Celebrity Living: Khloé Kardashian's Calabasas Kasbah...

Of all the Kardashian sisters, Khloé must be a dream client for designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard. She's decisive, vocal and willing to take chances in life and - evidently - in design. Their latest collaboration has resulted in a decadent, dreamy residence worthy of exactly what it earned: a generous spread in ArchDigest. 

From the quatrefoil fountain to the tented living room, this bachelorette pad is an exotic mix of inviting luxury. Plump pillows, plush textiles, billowing sheers and views for miles are just  a few of the sensational hallmarks of her newly renovated home. Yet clean lines and modern sensibilities abound, meaning those Arabian Nights flourishes never dominate in such a way that one would ever call her house "themed" or forced. It. Is. Gorgeous. 

Formerly Justin Bieber's sprawling six+ bedroom, 9,214 square pad, Khloé and Martyn transformed it into a glamorous abode for newly (almost officially) single Kardashian. Even if you watch the show (and I do) you'll find these interior photos to be marvelously revealing. Who knew she had sexy Moroccan reading nook? Why have we never seen that dreamy tented sitting room? And her closet? I could tell it was huge, but the photo above demonstrates its star-studded status. Suffice it to say I dig her Calabasas digs.

What makes it interesting to see is her breakaway from the strict black and white palette into a larger array of muted neutrals, stylized silhouettes that creates a sexy and inviting vibe throughout the home. Those glossy black floors against the white, white woodwork and cabinetry is so appealing, isn't it? And given her notable tendencies towards obsessive perfection (the infamous cookie jars, for example) it's no surprise to see the home is ripe with clean lines and open spaces. Maximal minimalism at its best.