I've been willfully turning a blind eye to the nasty bits in my beauty arsenal. Quarternium-what? It's no wonder the font is so small. One close look at those ingredient lists make me queazy. What is this I'm putting on (and therefore in) my body? 

Enter the next phase of my "life edit" which involves removing the next frontier of poisons and unknowns from my life. Hair was easy, as I've shifted back to Aveda completely on all of my products. Even better, the elusive brand is now available at Nordstrom. Hello, free shipping! Healthy hair: check. And I'll tackle my main products for taming my mane in a coming post. 

But what about the ultimate taboo... nail polish? We've all read about the dangers of formaldehyde yet we dutifully paint our claws in dazzling shades of ruby, coral and azalea pink. How can we resist? Well, we can. But for those who do enjoy their mani/pedi with a dose of color (or even just shine) I've finally surrendered to (read: found my solution in) celeb favorite Smith & Cult.

Why this brand? I've tried a few with lackluster results (literally). No durability. No bold colors. No flawless finish. This brand has somehow nailed (see what I did there?) the ability to marry the luxury of pretty nails with our current health-conscious mindset. Not one of their beautifully packaged nail lacquers contains the main five nasty polish ingredients. Not familiar? These are Dibutyl, Phthalate, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin and Camphor. Smith & Cult features high-shine, flawless coverage, heavy durability and - last but definitely not least - stunning colors in an exclusive 5-Free formula.

Did I mention they are readily available and reasonably priced? And the packaging is gorgeous. So for me this is high fives (once my nails dry, of course) all around. Can't wait? Shop them all at Net-a-Porter & Neiman Marcus. Each bottle is exactly $18, so for the price of a single spa visit you've got yourself a foolproof three-step mani/pedi. Toxin-free, I might add. Otherwise here's what I recommend as you dip your toes (sorry, can't help myself) in the colorful 5-Free waters. 

The Basis of Everything (base coat) // Psycho Candy (bright coral orange) // Plastic Beach (the ultimate Barbie pink) // Suburban Warrior (fierce bougainvillea pink) // Above It All (top coat)

Wondering how to remove that pretty lacquer? I like RGB's pre-soaked cotton pads which are made without harmful acetone or acetate. They'll whisk away that polish when you're ready to refresh your color. Now, go forth and beautify yourself, lovelies! What am I wearing this week? The delightful Plastic Beach is my current favorite, but don't count out the shocking pink of Suburban Warrior. I feel a summer pedi coming on soon! 

Editor's note: If you have a brand you love more that you suggest, I'm all ears. I'm tackling each section of life one by one and making improvements. Even my deodorant is being replaced by a less sinister one. If you're a wellness lover, health freak and a natural beauty lover please share your expertise. I would very much love to learn about your favorite products. xoxo! 


Beauty: Sulwhasoo, My First Foray Into the World of Korean Skin Care...

{All images in this post are property of & taken by yours truly, Franki Durbin}

{All images in this post are property of & taken by yours truly, Franki Durbin}

The widespread popularity of Korean beauty has been a lovely thing to observe. The prized features and key elements are all in line with my own approach to skin care. Dewy, bright, moist, plump skin and an obsession with sun protection. This is what I seek in my own skin care and this is precisely what almost every K-beauty product promises. While there are many, many choices on the market, Amore Pacific's Sulwhasoo has risen to the top of my radar for its ready availability and growing fan base, 

Two weeks ago I dove in head first via their medicinal herb driven brightening sheet masks, ultra-hydrating serum and clarifying mask. Oh, what a treat my skin has received! Smooth, cleansed, radiant skin that happily absorbs my new moisturizer (more on that in an upcoming post) and smiles at me when I look in the mirror. 

Let's chat about these different products one by one. First, let's talk about the Clarifying Mask. Think: honey. The color, texture and consistency remind me of the deepest, darkest honey. I have been using it pre-shower which allows me to take it off easily. Note that this product is meant to be peeled off. Knowing this you'll want to begin peeling right away, before the steam works its normal magic. I like it pre-shower so I can let the steam penetrate my pores after removal of the mask. The results: dull skin, be gone! Much like mud masks, this worked to clarify my skin and clean my pores - all without stripping it of hydration (which most mud masks do). You know how normally a mask leaves your skin tight and dry? Not this one. I am convinced it plumps and moistens. LOVELY product. Don't let the brown sticky texture throw you off. Your skin will appreciate the results. 

Post-shower I do one of two things: use the 'Hydro-Aid' Moisturizing Lifting Serum (a miracle in a bottle) or lie down for a few minutes with a 'Snowise EX' Brightening Mask on. Let's talk about the sheet mask first. Rather than the thick tissue style masks to which I've become accustomed, Sulwhasoo uses a mesh fabric. Yes, you still look like a mummy come back from the dead, with eye, nose & mouth holes, but the fabric of this mask is different. Each side of the mesh features a peelable film, allowing a multi-phase use. Those meshy quality of the mesh seems to work to retain the moisture of the mask for a longer period of time.

I like to lie on my back until the mask has dried a bit then remove the outer film from the front of the mask. In about 25 minutes your skin will have absorbed most of the fluid. The results? PLUMP! Fermented ginsing and a cocktail of other medicinal herbs work to stimulate collagen and "brighten" the skin. I don't have specific spots to lighten, but I can say with certainty that my skin was more dewy and clearer on the days I used this sheet mask. Less "muddled" and more evenly toned. I don't know about you, but I place a high value on even skin tone once I see it - and with this I definitely saw pretty results. This simple (and relaxing!) mask seemed to calm any redness and hydrate my combination skin. My favorite part? After use I apply the rest of the serum from the pouch onto my face and décolletage to extend the luxurious experience and maximize the benefits. 

Next up, my new favorite serum. The 'Hydro-Aid' Moisturizing Lifting Serum had me at hello. With a pump top (thank you, Jesus) I fell for it with my first use. The scent, the consistency, the dewy results - this is a treat to use. Olive oil, peony extract, honeysuckle, licorice and dozens of other natural botanicals plus my fave ingredient... hyaluronic acid combine to make this silky serum work miracles to plump and renew the skin. LOVE, love, love this silky miracle liquid. If you're serious about your hydration I would definitely consider adding this to your repertoire. That Korean obsession with adding "bounce" back to the cheeks must have inspired this amazing fluid. It is divine. And the pump top allows perfect and even dispensing every single time. Big fan.  

What I learned from this experience.

  1. Slow down & take your time. I've used masks before fairly frequently, but this one took longer to dry down. This was a pleasant exercise in patience and allowed my mind to drift and my body to relax. Think of this as an at-home spa experience. 
  2. Be open to new things: The honey-like clarifying mask & mesh-style brightening face mask were both different in texture and appearance than other products I've used, but the results spoke for themselves. Experimenting is a valuable tool and these are two new powerhouses in my beauty arsenal. 
  3. Eastern beauty products & techniques work: Korean medicinal herbs, honeysuckle extract, fermented ginseng, the ingredients on these products differed from any lists I'd examined before. And I liked it. My skin loved it. I want more of this old-school east-meets-west beauty action in my life. 
  4. Luxury comes in many forms: I truly enjoy the application of the serum and the "feel" of the brightening mask fluid. It is as if my skin is literally drinking in the minerals and nutrients. The ritual of application is not lost on me, and with each use I develop a greater appreciation of the legendary multi-step Korean skin care application process. Those girls are really on to something. 

This will not be my last deep dive into the world of K-beauty. In fact, I consider this just a tiny little dip in the pool of skin care potential. I can't wait to share more with you! Available at Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman

Beauty: Junetics Demonstrates that Energized Skin is Gorgeous Skin...

{All photographs in this post are property of & taken by yours truly, Franki Durbin}

{All photographs in this post are property of & taken by yours truly, Franki Durbin}

{Disclaimer: these products were offered to me free of charge to sample. I am not affiliated with Junetics nor do I make a commission or any revenue from the sale of their products nor from this post. All opinions and photographs are my own.}

By now you know I LOVE, love, love skin care. My brand loyalty is legendary and tends to keep me from veering too far into unknown territory, but an email discussing "energized skin" grabbed my attention. A few conversations and as many days later I was opening a package containing a smartly packed trio of products that promised hydrated, invigorated skin. 

Junetics (a brand I had never heard nor seen mention of before) is build around the premise of leveraging you skin's own cellular communication system to treat the visible signs of aging. What are those, you ask? Lackluster color, uneven texture, enlarged pores, dryness, fine lines and lack of that coveted "bounce" we all desire. 

Harnessing skin’s most powerful age-defying secret, Junetics’ revolutionary E24 Complex works day and night to boost cellular energy and cell–to-cell communication deep within skin, combating life’s aging aggressors to help restore the appearance of more youthful, ageless skin.
— Junetics website

What are my specific concerns? My combination skin has a tendency to enjoy bouts of dryness, uneven tone / texture and I harbor a deep desire for that pretty "bounce" in my cheeks. I have been dutifully trying their simple system consisting of a Day Serum, Night Cream & Eye Cream for about 10 days. Confession is due here: I didn't use it as directed. My skin is thirty, really thirsty. Dallas offers an arid climate that quickly dries out my complexion. So for me, the day serum wasn't enough. Twice daily I applied the serum followed by (or mixed with) the night cream. The resulting combo delivered the dewiness I love and the calming feeling of quenching dry areas. The eye cream even comes with cooling roller balls that stimulate the delicate eye area upon application. I was not as diligent with its use as the other two products, as it's just how my week has been. But the serum & moisturizer are truly standout products in my opinion. 

The result? Much to my surprise, today after hot yoga without a stitch of makeup on I discovered my skin was... radiant. Not just evenly toned, but dewy and hydrated. Yes, I've been upping my water intake and yes, hot yoga does deliver an afterglow, but this skin was good skin. Really good skin. Since I have completely replaced all serums and moisturizers for the past week or so with the Junetics trio I feel safe in my belief that the restored hydration can be credited to the treatments.  

Looking at the science behind it I can see why this hydration and prettily plumped appearance is visible: the powerful duo of Hyaluronic Acid & Silicium help shuttle water into the cells giving you that pretty runway model skin. Loving it! I also appreciate that there are no parabens, mineral oils, petrolatum, nitrosamine, phthalates, triclosan, synthetic color, sulfates, animal derived ingredients or unsafe substances. And... no animal testing. High marks all around for effective ingredients and responsible manufacturing processes. 

Here are some highlights from the brand's web site: 



Here's a link to their site for more info. The Introductory kit is definitely dew inducing! Much thanks to the team at Junetics for the opportunity to experience your lovely products. My (now quite happy & dewy) skin appreciates it!  

Beauty: Loving Donna, Valentino's Spectacular New Fragrance....

When a new fragrance inspires such a fury, it must be good. Very good. From the rose & bergamot scented contents to the edgy yet glamorous rockstud exterior of the bottle itself, this is one bottle we'll all want on our Vanity this winter. Valentino Donna, as it is named, also offers a coordinating lotion to really bring out that subtle notes of Iris, pallida, suede & vanilla. I love its complexity and utter femininity. And that bottle? Stunning and memorable. 

{illustration is the work of Kim Thompson Illustration // Commissioned for Valentino Couture Fragrance Release.


Interview: Going More Than Skin Deep with the Beauty Experts at Unit Skin Studio...

{ via  by Slavasan Lynam}

{via by Slavasan Lynam}

Instagram friends will have caught a glimpse of my tour of Dallas's Unit Skin Studio a few weeks back. The ultra-chic derm-on-demand outpost is novel in its approach and refreshing in its design. Nestled inside popular Preston Hollow Village at Walnut Hill and N. Central Expressway, this gleaming, light-filled space is a study in chic design (think: Slim Aarons photography lining the walls) and minimalist appeal. But to really tap into the true beauty of Unit's unique approach, we'll have to go more than skin deep. 

Rather than gush about their seriously state-of-the-art offerings and proprietary products (yes, they have them!), I'll let the experts on the team do the speaking. Please enjoy this in-depth interview with the delightful founder Lindsey Pineyro and partner & lead practitioner Sandra Witten, PA-C, MPAS. These ladies and the entire team were so generous with their time when I visited the location. I was wowed by the design of the space, of course, but it only took moments to suss out how passionate and knowledgeable the team was about their professional pursuit. Without further ado, here is what they shared: 

FD: Lindsey, from the moment you walk in the door at Unit Skin Studio, the atmosphere is decidedly stylish. Slim Aarons photography, modern furnishings & natural organic accents. Serene and professional but incredibly chic. Sandra credited you with the design for the interiors - which are amazing from start to finish. Can you tell me where you drew upon for your influences for the beautiful space? 
Lindsey Pineyro: I’ve always had a passion for interiors and really thinking outside the box.  We wanted Unit to feel like your ultra-chic living room that you never had.  From the coffee tables designed by Bret Comber out of Vancouver to the Stark Rug on the floor we thought of everything. 

We feel you can never go wrong with Slim Aaron I mean he defines luxury and jet-setting at its best and a picture is worth a thousand words.  It’s not just about coming to Unit for a “treatment” it’s about the way you feel when you are here, there is something that is drawing you the space.  We believe every touch point has a meaning from the Nespresso Coffee to the receipt paper it all matters to us. 

FD: I chatted with Sandra Witten and your team about everything from good moisturizers to laser resurfacing. From my discussions with Sandra and other team members it is clear your team is very, very knowledgeable about modern skincare technology.  appreciate that these advanced professional services are accessible in a boutique in a mixed use retail center. Why did you choose the Walnut Hill location for Unit? 
UNIT: Great question!  We chose Preston Hollow Village for many reasons!  We felt as though it would encompass a sense of community with all the great restaurants and residential space going in.  We knew that PHV needed a strong buy in from the community and held a high standard to the tenants coming into the center.  We were right on point with our choice.  From PHV we can serve the greater community plus individuals making their way home down the 75 corridor. 

FD: I was very impressed to see that your team has has developed your own line of professional grade skin care products. Unit MD Advanced Dermacare is not your typical line of serums and moisturizers. Between R&D and packaging, this is a major investment that’s been made in the brand. What drove the decision to develop your own line rather than carrying the typical skin care spa / dermatologist office brands?
UNIT: Here are Unit we wanted to be able to offer the best services and the best products!  As you can imagine there are many choices in the market place and yes some of them are great just like our line, however you cannot put a price on being able to speak to a true professional about your skin care needs as well as how our products can be incorporated. 

Investing in your skin is a commitment and we want to make sure that our clients feel confident in their curated plan when they leave.  Our line is unique in many way, we have the ability to compound some of our products such as Porcelain to the perfect strength for your skin!  You cant find that at the department store!

FD: Dallas loves its beauty treatments! Obviously the usual suspects - chemical peels and injectibles - are popular. You explained the myriad benefits of the Micropen and Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy to me. These were treatments I’d never considered and I’m very intrigued by the concept. What results could a client expect to see from Micropen and PRP Therapy?  
UNIT: Micropen + PRP AKA “The Vampire Facial” is one of the most cutting edge technologies available for skin rejuvenation. This technology was discovered from wound healing research and has been popularized for its effects in sports medicine. Tiger Woods and tennis great Rafael Nadal have received the benefits of PRP for their orthopedic injuries.

Micro needling alone, provides amazing results. Also known as collagen induction therapy (CIT) the micro pen creates tiny wounds into the dermis. The skin responds to this “injury” by creating collagen. The cells that are responsible for this wound healing and collagen production “speak” to each other as they did when they were much younger, creating a robust collagen response. We apply the patients own plasma topically, which is chalk-full of the their own stem cells. Nothing can talk to your own collagen like your own stem cells. The result? Turbo-charged collagen like a Maserati! What does this mean for me? Thicker, more dense skin. less sagging, fine lines and wrinkles reduced, and texture like a baby’s derriere!

(Editor's Note: hello, fountain of youth! Albeit a bit intimidating based upon the description, my curiosity is definitely piqued when it comes to the Vampire Facial! If I dare to do it, I'll be sure to showcase it here and on Insta!)

FD: What other Unit treatments seem to be trending since you’ve opened your doors?  
UNIT: Vampire facial hands-down.

(Editor's Note: Interesting!!!) 

FD: For those on the fence about seeing a skin care specialist to address concerns or simply to develop a preventative skin care routine, what can you tell that that describes the Unit Skin Studio difference?  
UNIT: Unit, Neimans or Nordstrom? Every Dallasite goes somewhere for her skin care. The Unit difference is the quality of the products, and the medical degrees standing behind them. We have prescription strength skin care, that must be dispensed under the supervision of a medical professional. Think of it as over-the-counter vs prescription strength.

Which would you choose? Sandra is a degreed medical professional with 20 years of dermatology experience and Plastic Surgery experience pre dating that… Who would you rather have analyzing your skin care needs? She can also write prescriptions if you have any other dermatological issues. Hop over from Neimans, to Unit, you skin will be in great hands!

FD: Is there one star in the line?
UNIT: Vitality!

FD: And finally - any takeaway tips you can offer readers for caring for their skin each day? 
UNIT: Sandra's mantra - Retin-A at night and sunscreen in the morning is like brushing your teeth for your skin.

(Editor's Note: NOTED! Reassuring to read this and know that I'm doing this faithfully.)

Well... now that we've tapped into their serious skin care genius, I'd love to share a promotion happening now: 

Unit Skin Studio is offering for the month of October in honor of Halloween. Through October when you buy one Vampire Facial at Unit Skin Studio, you'll get one half off! Nothing can speak to your body like your own stem cells. Below is a list of just a few of the benefits from the Vampire Facial, known technically as the Platelet Rich Plasma Facial. 

  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles 
  • Builds collagen up to 1,000X faster than normal facial treatments 
  • Helps with tone and texture of the skin - sun spots, melasma 
  • Can be administered year round - no need to worry about avoiding the sun
  • Little to no downtime 
  • Little to no discomfort 

"Vampires may be scary, but our vampire facial is anything but! No tricks, just treats with our amazing Vampire Facial. Treat yourself this Halloween! This October Unit Skin Studio is offering a special so tempting, it's spooky! When you buy one Vampire Facial in October, you'll get one half off!"

DALLAS, TX, 75230
(214) 484-1221

TUES-FRI 10:00-6:00
SATURDAYS 10:00-3:00

So, girls and boys? What do you think? Is micro-needling something you'd consider? I'm curious, but I'm also keen to explore their skin care line. What makes it unique is its formulation and efficacy. They will not be able to sell it online, as it is more potent than the products available online without a prescription.  Before you plop down another $400 for a promised fountain of youth at a department store, consider swinging by Unit to explore their incredibly well priced line. Please tell Lindsey and the team I sent you. And if you do try micro-needling I would LOVE to see and hear all about it!