Shop the Look: The Safari Chic Dressing Room...

Let's talk about dream closets, shall we? Personally, I'm loving the idea of a full-on leopard rug to set the stage for a sexy dressing area. I also think the space should be feminized quite a bit - even if you share it with your spouse. The thinking here is that while you might be too timid to rock the spotted look elsewhere in your home, the master closet is a private retreat all your own to do with as you wish. 

My choice? This amazing Suzanne Kasler wool rug. It's sleek, modern and a more timeless way to add exotic flourish to any space - especially a closet. This stunning version is hand-woven and crafted to stand the test of time. Bonus? It could be moved to any room of the home if you love mixing up your look once in a while. 

Next...  stools. These amazing brass & ivory Aretha Benches from Bernhardt are form and function perfected. Hello, glamour! A pair of these (if space allows) would make your closet the destination for all those late night chat sessions. They are bold, modern and downright gorgeous! And yes... the perfect spot upon which to rest as you select your outfit for the day. 

Now, try not to feign mock surprise when I tell you a chandelier is what you need to complete the look. Save your acting skills and rush over to grab this stunning vintage-inspired chandy in Italian tole style. The Astrid Chandelier is my absolute favorite choice for this look. It is a spectacular in classic gold and glistening crystals and will pair strikingly with the benches above. With its brilliant sparkling light overhead, your wardrobe will suddenly look far more fabulous and radiant. And you, my dear, will glow with a radiance never before seen. 

The last element is an obvious one: Finish it off with a glam Floor Mirror. While there are many I adore, this one pulls double duty as a sly jewelry cabinet. Not only will your necklaces be easy to access, they'll be hidden from view and completely organized. I love the beaded bevel detail on the frame and the grand scale. Extra points for making your perhaps petite closet now appear twice as grand. 


Less of a leopard fan and more in tune with Rachel Zoe's zebra striped sensation? I feel you sister. Let's pull a look together for you that's worthy of a star stylist's wardrobe. First... that rug. 

There are two schools of thought here. You are either a fan of the zebra pattern as a whole and are fond of a classic rectangular rug that bears the iconic bands in a sophisticated pattern. If so this 100% wool World Market rug is a fabulous value. Or...

Or... you're in search of a convincing rug that on some level looks as though you're sporting a genuine zebra hide. This high-end cowhide is hand painted with zebra stripes ensuring no two are alike. The unique shape and hair-on-hide texture gives it instant character and adds warmth to your dressing area. Available in natural (above) or bold black and white. The bolder option is more along the line's of Rachel Zoe's version featured in the images above. 

As a counterpoint to the wild zebra stripes, I'm loving this vintage-inspired chandelier, In the style of Italian tole, this beautiful light fixture will feminize the area and lend enchanting glamour. All good qualities for a chandy to deliver! 

My favorite addition? The pretty little perch. How can you possibly resist this little French cutie? I love its petite size and swiveling sear. Cabriole legs, linen fabric and the nailhead trim seal the deal - this is a chic dressing area must-have. 

My favorite part? The mirror! This Rococo style mirror via Anthropologie is simply a showstopper. Looking as though it was discovered in an undisturbed Paris apartment, this beauty will give your dressing area the elegance of Versailles and the romance of a hidden French cafe. You. Are. Welcome. :) 

So... which kind of wild child are you? Are you a spotted princess or a stripe loving wild child? Somewhere in between? The options vary, but the theme remains the same. Amp up the glamour and exotic flair of your dressing area and make getting ready (and getting undressed) a delightful treat. You deserve a fabulous rug, a chic seat to rest upon and a sparkling chandelier above. What more could a girl want?


Closet Crush: A Fashion Lover's Over-the-Top Opulent Dressing Room...

A space worthy of Georgina Chapman if there ever was one! This spacious dressing room is that of an unnamed (but presumably not unknown) California resident with spectacular taste and an equally spectacular budget. Designer Philip Nimmo leveraged his skills to deliver old Hollywood glamour in this beautiful custom project. Gilded French furniture, a mesmerizing ’60s-vintage Murano chandelier and that elegant hand-painted de Gournay wallpaper make the serene walk-in a sight to behold. Can I just say I'm in closet love? 


Closet Crush: Step Inside Aerin Lauder's Enviable Dressing Room...

Who doesn't love a stroll around someone's private dressing area? A glimpse into their personal space, a taste of the way they live, a glimmer of the person behind the persona. Are they orderly and neat or wild and free? Does their wardrobe brim with frilly frocks or is it an exercise in practical dressing? These are the things I seek to discover when given an opportunity to tour the area where a celebrity does their morning dress up routine.

As expected, the heir to Estee Lauder's beauty empire and bonafide star businesswoman herself has a closet that is everything a girl could hope for.  Outfitted with beautiful bags, shoes and baubles while bathed in sunlight, Aerin Lauder's dressing room (as seen on the Coveteur) is as enviable as her perfectly undone mane. Festive heels, blushy suede bags and enough leopard to make a even the most jaded fashionista rawr, this space gives us all more reasons to aspire to be at the helm of our own lifestyle brand. 

The requisite black Birkin and a classic well-loved Chanel offset an accessories closet brimming with Aerin's own posh designs. What keeps the photos from looking like a brand editorial are the sentimental items complete with their own stories to tell and cherished family photos. That, and Aerin herself who while radiating well-heeled sophistication is convincingly approachable in every interview. I love seeing her in her space (and yes, I've obsessed about her closet and others before). Still, the images are fresh and as always, the divine Mrs. Lauder inspires me to up my style game at home and in my closet.



Closet Crush: The Texas Triple Decker....

Few closets have garnered quite as much press as Theresa Roemer's three-story structure in Houston. From glowing praise to police report chaos, this fashion lover's paradise has seen it's fair share of front page coverage.

Controversy aside, the former Miss Texas has an impressive collection of bags, shoes and accessories worthy of pixel space and admiration. What I really appreciate about this closet is Roemer's dedication to the art of display and care. It shocks me when I see well made goods treated poorly. Why shell out for $900 shoes if you don't plan to put them in a small shrine once you've brought them home? For this, Theresa scores major points. Her gorgeous closet is well-lit, organized and beautifully designed. Getting ready must be an absolute joy. 

Covet some of her Neiman Marcus goodies? Don't we all. Here are a few of my favorites from her stunning dressing room. 


Closet Crush: Meredith Musselman's 60 Foot Sensation...

Meredith Musselman is no stranger to incredible style. Her mother was Shelly Musselman, co-owner of Dallas's remarkable boutique Forty Five Ten. After Shelly's passing, Meredith inherited what might seem like a museum of designer pieces from lines like Rick Owens, McQueen, Narciso Rodriguez, Derek Lam, Martin Margiela, KaufmanFranco, Alberta Ferretti, Stella McCartney, Roland Mouret, The Row and others. In an effort to preserve them as well as pay tribute to her mother's unbelievable collection, she worked with interior designer Gonzalo Bueno to design an expansive custom closet that feels as much boutique as it does private dressing area.

I suspect her mom would be incredibly pleased with what she's done with her treasured private reserve of designer goods and I'm sure miss Musselman is thrilled with the glamorous results. Larch wood, leather pulls and bronze glass are just a few of the special touches they added to the space. They also wisely added motion sensors to illuminate only the space occupied, thus eliminating unnecessary lighting when you're just rushing in to grab a bracelet or your shoes. Lovely details that make all the difference. 

Should you find yourself in my city, don't miss the opportunity to visit Forty Five Ten. Located in the Knox-Henderson district you'll find treasures for the home, for your beau and definitely for yourself.

{Insider tip: the chicest lunch in the city can be had at the boutique's eatery, the T Room. I recommend you order the pecan encrusted chicken salad and enjoy the company of one or two of your best girlfriends for an afternoon of shopping & nibbling.} 

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Closet Crush: Bright Closets & Pretty Dressing Rooms...

Every woman alive (or at least all the females in my circle of friends & family) is a fan of dressing up and then admiring her prized acquisitions. As noted many times before, I'm obsessive about how I store my bags and shoes and... okay, well everything. Everything in its place, you know? I'm grateful that I love my closet design and the order it affords me.

So I love randomly stumbling upon boards made by those equally appreciative of closets and dressing rooms with as much fabulous style as adherence to color blocking and other methods of artfully displaying a personal wardrobe. Books, flowers , trays, and golden accessories are all part of the style package. A few of my favorites from the board are above including several from fellow blogger Rach Purcell whose combo dressing room/office was designed by one of my favorite firms: Alice Lane Home

Clearly designs like these aren't for everyone. For me it feels like stepping into your favorite boutique - one where you own everything in sight. But for those not so tidy (or perhaps blessed with borderline OCD) an "open" design like these might not be your dream. Visible displays of your precious wares is wonderful if you're happy to keep it the way God intended it to be: clean.

Added benefits (beyond the glowing mood boost such a pretty space imparts) are plenty. First, seeing everything you presently own at a glance it makes plotting future purchases easy. One glance and you can identify what's missing or what you'd love to add. On a daily basis you benefit from convenience. Stepping into the dressing room with everything you love at your fingertips and visible for perusal instantly upgrades your style capabilities merely by granting you visual access. Wake up, walk in, feel inspired, get dressed. What's not to love? 

So, borderline OCD readers... enjoy these spaces as much as I do and find yourself inspired to create your own gloriously glamorous space within your home. 

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Closet Crush: The Real Secret to Marital Happiness...

While some may tell you the secret to a happy marriage is a double vanity sink, I like to think on a larger scale.  A his & hers set of master closets is the way to go. One for the Mr. and one por moi.

What will my dream closet entail? Creamy cabinetry for sure. Not bright white. Not black. Not brown. Cream. Row upon row of shoes (most of which I do not yet own but look forward to acquiring). A stable of pretty dresses ready to come out and play. Think: Rebecca Taylor, Trina Turk, Rachel Roy, Shoshanna, Milly and the like. And enough handbags to open a small museum.  

All that is just icing on the cake, however. My actual plans are more about the architecture of the closet and the features I look forward to seeing come to life. We'll start with the fact that I imagine  a wrought-iron balcony overlooking the pool below. A round tufted ottoman beneath a glistening chandelier for sitting & chatting with girlfriends or my daughters (or both) while we giggle and solve the world's problems. I want natural light. I know most will discourage this for fear of fading the clothing, but I'll deal with that threat in other ways. A girl has to pick her battles, after all ;) 

Visit more of my dream closet ideas on Pinterest.   Image above via this pin