For the DIY Lover: The Power they Crave...

For some reason I've become obsessed with the idea of DIY. I know... I know... I'm going to be in way over my head and end up with a wreck of a mess on my hands. But still... the idea of a dresser transformation looms in my mind like an idealistic version of reality.

Perhaps armed with the right tools I too might be a Pinterest sensation with a gallery of IKEA hacks to proudly display. Then again, maybe I'll be met with the harsh reality that these efforts are best left to the craftier amongst us. But isn't there joy and satisfaction to be found simply for giving my best effort? I believe so.

For the dreamers and doers among us, there are tools at our disposal. Me? I'm thinking about drills (after all, there are always things to be hung) to make my glamorous life a bit easier. Why struggle with a screwdriver when a cordless drill can make handing those silk dupioni drapes a snap? 

For the power tool fan on your list, surprise them with the cordless weapon of their dreams and applaud their hard work. Who knows, the right tools might just unleash the creative force within them and empower them to create masterpieces. 

Black + Decker Drill via Target