Extraordinary Journeys: The Life-Affirming African Safari...

Recently the epic conversation starter "what would you do if..." came up. Specifically, we explored how we would spend our last precious weeks here on this water-covered rock if given news that our number was up. I'm talking Queen Latifah in Last Holiday type of trip. Cash it in. Spend it all. No looking back. For me, there's no question exactly what I would do. Travel. In fact, I'd keep on going until... well, until the movie ended if you know what I mean. ;) 

So where would I go? Many places. And I plan to craft many posts featuring each of them. So buckle up, you bucket listers! It's a whirlwind trip around the globe and we've all got first class tickets and generous uncles sympathetic to our globetrotting cause. 

First up: the African safari. Non-negotiable, my very first experience would be amongst the most menacing predators on earth and the most sensational scenery. There is no other travel experience that even comes close to rivaling the thrill of seeing the "big five" from the comfort of a tricked out jeep with skilled (and let's not kid ourselves here: armed) tour guides. One such company offering the most luxurious safari experience is And Beyond. They keep it chic and make camping in the wilderness seem like the most logical thing in the world.

Regardless of your travel partner of choice, my focus is still the same: dinner under a vast sky where the beauty of our galaxy is actually visible. The very real life-threatening thrill of lurking big game nearby the camp (hello, lions!). The juxtaposition of fine white tablecloth dining amongst the tall grass in a remote game reserve. And, if lucky, playing witness to the great migration and some pretty vivid food chain activities (I'm talking about you, crazy hyenas). The idea of seeing cheetah, prides of lions and massive African elephants up close is beyond thrilling to me. And frankly, I think most people perish from pure lack of passion & excitement in their life. A trip of this magnitude would wake up the most tied of souls and (yes, I'll say it) perhaps even cure you. 

Naturally I would want my husband and girls to go, the inner core of my tight posse. Watching big game with my crew is everything this luxe loving babe could hope for. But... the Mr. being the extremely risk-averse person he is, I'm certain he'd put the kibosh on any plans to bring our little ones. Hyenas, wildebeest and some of the world's most potent predators in close proximity to our daughters strikes him as reckless and irresponsible. I disagree. These stunning creatures are some of the most magnificent on the planet. How can we not expose our girls to beautiful animals in their natural habitat? What if we can witness grazing gazelles and those gorgeous giraffes up close and personal. Together. Talk about a life-changing trip for all of us. 

Now, some of you may be asking why I'd spend my last days on earth (in this hypothetical situation) traveling. If you have to ask, you don't suffer from wanderlust. Plain and simple. Those of us with an unquenchable thirst to move about the globe simply won't be sated until we've seen it all. And then we'll want to go BACK to our favorite places. So if you're married to one of us, brace yourself. The trips will be many, they will be awesome. They will be the best investments you ever make. And they will be what you'll be expected to join us in doing for our entire lives. So keep the passports active. 

Can't get away? Enjoy these safari inspired objects...



Extraordinary Journeys: Escape to a Billionaire's Private Paradise on Necker Island...

I've known of Richard Branson's island paradise for years, but these days I'm thinking of it more and more. An isolated island paradise, this unspoiled sandy piece of property in the British Virgin Islands beckons all who make the journey. Pristine beaches, attentive staff and a host of activities are sure to please every style of vacationer. Are you a lounge in the shade kind variety or does the thrill of an open-top underwater speed craft (known as the Necker Nymph) satisfy you? Both extremes will be completely sated at Necker's uber private resort. 

Falling in the category of once-in-a-lifetime experiences, Necker Island is best reserved for momentous occasions. Think: exotic wedding locale, the reward for taking your company IPO, celebrating a major anniversary or achievement.

Why is Necker so highly esteemed when so many islands dot the ocean landscape? First, you aren't just on an island. You are on a privately owned island that is Sir Richard Branson's personal oasis. Rather than keep it to himself, he shares it (for a fee) with all who dream to join him in his tropical paradise. 

So... now the pressing question. Just how much does the rare privilege cost? From $28,000/week (yes, you read that right) you and your amore can rent a suite. From $65k per night (yes, per night) you and your posse can have the entire island to yourselves. Imagine, you and all of your favorite faces enjoying this idyllic sandy Caribbean paradise together for the vacation of a lifetime. So very #richkidsofinstagram of you. 

So.... how do you go? Right here. And of course, I'm helping you pack. Hint: bathing suits and sunscreen aplenty and scarcely anything else save for a dusting of bronzer and perhaps your FitBit bracelet to see how much activity you enjoy have during your stay. 


Extraordinary Journeys: Trina Turk + Jonathan Adler's Epic Italian Summer Vacation...


What happens when two of the fashion & design industry's most vibrant characters go to the Italian coast? An Instagram feed of epic photos emerges. Traveling with their significant others (Mr. Turk & Simon Doonan, respectively), the fierce foursome gave us plenty to add to both our bucket list and our ultimate closet wish list.

What, you ask, did they do? Everything a good little vacationer should do. They enjoyed colorful cocktails, wore gorgeous tunics (or cool shorts, for the boys), dipped their toes in stunning pools, enjoyed the view of the Italian coast from a boat and dove head first into the sea. The photos of Capri, Sicily and Naples are enough to have me strategically plotting my tunic and fedora purchases. 

What did we learn from this digitally documented journey? Let's review a few teachable highlights:

  1. Italy is awesome. (Not that you needed a reminder of that.)
  2. Happiness and a big smile are a clearly girl's best accessories.
  3. Trina truly lives the lifestyle her brand portrays. (Way to represent, sister!)
  4. Tunics & kaftans are a must-have summer vacation staple for every female. 
  5. You can never have too many chic straw hats. (Smart sun protection is always in style.)
  6. Never underestimate the power of a stylish and confident man. He makes life more exciting. 
  7. Get out on a boat. The view (and the breeze) is far better from the water. 
  8. Take in the local scene and indulge in the experiences your vacation destination offers. 
  9. Italians can make even common popsicles seem incredibly chic. 
  10. Book the ticket. Take the trip. It will ALWAYS be worth it. 

Where did they stay? Naples, Capri and Sicily were among the photographed locatons. In Capri they enjoyed the beauty of La Scalinatella and I'll dive deeper into that property in another post. For now, let's focus on loading your closet up with tunics & other Turk-worthy looks. 


See more of Trina & Jonathan's pix here. Don't be envious. be inspired. Go make your own memories and build a life worth smiling about! Now... go book those summer trips!   

Extraordinary Journeys: Escape to India...

Some days you just need to pretend you're someplace else... right? When I think of exotic locales where I can do some reflection, few places come to mind like India. This is a region of the world which is untapped for me. We've never been to this great land and I can barely wait to visit. It strikes me as a culture steeped in rich history, vibrant color and honored tradition. My mind can only begin to imagine the fragrant markets, the busy streets and the overwhelming sights.

I hope this post offers you a minor mental vacation today. Most people I've spoken to certainly feel they need a moment to escape the mid-week madness. Enjoy what remains of your Wednesday and don't - even for a moment - wish your moments away. Now is the only moment that really matters... so squeeze the most out of it. Be present. Be aware. Be fully alive. 

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