Dreamy Spaces: Tranquility Along The Beach...

I've been a fan of Ohara Davies-Gaetano for a while now. As it turns out, she shares time between Crorona del Mar, San Fran and (my home) Dallas. This project features the ceiling detail that initially brought my attention to Ohara's work. 

Her signature style in a heady mix of whitewashed glamour and classic refinement - and I cannot get enough of it! This young designer has mastered a finished look that is aged, layered and well-traveled without veering too deeply into the overly-patina'd arena. Growing up in a family of artist certainly aided her in the process of honing her appreciation for beautiful things. 

For it, it's her lushly layered spaces, generous use of natural materials and careful selection of materials that I appreciate. There's a nice balance of aged finishes with modern details. It's a tug of war between layered designs and tightly edited spaces. I love this specific project, and it beautifully reflects the beachy scenes just beyond the windows. There's a dreamy quality to it while still feeling quite livable and inviting. 


Dreamy Spaces: Parisian Luxe in the Hollywood Hills...

This was one of those moments when I discovered the home that belongs to the master closet seen above. I've pinned and repinned that closet many times over the years, each time making a private promise to myself to achieve such closet perfection in my life. Yesterday I discovered the rest of the home on Luxe magazines's site.

Designed by Smith Firestone Associates, this incredible Hollywood Hills home captures the elegance and glamour of a refined Paris estate white embracing California's easy, breezy vibe. The living room may lean toward the formal end of the spectrum with its shimmering velvet fabrics and lustrous metallic finishes, but the rest of the home is pure relaxed elegance. It will come as no surprise to you regular readers that I love it! 

And that dreamy closet is the brainchild of none other that the esteemed Lisa Adams of LA Closet Design - another all-star in my book. {All photographs via Luxe & SFA.}



Dreamy Spaces: A Relaxed French Château in Sunny Southern California...

My real estate dream come true! A stunning French château that requires little more than a move to sunny California to occupy. It's the best of France (think: creamy limestone and marvelous architectural details) and the best of West Coast style (relaxed linen seating, a subdued color palette and blurred lines between indoors and out) that makes this a dream home for me. I love everything about it from the intimate gardens to the grand facade. Positively dreamy! It's spying new construction like this that inspires me and encourages me to keep my eyes on the prize. Anything is possible. {photographs above by MATTHEW MILLMAN for Veranda}


French Linen Bergere // Vintage Gilt Sconces // Potted Lavender // Linen Bench Seat Sofa // Footed Silver Bowl // Potted Orchid // Wing Sculpture // Seagrass Rug // White Textured Dinnerware // Nested Woven Baskets // Oval Back Linen Chair // Textured Velvet Pillow // Lion Head Wall Fountain // Brass Chandelier // Whitewashed Hanging Lantern // Round Marble Lidded Box // Gilt Mirror

The key to marrying the styles is to let the architecture and structure of the home shine with elegance, but keep the upholstery and the decor relaxed, unfussy and livable. Add decadent glamour on the walls via gilt mirrors, elegant sconces and stunning boiserie. Allow the textiles to bring in an organic vibe. Choose linen, seagrass and woven baskets to infuse the space with the natural and inviting spirit of Southern California living. Dare to add a bit of this vibe to your home with inspiration from the pieces above. And most of all, keep it light, bright and airy because a dank, dark château isn't on anyone's wish list! 


Dreamy Spaces: A Study in Fabulous French Lavender...

Leave it to Nathan Turner to convince me that lavender is completely and truly chic. Purples of all varieties are often done in a way that is too overdone. Yet at the hand of a master, even rich velvet banquette cushions done in this royal color with bold chocolate piping look completely inviting and tasteful.

For these clients, the space is the wife's study in what is an already stunning Bel Air home. Every room featured in the story is exceptional, but this one particular room demonstrates a decidedly more feminine and less restrained result.

Those walls, the Lucite and brass desk (good Lord, I need that) the incredible chandelier. There's a romance here, but there's a very high level of sophistication on display and not a hint of  "little girl sweet" that one might think of when the color lavender comes to mind. Nor is it garish and overthought. It's simply fabulous. 

I'm so inspired by the images it is making me seriously consider painting a room in this exact color. As I consider that, I rounded up what it would take to somewhat achieve the very glam Hollywood Regency look seen above. 


John-Richard Diaphanous Chandelier // Serena & Lily "Wisteria" Paint // Jonathan Adler Lucite + Acrylic Console // Purple Floral Silk Pillow // Lavender Linen Pillow // Linen Side Chair

Loving the ideas above but wanting less commitment and less investment? Here are a few easy pieces to help you ad a touch of the glamorous look to your life. Pretty accessories & accents you're sure to love. 


But this all prompts me to pause and ask you - what have you seen lately that truly caused you pause and deep soul-stirring inspiration? I'd love to hear all about it. 

Dreamy Spaces: Soft Modern Living, Bathed in Light...

Dreamy spaces, all the handiwork of New York designer and lifestyle brand creator Tamara Magel. I love her sexy blend of natural materials, sleek silhouettes and textures. Clearly gifted in the art of style, her projects (and products) all possess that rare blend of aspirational-yet-livable chic. Her photos are absolutely beautiful and can I get an amen on that closet photo? Major applause necessary for the happy homeowner and talented designer. 


Dreamy Spaces: Glorious White Kitchens (Yes, More!)...

photo credit:  ArchDigest  // designed by  Allan Greenberg and Elissa Cullman

photo credit: ArchDigest // designed by Allan Greenberg and Elissa Cullman

ArchDigest's kitchen & bath special feature issue is worth picking up, even if only for this singular image above. As a symmetry loving girl, the two-page spread featuring this stunning kitchen stopped me in my tracks. The ceiling detail, the custom cabinetry, the galley style room terminating in floor to ceiling french doors flanked by silk drapery panels. Wow, is there a lot to love here! If it were mine I'd clearly need chandeliers above the island. However the homeowners of this Federal-Style home were wise to select the pendant lighting above. It resonates with the home's character and makes you believe this stunning space is original to the property. Marvelous.

I've authored a post (or two, or three!) before on bright white kitchens and they've been runaway hits. My appetite for them is hardly sated, so I can only assume you're craving more luminous culinary environments as well. Thus, I deemed it necessary (yes, I said necessary!) to pen another (and perhaps a few more). Indulge me if you will! 

image credits:  1 / 2 / 3 / 4/ 5 / 6


Dreamy Spaces: Cozying Up to Heather Garrett's Luxe Interiors...

The most telling lesson exposed in design school was that regardless of education, class rank, professor skill or studiousness, if you were not born with "an eye" for design, no degree or system of formulas will give you the "gift" itself. This is something that creatives - designers, artists, creators, surgeons - of all walks know intuitively. Yet it was instrumental and freeing to hear it from those doling out our grades`. Armed with that confirmed truth, it is easy to spot God-given talent when you see it.

Heather Garrett possesses that rarified "born with it" talent for design. Naturally gifted with an eye for sophisticated design, she refined her look under none other than Robert Couturier (hello, icon!) before setting up shop on her own. Today she embraces her unique flair for quiet layered drama and has built a reputation earning loyal clients across the continent. 

Using a mix of interesting antiques, organic intrigue, supple textiles, aged finishes and one-of-a-kind accents, Heather leaves a wake of relaxed opulence behind in her projects. Is it French Modern? Southern Traditional? Or perhaps the emerging label of Modern South?  We don't care what it's called, we just know we love it. And so do editors from Traditional Home, Elle Decor, House Beautiful, Food & Wine, Rue, Southern Living, Garden & Gun, MyDomaine and others.

The rich images above are from a recent project here in my city of Dallas. I love the enveloping vibe of the rooms and sultry use of golden finishes & soft upholstery. It's a home you would definitely want to spend cozy nights and long days in. Be sure to pop over to her beautiful portfolio for more exciting looks and keep up with her on Instagram



Dreamy Spaces: Milly's Sultry Elegance at Home...

I have long been an obsessive fan of the brand Milly and the adorable designer behind the pretty dresses & accessories. Designed for "modern girly girls" as I like to say, every piece of her collection I own makes me endlessly happy. From small clutches to incredible dresses, this is a woman who understands how women like to feel when getting dressed. We want to feel incredibly feminine, yet relaxed and comfortable. And why shouldn't we? 

Fashion and interior design being inextricably linked, as they are, discovering her stunning Madison Avenue apartment makes me crush on her even more. It too offers her signature blend of posh glamour and unexpected touches. While it was interesting to see that she has far more edge to her personal environment (I'm looking at you, oversized nun painting!) I have to admit to adoring her romantic flourishes and visibly feminine surroundings. Again we see that relaxed yet dressy mix I've come to about Milly. her Upper East side pad is layered in deep pinks, aged finishes, ornate details and pops of exotic leanings here and there. Please join me on a virtual tour of Michelle Smith's elegant home, won't you? 

What you'll find in her home, a collaboration between Michelle and architect Anik Pearson and interior designer Shaun Jackson, is a lived-in environment ripe for family evenings, friendly gatherings and cozy nights in. Just as her fashion offers a "certain something" to our wardrobe, her home possesses the same je ne sais quoi thanks to imperfect antiques and carefully selected pieces. Nothing is forced. Nothing is overdone. Everything is just right and begging to be enjoyed. I hope you'll be inspired to add your own feminine elegance to your home via a sultry mix of weather worn elegance and signature touches all your own. 



Dreamy Spaces: Seductive & Soft Sophistication in Sonoma...

Having just returned from nearby Napa, I'm understandably obsessed with all related to this glorious winemaking region. The unique blend of modernism meets rustic is not lost on me. As much as this looks has been spearheaded (and simultaneously embraced and loathed by consumers at large) by RH, it is almost impossible to separate this hilly, winery dotted region from the interior design style that pairs with it so well. 

The $8.5MM real estate listing above is expertly designed in all its linen finery and rough hewn driftwood glory. Try as I might to fight it, I am seduced by the restrained color palette and the easy living those organic textures afford.  I've segmented the listing images into groups to better illustrate the materials and objects that make this decorative style unique. Shop along or simply appreciate the design lessons offered by the unique indoors-meets-out lifestyle where the very definition of effortlessly sophisticated California living is embodied. 


What I love most about West coast living in the connection between indoors and out. The blurring of lines between patio and living areas. The oversized windows and foldaway doors. Even in the bedroom, where expansive showers invite you to relax, unwind and take in the spectacular view outdoors. Once in the bedtime retreat, plump pillows, generous down comforters and soft tonal shades await. Honestly, it's a dreamy space we all should be so blessed to enjoy. 



Enjoy the rest of this sweet pad at Mansion Global. And should you decide 748 Adobe Canyon Road is for you, don't forget this luxe-loving blogger who introduced you to the property. The guest suite appears to be very accommodating. ;) 

Dreamy Spaces: A Sexy Modern Renovation in Beverly Hills..

Vladmir Kagan, Ralph Pucci, Villeroy & Boch, Angelo Lelli, Lindsey Adelman, Minotti, Waterworks, Walker Zanger, Holly Hunt, Kelly Wearstler... you name it, this incredible Beverly Hills pad has something fabulous from the brand.

Who is this genius designer behind the sexy finished home? Jamie Bush renovated it with architect Dennis Gibbens for clients Rich Ross & Adam Sanderson. Honestly, if you're going to do modern, this is how a master serves up those clean lines. I suspect even Mr. Kagan himself is proud of how his low-slung seating is showcased. This home is everything a redesign should be: showstopping. 

See the rest of the spread on Elle Decor and brace yourself for the sudden urge to get Jamie Bush + Co on the phone. 


Dreamy Spaces: Joie de Vivre in the 16th Arrondissement...

It should come as no surprise that the VIP director for Christian Dior has an ultra cool French home. Mathilde Favier-Meyer has injected vibrant colors and eclectic furnishings for a look that offers what we all want to see. Fresh flowers, a loaded (yet orderly closet), and books stacked to the ceiling. While she manages to mix retro dining chairs, suzani prints, tulip chairs and coral chandeliers - all without visual calamity. Oh, and lest you feel disappointed, her bedroom boasts those yummy wrought iron balcony railings we've come to know and love. See more of the duplex here


Dreamy Spaces: Beaming Beauties...


Know what I love? Exposed beam ceilings. Not usually of the dark variety (although I can deal if given the option), but usually that pale whitewashed look. Here's a mix of styles and finishes - all gorgeous in their own right. The best of these are in sunny rooms with a series of French doors that open to a courtyard or pool (courtyard with a pool, perhaps?). I swear I'm a Californian at heart as these have west coast appeal all over them! 

{image creds}

Dreamy Spaces: Rough + Polished...

Clearly I need to cave to my cravings and add some rough hewn wood to our home. It's not just the Restoration Hardware variety (although I can't deny the seductive powers of their stores & catalogs), it's the even rougher planks of reclaimed wood that have the kind of warmth you just can't mimic in a factory.

Being less shabby and more chic (and owning it), this look is really only successful for me when paired with glamorous details. Chandeliers, mercury glass, linen and clean white walls are just what the good decorator ordered to make those aged planks look so good. It's all about contrast, right? This is the interior design equivalent of high-low dressing. It's the tension between the finery of a chandelier with the flawed nature of the rough wood. Contrast, baby. 


How do I plan to incorporate this magical mix into my house? I have specific plans, actually (no surprise there, right?). I need a slim table to float behind one wing of my sectional. You'd be shocked at how difficult it is to source a table low enough (30" or less) to slip behind it. Most consoles are tall. Desks are 30" but not long enough. Custom pieces come at custom prices. The hunt has been on, people :) 

Adding more complexity to it: the ideal piece needs to be open underneath to hold two benches between the legs. Happy me: this console from Hickory Chair is everything I could possibly want and more. The elegant legs. The planked top. That French plaster finish. Hello, handsome! What's interesting is that I saw it and loved it a few seasons back at High Point Market and loved it but had no need for it. Fast forward to today... I could really use this in my life. Also... you can add optional nailheads to it. Which you know I love! You might see this as "meh" but I'm really crazy about this console. It's just gorgeous and solves several needs at once.

How to decorate it? Lamps won't work because visible cords would drive me crazy. Sad but true. I do need some height though, so the plan is to top it off with tall mercury glass candlesticks. Height and shimmer: check. I like these from Pottery Barn, since they are classic and not overly fussy. Plus, their Paperwhite scented candles are nothing short of heavenly. Height and subtle (but fantastic) fragrance in one fell swoop. 

I'm learning this truth: Spend a small bit and invest in the real thing: flowers. The $10 a week it takes to purchase a bundle of flowers from your grocery store is a happy investment. Put them in a classic clear glass cylindrical case like this one or buy in bulk here and make yourself instantly happy. Seriously, I'm always grateful when I get blooms home. Any flowers. Be they Instagram darlings (peonies and hydrangeas, anyone?) or simply a few random green leaves, a few nature-filled vases scattered around your house is a guaranteed mood booster. 

Louboutin Book $150 // Tory Burch in Color $40 // French Riviera in the 1920's $195

There's no denying my love of books. You can bet I'll be adding a stack or two to this console. They are kid-friendly (remember this will be floating behind my sectional and exposed to what s sure to be one or two run-ins a week from my tutu-wearing mini mes). Surely you've purchased enough by now, but if you're looking for suggestions I'm loving the Louboutin book (those gold edged pages are gorgeous and the shoe filled pages are sensational), Tory's book is just as colorful and chic as you might imagine and any title celebrating the French Riviera gets high marks in my book (no pun intended).

On a side note: book costs have risen quite a bit. Less pricey (but still content-rich and good looking) options include Miles Redd's Big Book of Chic ($75),  Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf Goodman ($35) and Beauty at Home by Aerin Lauder ($60) All wonderful additions to your collection. 

Speaking of pretty things around the home... a touch of gold and a pretty sparkling accent is always welcome on a long surface. I wish I could tell you I didn't love these gold-leafed amethyst crystals but I do. I find them intriguing and they are even more mesmerizing in person. No two are ever alike and that adds to the appeal of minerals. Add a quartz cluster or one of these dolled up amethyst specimens to the stack of books for interest and a dash of glamour.  Never mind the haters who say it's trendy: it might be, but mineral specimens will always be attractive and great conversation starters long after the trendy peeps have lost interest in these natural wonders.

And that's it, friends. That's my plan to add some of this rough-meets-polished chic to my home. Hope you love it. The console, some pretty tabletop acquisitions and voila... a touch of France is born. Happy Sunday to you! 

Dreamy Spaces: A Posh Atlanta Pad...

Today I am absolutely smitten with these photos from designer Michel Boyd's recent Buckhead project. Before I gush about these sexy interiors, let me help you. The answer to the burning question in your mind about blush-hued paint above is Sherwin-Williams Dressy Rose (a color chip I'll soon be grabbing, as it looks like the perfect pink). 

I love everything about this home. The plush ottomans, the faux fur throws, the luxurious yet modern furnishings, the subdued (yet present) coloring, the Baker dining chairs... I love it all. I've gone on before about my love of all things Atlanta design, and this designer also exudes that special style unique to these Georgia interior design firms. Suzanne Kasler, Melanie Turner and others all hail from this town. I identify with their design style so much I can hardly stand it The look is luxe and traditional but loaded with a modern sense of fuss-free lines. Perhaps I'm a peach after all! 

See more here in Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles online. For a real thrill, see more of SmithBoyd Interiors. I promise both sites will have you rethinking your design game and trying to put a finger on that unique Atlanta style I've come to love.  

Dreamy Spaces: Timeless...

Too beautiful for words. Stick to the classics and you'll always love them... no matter what the decade or the current fashion. Timeless style truly transcends trends and withstands the test of time.

Dreamy Spaces: Elegant Simplicity...

{image credits: Matheny Chandelier via Ambiance Contracts // Guehne Made via Pinterest cited as via Victoria Elizabeth Barnes // via South Shore Decorating & Pinterest}

All the world of pinterest may be aflutter with color (can't deny, it does photograph like a dream) I am truly a girl who thrives in the elegant simplicity of white, gold and otherwise neutral glam interiors. They are chic, timeless and oozing with sophistication - all without requiring complexity or fussiness. A less is more approach to interiors thrives in this limited color palette. Throw in exposed wood and a few raw elements and you've achieved design nirvana. 

The secret, of course, is texture and a hint of black or leopard (or both!) here and there to "ground" the airy whiteness of the space. It is my go-to look for life and I can't see ever turning my cheek on this classically fabulous look. 

For those so inclined to recreate this impossibly chic look, don't miss Horchow's 25-30% off sale happening TODAY. Yes, ma'am. Everything your pretty little heart desires is on sale. 


Craving some of that color I promised? Don't miss these amazing posts where I take you on a whirlwind tour f my favorite colors of the rainbow...

Dreamy Spaces: Bright White Kitchens...

It's not the first post on this theme and it won't be the last: the bright white chandelier adorned kitchen. Although I find marble tops incompatible with my need for perfection, I can't deny their gorgeousness. And white - pure white - cabinets have won me over especially when paired with wood floors and crystal chandeliers.

The romantic in me craves the golden glow from overhead. The designer in me loves the custom cabinetry from floor to ceiling. The organizational queen in me loves the glass front cabinets. Everything in me loves the thick countertop slabs and the oversized islands. Dreamy, dreamy, dreamy. 

{images via}

Dreamy Spaces: Whitewashed Wonders...

It's not that I don't love color. I certainly do. I love pink lip gloss, colorful blouses and vibrant bouquets. But when it comes to living and enjoying my home I bask in the glow of rooms that lack loud colors. The lighter and brighter the spaces, the better.  My next home? An even more limited palette with white and whitewashed finishes dominating the scene. Images like these make me crave a blank slate. How about you? Do you thrive in serenity at home or are you fulfilled by lively colors all around you? 

Dreamy Spaces: House Proud...

Home. The importance of it cannot be understated. We spend an inordinate amount of time in them. One thing to know about those of us about living in the South: we love (and I mean LOVE) to entertain at home. Being "house proud" is not a character flaw, it's a responsibility and an extension of our innate hospitality. We like keeping the house "company ready" and hosting family and friends for meals, gatherings and celebrations with little notice.

During summer, this means expanding the flow of the home to the outdoors and perhaps blurring the lines between "in" and "out" of house. Plump pillows are taken outside as are the "good" dishes. Yesterday we hosted a Father's Day brunch on the patio with stemware, bone china and linens. Why? It's recognizing that "someday" is today. The "special occasion" is now. If you're holding off on using your flatware and dishes until some spectacular moment in the future, you are missing out on the potential of this once-in-a-lifetime moment known as today. 

No outdoor space to speak of? The reverse approach works as well. Bring a potted tree indoors, add a few colorful outdoor pillows to your room. Consider a casual poof for the floor. Add more flowers to your room and consider using natural materials on your tabletop. It need not be fancy or expensive, just let the season inspire you.

Summer is just getting started. Why don't you spend some time getting your home ready for opening the doors - literally and figuratively - to those you love most. Embrace the opportunity to play host to those in your life. Invite them over. All of them. Treat them to simple, but spectacular food. Be gracious. Invite life into your home. Being "house proud" is really just code for loving how you live and wanting to share that life experience with others... and there's no shame in that.

See more of my favorite outdoor/indoor spaces here.