For Him: Hi-FI Speakers with Low-Fi Heart...

Have you seen these little cuties? Handcrafted bluetooth speakers made from sustainable wood. We have two bluetooth speakers in our home and LOVE them. My only wish is that we had more of them to pepper around so I could pump my jams in every room and enjoy the accoustics that only high quality devices can produce. The only hiccup (usually) is that high tech is often an eyesore and doesn't lend itself well to a stylish interior. 

Well... these handsome little Q speakers are every bit as much modern works of art as they are technological advancement. Sorry to gush, but how adorable are these handsome fellas? I'm thinking one for the Mr. for Valentine's Day is a nice way to add a little ambiance to his office while giving him a cool conversation piece. Frankly I can't decide which version is better looking, but I imagine the sound they produce is impressive relative to their scale. 

Fortunately for you the Q's site lends more substantive info than my gushing on about their appearance. From what I can glean their handsome appearance is almost overshadowed by their amazing sound and sustainable manufacturing process. Good looks and a heart... an irresistible combination. Just like the man in your life who'd probably love these. :) 

For Him: Mr. Porter's Guide to Stylish Living...

Give him the guidebook he needs for living life with a bit more style. This is the second volume produced for our macho counterparts by Mr. Porter. I love that this transcends being merely a fashion dictum and extends to all areas of life, as it should. Missed the first book? Grab a copy here and bundle them together as a sophisticated (and thoughtful) gift. 

Mr. Porter's Manual For a Stylish Life, Volume 2 $35

For Him: Let the Games Begin...

You guy might be different, but mine loves to enjoy family time with games like checkers, backgammon and chess. So rather than have him pull out some tattered old board (worn due to inadequate quality rather than time-honored distress), I say surprise him with a modern update on his game play repertoire. The high lacquer gloss boxes contain all he needs for an afternoon (or long night) of tabletop fun with friends or competitive family members. Bonus: Looks great (and vaguely Hermes box-like) on his display shelves when not in use. 

Jonathan Adler Lacquer Card, Domino & Backgammon Sets

For Him: Your Urban Cowboy Chef...

Okay, so I'm a bit biased since Dean Fearing is a Dallas culinary sensation. And yes, I do enjoy my grilled dishes. And yes, I selfishly want the Mr. to employ some of this award-winning chef's ingredients and techniques into our repertoire. But all that aside, this gift set is pretty swell for anyone with passion for flavorful foods prepared right at home.

An engraved wooden box arrives with four signature sauces and a signed copy of Keith's book The Texas Food Bible. Mmmmm, mmmm, good. Get this for your cowboy and expect to be impressed with his manly meals from here on out. He'll get lessons, ingredients and coooking secrets from this master chef who literally wrote the book on Texas's unique cooking style. This handsome win-win for everyone, partner. 

Chef Dean Fearing Grilling Gift Set $180