For the Jetsetter: Valentine's Day Gifts for the Girl (or Guy) On the Go...

Technology. I don't know what I'd do without it. If you're like me and like to take my gear on the go (wherever that may be) some of these sleek new market introduction are just what the cupid ordered. Want to see what's new? Here's a look at a few modern innovations designed to make your high-tech life a bit smoother and certainly more chic. 

The HeroDock: No more packing a bag of cords and adapters. The HeroDock is designed to hold all smartphones and tablets including iPhone 6, Android, Windows tablets. And, HeroDock accommodates most cases and covers. Nice, right? Only $49.95 and it solves a multitude of tech compatibility issues. A thoughtful gift and, if I do say so myself, a sexy & sleek design. 

Decades pass and nary an improvement has been made upon the lowly tweezer, razor or file. Until Klhip, that is. Imagine surgical grade stainless steel and modern ergonomic design. These are eye catching to behold and luxurious in attention to detail. Wow him with a fresh blade and her with tweezers so precise she'll never lose a battle to a stray hair again. Give them the world's best and satisfy their need for fastidious grooming on the go. Priced $35 and up. 

Get out of a jam (or into one, as the case may be) with this Swiss-made all-in-one tool. I may be all girl but when I read "palm-sized, heavy-duty tool. Features an LED flashlight, #2 Phillips screwdriver, flat screwdriver, 6 hex drivers, T25 star driver, English flat wrench set, metric flat wrench set, nail puller, and pry bar" I get a little weak in the knees. At $30 bucks this wondertool is the kind of gift you give yourself AND the one you love. 

Old school is cool again with the Instamax instant camera. This is hi-tech meets low and offers instant satisfaction. What I love? The beefed up flash settings (better lighting matters!) and that built-in macro setting. Perfect for those coastal road trips and overseas journeys you're going to take this year. Best part? It's tiny! At 3.5"W x 2.25"D x 4.25"T this cutie will soon become your fave accessory. Comes with two packs of film and it's ready to party. Just like you! 

For the Jetsetter: City Guides for the Stylish Set...

Have you every used the LUXE city guides? These petite little booklets are packed with more info than you could ever imagine. Designed to cut through the overload of info on the city of your choice and get you right into the action (or lack thereof) you crave. This little boxed set is for fashion lovers. Milan, London, Paris, New York & Sydney are all there waiting for your manicured fingers to flip through on your next jaunt to the city of your choice. The jetsetter on your list (you, perhaps?) will adore these!

LUXE City Guides Fashion Edition $60