Color Crush: All Black Everything...

The best colour in the whole world is the one that looks good on you.
— Coco Chanel

There's no shame in my "all black" game - and one look at these stunning images should convince you there shouldn't be any in yours. Frankly, if the color looks great on you, why shouldn't you wear it head to toe? While I say any season is the right season for noir, fall offers certain liberties. Use them to your advantage and embrace the head to toe chic look. I certainly will! 


Color Crush: Adriatic Blue + Glistening Gold...

Ready for a mini-vacation? Take a brief moment with me to imagine the glistening waters of the Adriatic. Sail with me through the Greek Isles. Stroll with me through Santorini's steeped, winding streets. Dine with me on Croatia's coastline. Charter a yacht with me and sail to Corfu for a day trip. These colors will inspire you to soak in the summer sun, dip your toes in a pool and possibly, just possibly live a little more luxuriously today. 


Are you feeling it? Me too. If you're swimming in client work today rather than an infinity pool, do yourself a favor and at least make an attempt to book a summer vacation. Dubrovnik, Mykonos, Crete... you can't go wrong with one of these amazing coastal destinations along the Adriatic. If not, I hope you enjoyed this mini mental escape. You deserve it!


Color Crush: Impactful Bougainvillea Pink...

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I dare say no one can find fault with cheery bougainvillea pink. It is shamelessly pretty, fiercely energetic and undeniably happy. This intense shade of pink is a personal favorite for it's ability to shift any lackluster moment (or outfit) into high gear. Wile I lack the studies to back it up, I would assert that there could be scientific studies to demonstrate the power of this unabashedly joyful color. Make your day - and your life - more dynamic by adding a pop of impactful bougainvillea pink to your look, your rooms and your mood. 


Color Crush: Fresh Squeezed Zesty Orange...


Never underestimate the power of color to energize and inspire. When I need a lift, a zesty dash or bold orange - be it by embroidered pillow, scented candle or cashmere sweater - has the power to elevate my mood. Not as rich as red, not as sunny as yellow, orange is in a realm of it's own. I find it endlessly cheerful and packed with power. It's no wonder it is a longtime designer favorite in both fashion and interiors. 


Styling tip: Much like citrus juice itself, a little goes a long way. A dash of orange, a hint of tangerine a pop of lemon does the trick. The head to toe (or wall to wall, as the case may be) look was once reserved for those with enough chutzpah to pull it off, but lately committing to color has taken off and become an "every girl" approved look. That said, if pair that orange dress with metallic heels or fun wedges. Save the matching shoes for a different day with a different ensemble.

Less is absolutely more with a powerful color such as this. Orange makes no apologies and bows to no one. Worn well, this powerful color brings a welcome kick of "wow, look at her!" to your look. Be memorable, be fabulous & rock that pop of orange like you mean it. The world is your runway! 


Color Crush: Punchy Persimmon ...

One of my all time favorite colors is a shade somewhere between orange and pink and coral. I think of it as persimmon, but as trends change it is frequently called other names. Regardless of what you choose to call it, this color is happy, energetic and flattering on most skin tones. I love it in tulips, a adore it in sweaters and as a hue occurring in nature I am endlessly amazed. I hope the color crush of the day makes you feel fiery inside and it sets your ambition for the week on fire. Happy Monday! xoxo



Color Crush: Jewel Tones...

Normally I'm all about subtlety and a life of sophisticated neutrals (think: black, white, gold and leopard) but now that fall has arrived (yesss!) a little saturated color seems like a fine idea.

Why limit the color to tabletop decorations and vases? I'm suddenly wanting a pop of rich color in my closet as much as my living room - perhaps even more so. Here are a few "look at me" pieces for fall that won't break your color-loving bank. 


Color Crush: Tiffany Blue...

Another day, another pretty color. Today I'm inspired by Tiffany blue and all the lovely shades that fall near it on the color spectrum. Somewhere along the lines of turquoise and aqua lies this optimistic shade of bluish green. Light, bright and always eye catching, I have always loved this color. 

It reminds me of azure waters and sunny skies. It makes me think of pretty things and positive memories. Frankly, what more can you ask for in a color?


Color Crush: Gold + Black Forever...

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Do you ever find yourself smitten with an image and suddenly drawn to everything that resonates with that original source? Such was the case with that marvelous bath scene at the top of the post. It compelled me to curate a small collection of images and goodies that referenced those crisp lines, ornate details and over-the-top modern styling. May your life be filled with the stunning opulence of gilded finishes and hints (or oodles, if you like!) of chic black. It's a timeless mix that will never, ever go out of style and will always elevate your look - whether you're setting the table, dressing for dinner or wrapping a simple gift. You absolutely cannot go wrong with a classic combo such as this. Stay chic, friends! 



Color Crush: Necessary Neutrals...

It's definitely a "between the seasons" moment right now. The southern heat makes fall seem like a distant fantasy, but one look at the calendar says September is right around the corner. Regardless of what those magazines tell me I'm just not prepared to inject autumn decor into my space when I'm still holding tight to my summer fun. In light of this, I'm craving neutrals and aged metallics everywhere I look. A linen pillow here, whitewashed planks there and a bit of gold (as per usual) to luxe it up a bit. Surely next month I'll feel differently, but for now, let's keep this summer vibe going a bit longer, okay? 


Color Crush: The Seductive Allure of Nectar...

{pleated silk maxi gown from}

Nectar. Just the name of this pretty color is tantalizing. Somewhere between sweet pink and tangy nectarine lives a color so fantastic I decide time and time again it's my favorite. And yet, nectar is one of those subtle shades that is difficult to pinpoint. How does it differ from tangerine and persimmon? Is it the same as coral? Rest assured, these are not the same. Nectar is deliciously orange and delightfully pink at the same time. If a tangelo could blush they might turn this pretty hue. If a the perfect shade of pink could merge with the most ripe peach it might become this fantastic color. What abut you? Do you love nectar too?


Color Crush: Electrify Your Style...

Sometimes it's about doing something people don't expect. It's about adding an electrifying jolt of color into an otherwise ordinary situation. All black with neon pink. Yes. Cobalt blue in an otherwise straight-laced situation. Mmmm hmmm. Do something lively today. Wear something bold today. At the very least, invest in the brightest bouquet of flowers you can find. Tell me it doesn't send a thrill down your spine. Be bold, be colorful, be you. And no matter what, don't apologize for the joy it brings you and the smile on your face. It will be unstoppable. 


Color Crush: Blanco...

Some might argue that white isn't a color to celebrate. I would wholeheartedly agree. Given the choice between this and any other portion of the rainbow to live with forever it would surely be me and a lifetime of soft white. Yes, this barely there but totally bold hue would win by a landslide. It is modern, timeless and elegant and lends itself to every mood and any situation. It is most certainly my favorite on the color spectrum. 

Alone it is spectacular. But used as a dominating element in layers (think: white on white on white) it has an impact that cannot be ignored. It is powerful and bold without every being arrogant. Yes, loves... white is truly the most marvelous color of them all. Do you agree? 

Happy Wednesday! 



Color Crush: Whitewash...

My favorite color of late? It's really a non-color. I'm loving all things barely there. If I could reverse time (and decorating investment) I'd surely have a whitewashed finish on most of my woods and natural linen slipcovers on much of my upholstery. This absence of of bright and the presence of all these soothing shades just calms everything inside of me. 

To do it right, it looks best with rich espresso hardwood floors and oodles of natural light. Add in gorgeous gold flourishes, shining silver accents and texture, texture, texture. Think: textured pillows, plush throws and fresh flowers to add dimension to what is an otherwise muted visual palette. 

Maybe I'm just craving a total life reboot, but this ultra serene situation is exactly what the good doc (okay, just my inner longing) is prescribing for me. Much like my post on the great white out, this is just another desire for a fresh start, a clean slate and a less complex way of viewing the world. 

But don't get it twisted. These interiors are not simplistic or spartan or plain. God is in the details here. Think: Belgian linen, organic elements, fine silks, sterling silver, live plants and an abundance of opulent finishes. Here's how you can channel this patina-chic look in your life...



The key here isn't the absence of detail. In fact, my keeping the color scheme very monochromatic you can really get excited and adventurous about textures and layering. I love the depth that these rooms have and the levels of visual interest just piled on thick. The designs themselves may not be wildly overdone, but in that restraint is a great deal of skill. I love the unexpected touches of gold and the warmth that patina offers a room. This less than perfect look makes guests (and homeowners) relaxed and at ease. Isn't that what all good interiors should do? 

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Color Crush: Pale Rose...

Nude has turned to blush has evolved into a delicious shade of pale rose. The newest iteration of the color is decidedly more pink and incredibly feminine. It wows in ways that nude cannot. It is a bit less ambiguous than blush - which often straddles the line between apricot and beige. Pale rose looks gorgeous as a blouse, fabulous as a shoe and perfect as a lipstick. What I love most...? It goes FABULOUSLY with black. The question isn't if you'll wear it... it's how will you wear it?


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Color Crush: Amazing Amethyst

In junior high I began the process of designing and redesigning my bedroom. Once I attempted to build a platform for my canopy - as if a princess bed needed even more pronounced height. This was not a success. Another time I took black spray paint to make a pattern on a large piece of coral fabric in hopes of giving a new look to what I thought was an unsightly table. These two were abysmal failures, but easily earned me an A+ for effort.

My most memorable early interior moment was related to paint selection. Ahhh, color! It holds tremendous power.

What I believed would be a barely-there soft shade of lavender on my walls was in fact a murderous mauve. Pure awfulness. Worse get, I believe we had drapes to match. It was a bit much. As a result, it's taken me years to warm up to almost every shade of purple, plum, lilac, lavender and amethyst on the spectrum.

Today, miraculously, any remaining scar from this primitive paint session has vanished. I now see amethyst (and the full range of regal derivatives of purple) to be among of the sexiest & more sophisticated of shades. After all, it's not what we do but how we do it that matters. Used properly, any color can shine like a star.


Have you yourself recovered from a previous emotional association for a color? I will say that my complete turnaround fascinates even me. What I once found repulsive I now find downright luxurious. It is, of course, historically the color of royalty and society's elite... so I suppose I could only harbor ill will against it for so long. Now I find myself craving more of it in my life.

I've recently added deep amethyst velvet pillows to my living room. It has deepened my appreciation for the sensual properties of the shade. I don't see any plum-related paint coming to my life anytime soon, but I'm learning to never say never when it comes to colors. There's a right way to incorporate everything into your life - no matter how much you once protested it.

{image credits: pinterest}

Color Crush: Buttercup Yellow...

This color really speaks to me today. Rich, vibrant yellow. This color doesn't hold back. Bold be the woman who can wear it near her face. It takes just the right undertone to rock this unapologetic shade of sunshine. Used properly, the golden glow from this energizing color can lighten the mood, brighten a space and bring much needed pinch of zest to an otherwise neutral color scheme. 

Yellow doesn't hide. It cannot be concealed. And why should it? It is lovely and inspiring. It is there for all to see whether they like it or not... and I suspect most do indeed like it. Yellow tells the world it is there to shine and be a part of the conversation. Yellow has power in its boldness. 


Deborah Lippmann Polish // Vix Triangle Top Bikini // Vix Low-Rise Bikini Bottom // Drybar Buttercup Blow Dryer // Prada Saffiano Cuir Handbag

There are rules, of course, when it comes to color usage. Personally, I love my buttercup yellow with a side of salt & pepper. Black and white make proper foils for this ray of sunshine. They add glamour and gravitas to this otherwise not-so-serious shade. Also, this sunny hue is not so flattering next to my face, therefore I love it best on a playful handbag or other exciting accent piece. Admittedly I've had great friends who could wear it with great aplomb and it has always looked AMAZING on them. 

I'm not certain what my present love of the sunshine hue says about my mood, but on this rainy Dallas day I'm not going to question it. So... how do you yellow?

Color Crush: Chalk...

Some of my closest friends make a great living injecting clients' homes with bright, bold color. Do you know what my favorite color is (besides gold)? White. Pure, unadulterated white. It makes me happy. And it is - contrary to all those who eschew its use - a color. A fabulous one at that! I absolutely love white when done right.

Now... I'm the first to tell you that white must be done right to get the look you want. The goal is elegant warmth. You need touches of gold, bits of faded wood, flowers, organic elements and - of course - black. The best white rooms all feature weather-worn woods and hints of black. It's a push-pull tension that is essential to the lyrical sensuality of the room. Failure to insert patina will leave you with the dreaded dentist's office effect. "Clinical" is not a compliment to how your space looks or feels. Luxurious warmth is the vibe we are aspiring towards. 

Also key? Layered textures. A high pile rug, piles of pillows, a faux fur accent, a cashmere throw... the key is to add touchable texture and lend visual interest. White needn't be sterile and cold. My favorite rooms are ALL largely white and what I love most is their tactile qualities. Coffered ceilings, dripping chandeliers, floor to ceiling silk drapes. These rooms are sexy and alive and filled with touchable fabrics and objects of visual interest.

Tell me... what color do you love?

Color Crush: Bold Black & White...

There's a good reason tuxedos come in black accented with white button up shorts. The combo simply looks SO good! The same philosophy is true of interiors. Pairing crisp black and white is almost foolproof. There's a pleasant visual tension between the two opposing ends of the color spectrum that is deeply pleasing to the eye.

Not only is it hard to go wrong, the look withstands the ravages of time. Colors come and go in terms of home fashion, but the pairing of black + white will never ever fade in popularity. Personally I favor dark floors and grand white (or cream) walls. It is a visual marriage made in heaven. Add in deeply textured rugs or perhaps a dynamic floor pattern, glistening chandeliers and chic furnishings and you've got the makings of a timeless space. 

Frequently the look is modernized or softened with neutral accents or raw elements. A brick wall, a rough hewn wooden table or antiques with patina do the job nicely. This keeps the space from feeling too formal or too museum-like. I love the idea of a playful rug and a few unexpected occasional pieces that add depth to the story. Floor to ceiling curtains panels, playful toss pillows and uncommon accessories add personality and showcase your unique point of view. Animal prints are excellent counterpoints to the seriousness of the look - but exercise restraint. A single rug or a "moment" of leopard is all it takes to sex up the room. Any more is overt.

Personally, I love adding rich textures and layering elements of design. A cream shag rug might be a delightful contrast to an ebonized wood floor. A lucite bar cart might highlight lamps acrylic. An eglomise cocktail table brings attention to a gorgeous wall mirror. Gilt gallery frames pick up glistening gold from a chandelier above. This keeps the eyes moving about the room rather than fixated on a single element and instantly gives you a pulled together look.

How do you rock your black + white? Subdued or bold? Classic or mod?


See more classically appealing pairings on my Black + White board. 

Color Crush: Blanc...

Say what you will about the rotation of Pantone colors... my heart flutters for white no matter the trend. From my bisque hued walls to my cream bedding, I can't get enough of this barely there color. 

Perhaps it's largely due to the fact that I work with color day in and day out for clients. For them, there are no boundaries when it comes to the spectrum. But for my private world? Surround me in a dreamy sea of neutrals and call me happy.

Does that mean that I live in a world without any pops of color at all? Hardly. Pretty pinks have crept their way into my heart and my home. My living room in an homage to my "moment" of aqua bliss... but by and large I seek out light neutrals to set me free. 

Does color have an impact on mood? You bet your sweet color swatch it does. White makes me feel radiant and magnificent. The more in my home, the happier I feel. There's an intensity to it and an undeniable feel of sophistication. To be more accurate I should explain that "white" in this case extends to creams, ecru, beige and ivory. I love them all.

You won't see "Wonderful White" or "Intense Ivory" topping the charts of popular colors as declared by Pantone. That doesn't affect my love for these mood boosting colors. Any why should it? We are all allowed to express ourselves freely through our home decor. How about you? What color or colors make you happiest at home? 

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