For Mom: Garden-Inspired Gifts Blooming with Love...

If I didn't "get it" before, now I am officially in the club. Believe me when I tell you that your mom deserves the sun, moon and stars this Mother's Day. Truly, she does. Giving your all to your children everyday is a selfless act that requires considerable personal compromise, patience and effort. My children are the two small humans I love more than anything else on Earth. But they also require the most from me. It's a lesson in giving and growing. 

It's the growth aspect of motherhood that makes those pretty gardening gifts such a natural fit for gift giving. Like a garden, your mother nurtured you and protected you from the moment you were created - tending to your needs and protecting you. As you grew, you establishing your roots and began to flourish. With her love and care you grew to be the well-established individual you are today. Surely just the sight of you makes her beam with pride and joy. 

With that... these beautiful garden-inspired gifts will keep her smiling and thinking of you, her finest creation.  


Abstract Pansies Scarf // Hunter Floral Boots //  "I Love You, Mom" Journal // Scattered Hydrangea Necklace // Fresh Bouquet from The Bouqs $40 // Leather & Linen Floral Gardening Gloves // Cherry Blossom Napkin Rings // Pink Floral Shears // Herb Duo Pot & Snips

Most of these are from Shop Terrain, but I absolutely adore the idea of a fresh bouquet from The Bouqs for $40 flat. You can double it or triple the bunch for a mere $10. Delivery is free and (best of all) you can set your sweet, giving mommy up on auto-delivery. Imagine her getting a fresh bouquet of roses, lilies or whatever her favorite bloom is every month for a year. Now that's a gift that keeps on giving - just like her unwavering love for you. See their amazing story here and feel inspired to give the gift of love.