Feeling Bookish: Following Charlotte Moss into the Garden...


Charlotte Moss is an uncommon talent. Successful in a variety of professional arenas, she commands a rich design portfolio, successful retail stores, several best-selling books, fabric and trim lines, upholstery collections and a host of other accolades and accomplishments in her wake. Known for her ability to embrace natural beauty in her spaces, it is only fitting that her newest book Garden Inspirations takes us on a very personal tour of her own gardens, her journeys around the world taking in both public and private gardens and offering us many lessons from the legend herself. 

There are a few very special aspects of the book that surprised me. Charlotte not only helps delineate the various types of gardens (think: English, Italian, Russian, American and French), she also offers menus for dining outside and lends her keen eye for tablescaping each meal. And for those of you looking for insights on how to make a bouquet of flowers look like a pro assembled it - the divine Mrs. Moss offers a wealth of reassuring tips and simple suggestions.

I found this entire book to be eye-opening. Not only does it offers insights on cultivating specific flowers or shrubs, it also encourages you to move beyond any fears of making mistakes. It turns out, even greats like Charlotte have had instances where experimentation failed and a well-intended planting failed to bear fruit. I loved reading the personal tales of highs and lows of tending to a private garden. Much like life, it is all about try, try again and find what works best for you. 

For those still not inspired to get outside and take in the verdant scenery, Charlotte peppers the book with historical notes and quotes from leading ladies of days gone by who influenced their cultures and their surroundings via cultivating their own gardens. Empress Josephine, Lady Bird Johnson, Bunny Mellon and Edith Wharton are all revealed to have been avid gardeners in possession each of especially green thumbs. 

While I consider myself lucky when my tiny herb garden blooms, I have been feeling the urge over the past few years to invest more time in planting flowers, adding more container shrubs and otherwise stretching my horticulturalist muscles.  

If you're looking for the perfect Mother's Day gift (and you should be!), Charlotte Moss's Garden Inspirations is an excellent choice. Perhaps you'll even be invited to join her on one of those fanciful al fresco meals in the garden and she too will impart some gardening wisdom on you.

And because I know you love bonus features: the book also features additional web content accessed by scanning watermarked pages with the Digimarc Discover App. Cool, right? Snag a copy of the book at Horchow and yes, please send a copy to your sweet mom. She'll love it as much as you.