Inspiration: When Flowers & Fashion Illustrations Become One

That moment when you realize there are talented souls like Hanaco Hanasakura creating remarkable creations with simple (yet fabulous) materials. Consider me humbled and a new fan. Follow her on instagram for more of her endless creativity!

For the Art Lover: Les Femmes 2015 Calendar...

Who doesn't covet this calendar featuring the illustrated works of artist & street style blogger Garance Doré? Yes, it serves a utilitarian purpose of telling you how many days until your next soirée (it's tomorrow, by the way), it serves as eye-catching art above your desk. I love Garance's signature style and fuss-free illustrating techniques. You'll love flipping the page each month to see which street style femme is featured next. 

Les Femmes 2015 Calendar $28

For the Art Lover: Cy Twombley's Paradise...

Also known as "the book I hope someone gives me" this Cy Twombley book is filled with 57 of the artist's most mesmerizing works. The gorgeous jacket alone is enough to stop an art lover like me in my tracks. Why go to the Tate when you can peruse this color-rich book for hours on end? Well... frankly, perhaps you should do both. But for ease and enjoyment this book is a fan's paradise. Hence the volume's simple title. 

Cy Twombley: Paradise $60

For the Art Lover: Glam Handcrafted Nesting Bowls...

Confession: I fall neatly into the "please gift these to me" camp when it comes to these glamorous bowls. Made of iron, they have a powder coated white exterior and gleaming gold insides. How chic! Never mind that I'd never let you toss your keys in them for fear of scratching those shimmery metallic finishes. There are myriad other uses, including just admiring them for their artisan qualities. If you're looking for a creative gift for the art-enthusiast in your life who shudders at the thought of mass-produced anything, these are surely just the gift you seek. 

Four Cantara Nesting Bowls $160