Giveaway: Join the Super Elixir Challenge...


How about a giveaway, loves? One of my commitments to self is to be more alkaline. What does this mean? More greens, more truly natural and organic food, more water, more fresh vegetable, more whole foods, more plant-based living. This means establishing a baseline of nutrition by staring my day with a dose of The Super Elixir. I've used it fairly consistently for about two years but have really stepped up my loyalty to it now. Prior to this marvelous find I juiced. Juicing was exhilarating at first (that glow!) but seemed wasteful (and messy) and nutritionally incomplete. I scoured the web to find a powdered blend of superfoods and... lo and behold the miracle of powdered greens existed.

I've tried several brands and sources for this nutritional fix and I can say without question this is my favorite. Elle Macpherson's Super Elixir offers a very diverse array of star ingredients and delivers a powerful antioxidant punch in a simple spoonful of green powder. I mix it with a very small shot of filtered water to start my day in lieu of coffee. It's efficient, incredibly tasty and WORKS. My skin is radiant, I feel great. My blood sugar is completely stabilized and my body's overall health thanks me daily.

It's difficult to explain 'feeling great" unless you get on a program or develop a routine that does this for you. In my life, a daily vinyasa yoga practice, a serving (or two) of Super Elixir, whole food eating and healthy living are working wonders for me. Yet when I skipped this simple green powdered step for a month or two my energy suffered, I looked lackluster and something was just "off" about my overall health. My hair even felt different. I'm not saying this is a magic bullet. Obviously I live a clean lifestyle too, but I can tell you the absence of this was felt. Now that I'm back on it, I'm truly back with a fierce loyalty. Thus... my desire to help you achieve the same feeling of wellness.

I'd love to invite you to enter my giveaway below. I'll send you a 30 day supply of what I feel is a marvelous treat for your health. Yes. It's just that good. Simply pop your name & email into the short pink form below. Enter before midnight Sunday night (giveaway entry period ends at February 5, 2017 11:59 PM CST).

Then... try it. If you love it, you may want to enter the Super Elixir Challenge on Instagram and you could win a YEAR'S WORTH of this marvelous green powerhouse of wellness. Good luck & great health!



{image credits: yours truly, Franki Durbin via Instagram}

Holiday Giveaway: Win a Copy of French Chic Living + An Authentic French Lavender Sachet


Earlier this year I enjoyed Florence de Dampierre's thoughtfully written book Living French Chic. Rather than aspirational (and vague) "live like a French girl" style tidbits, Florence shares practical and specific tips on everything from favorite recipes to what essentials to have in your linen closet. A modern day guide to how to "adult" in the spirit of the French countryside that translates just as well to those of you living in an ultramodern hi-rise. 

For the holidays, renowned publishing house Rizzoli and I have partnered to give away a copy of Florence's wonderful book to one lucky reader. In addition to Living French Chic, the winner will also receive a gift from her new line of French home accents at HSN, a cotton pillow sachet made from dried French lavender flowers.

This isn't one of those books you'll flip through once and tuck away on a shelf (although there's nothing wrong with those cherished books!). This is one of those marvelous gems that becomes a handy reference for many things. From how to choose antiques to mastering the art of brunch, this is a hardbound reference guide I can see myself giving as a gift to friends, aunts, relatives and others for many years. It is timeless, dripping with instantly usable knowledge and - I have to say it - pretty! The photos of furnishings, gardens, table settings and idyllic scenes mixed with storytelling and key info in digestible format is refreshing. Open to any page and you'll benefit from her upbringing and decidedly French point of view. Less is more. Quality matters over quantity. Beauty matters. These are all key takeaways from Living French Chic.

So, are you ready to add a bit of French flair to the end of 2016 and ring in the new year with a fresh start, a guidebook for everyday elegance and the aroma of the French countryside in your home? I believe you are. Fill out the form below by December 21, 2016 at midnight CST to be entered to win!

Giveaway: Win $250 in Beautiful Goods from Bungalo...

Just in time for the wave of entertaining you are certain to enjoy this fall, Bungalo sweeps in with a sweet $250 gift card giveaway! If you've not yet discovered this great resource, your clean design loving eyes are in for a visual feast. Think: Scandinavian chic with an organic, artisan vibe. Tabletop goods, clever storage ideas and soft woven textiles and yes, golden flatware, await you on the virtual shelves of this online boutique. 

In a sea of over-designed and perhaps oft too fussy products, Bungalo excels at simplicity and "under-thinking" when creating their unique products. Their pillows, soft blankets, bowls, baskets and more address everyday needs with the elegant simplicity often reserved for high-end Japanese brands and Scandi-chic luxe goods. All without those high import prices.

So how did this mod chic brand come to be? Ahhh, that's all to the credit of the creative power behind Bungalo. If the name Regine Raab sounds familiar, it's because she is also the creator of Waggo and before that worked with such notable fashion brands as Marc Jacobs and Adam Lippes. So rather than simply offer you a much needed giveaway (an incredibly generous $250, friends!) I'm also deep diving into some of the thinking that makes serial entrepreneurs like Regine a different breed.

Please enjoy this interview with the lovely and talented Regine Raab...

Regine, I love a good serial entrepreneur, so thank you for taking time to answer a few questions. As the creative mind behind Waggo and now Bunglao Home, you have a knack for filling a niche in the market. Could you tell us the impetus behind the creation of the home goods at Bungalo? What was the moment or the turning point that inspired you to move into the home accessories market?

When I started Waggo, I felt like there was a gap in the pet market — modern, friendly, high quality dog products that actually fit into your home without being too much of an eyesore. As the business grew over the years, we started getting more and more questions and comments from customers asking us if we would ever do similar products for them in addition to their dogs! I can’t tell you how funny it has been to have customers tell us they have bought our dog bowls to use as casserole dishes! I knew when I heard that (time and time again), it was time to start building something for humans as well. Bungalo takes cues from Waggo’s modern aesthetic but definitely has a little bit more of a grown up voice while still being playful. We have been so happy with our customer’s reactions to the brand and are excited continue to expand the offering of modern essentials. 

Marc Jacobs, Adam Lippes… those are impressive fashion houses to have on a list of experience. What key lessons did you learn from that industry that helps shape your businesses today? 

There are two key things that I think about a lot that I brought from my past experience. The first thing is brand focus — you can’t be everything to everyone . At every fashion house I have every worked at, there was always a push and pull between what the customer is asking for and what designers and merchandisers develop. There is a happy medium in the middle where you can be both focused on the vision and future innovation of the brand while still satisfying customer needs. The other thing I learned a lot about was the importance of customer service. After all, you can have great product but if your customers aren’t satisfied, you have no business. I take a tremendous amount of joy in talking to our customers, making sure that their comments are heard, issues are resolved and that they understand we value them. There is nothing better than a customer that is happy at the end of an exchange. 

Design is obviously a key aspect that sets your products apart from other brands. Your cool, modern offerings are the stuff of Scandinavian dreams. Can you share when and where your appreciation for that signature minimalist-yet-warm aesthetic emerged? 

I’m not sure to be honest…  I have always been someone who wanted to love everything I own — I would rather have less and better. I think for me, when I come home I just want it to feel like a breath of fresh air and minimalism, classic stripes, beechwood, white with pops of color, all of that really does it for me. It makes me feel happy and light. 

I’m always interested in morning routines for high-output entrepreneurs. What does your typical workday morning look like? 

On a good day, I am up around 7 and my husband and I normally have breakfast together. I’ve gotten really into tea lately so I’ve been trying all sorts of weird flavors in the morning. I’m a big fan of CBS This Morning, that’s normally how I get my news for the day (I love that Charlie Rose) so I will have that on in the background as I get ready for the day. After my husband leaves, Benny (the Schnoodle) and I will catch up on emails that were received overnight — many of our factories and retailers are overseas so things are around-the-clock! I typically leave the house around 8:30 and Benny and I are lucky enough to walk to work just 15 minutes away! 

Most creative types have a voracious appetite for travel and visual stimulation. What is a favorite escape for you? Where do you love to (or long to) go? 

I do love travel and I have found that to be more and more important as the business grows and I am in the office a lot. It is so important to get out into the world and be inspired by your surroundings - that’s how all of the best ideas come. One of my favorite places locally outside of NYC is the Dia:Beacon — it is a former Nabisco factory that was converted into a contemporary art museum. The space itself is breathtaking — beautiful light wood floors, vast factory windows, beautiful but simple art at every turn. My husband proposed to me here almost 7 years ago inside a Richard Serra sculpture so it also has a sentimental meaning to us. We try to go once a year together. There are so many places I long to go – I would love to go to Vietnam or travel the beautiful countryside of Scandanavia — my list is very long! 

Best book you’ve read recently related to business? 

I really liked the Checklist Manifesto. It has a really basic premise but organizational structure at a small business is so important and I enjoyed learning about how the simplest things can sometimes make a significant difference in the productivity of a business. 

Advice you wish someone had given you at the start of building your brand? 

Slow down! You can’t do everything at once, pick and choose what you are spending your time on and have a long term vision for the brand, short term thinking can be overwhelming. 

And finally, what item (or items) are you currently wild about on Bungalo (I’m personally loving the gold flatware!)? 

I love the dipped storage bins – I have a few at my house because I LOVE LOVE LOVE to hide clutter. 

Great answers indeed! I fully agree with her higher quality lower quantity mentality. I also believe it is the genesis for luxurious design, as simplicity can indeed be stunning. You'll see I also have love for the dipped baskets as well since we've incorporated a few into my daughter's room. Storage for those things you possess is key to a chic and tidy space. 

So, are you inspired to enjoy a little Bungalo in your own bungalow? I thought you would be. Drop your comment below (with email!) to be entered to win the giveaway. Must enter by 12:00 midnight CST November 7th 2015. Winner will be drawn at random from qualifying entries and will receive a $250 gift card good towards their Bungalo purchase. Be sure to browse their site in anticipation of the drawing. And good luck! 


Giveaway: Chill Out with a Cool New Nespresso Machine...

{Photo via yours truly, Franki Durbin}

{Photo via yours truly, Franki Durbin}

No giveaway is ever as popular as our Nespresso collaborations! As summer reaches a fever pitch (we're tickling 100 degrees here in Texas this week!) it seemed the best time to cool you off with a brand spanking new Nespresso machine and a few chill recipes. So... who's ready for some caffeine-infused fun? 

Nespresso just rolled out a limited edition Cru called Perú Secreto and it is rich and marvelous. While I have other crus I enjoy, this one is really special in that it lends itself to sweet cocoa notes. It is intense and smooth and... well, frankly it inspired me to plead with the team at Nespresso to let you try it as well. And thus, a giveaway (and a few crazy good recipes) came to be. 


First up, tiramisu. A longtime favorite dessert of mine. Readers know I do not have a sweet tooth, so this must be worth it, right? It is, but it has to be made correctly to truly be considered great. And Perú Secreto is so seductively intense that it pretty much begs to play a role in this recipe.

A few things to bear in mind: the best results are achieved with authentic ingredients. Don't expect this to be bikini-friendly or kid-friendly. This is an indulgent, sweet dish with coffee, full fat ingredients and coffee liqueur. As such, you should expect it to be packed with calories and caffeine. So be prepared to invite friends to enjoy it with you. 

For complete recipe & instruction, Pretty Simple Sweet offers the recipe I love. It achieves the picture perfect results seen above. 

And now for a drink I consume almost daily. An iced coffee of the most rich variety. I like to think of this as my doppio on ice. Here is how I make it in about 60 seconds flat. Yes, if you happen to have a Nespresso machine... you are one minute away from a perfectly delicious energy boosting summer beverage. Ready? Here goes: 


  • 2 shots strong espresso (my current favorite is Perú Secreto or Roma for you Nespresso fans)
  • 1/2 cup coconut milk (the So Delicious brand is my favorite)
  • stevia to taste
  • tall glass filled with ice 

This is very simple. Draw up two strong shots of espresso (my Nespresso machine pulls a shot in just a few seconds) and set them aside. I like this beverage with two shots for an extra kick of afternoon energy, but if you prefer you can scale back to a solo shot.

Pour the coconut milk (or milk of your choice) and mix in stevia (or sweetener of your choice) to taste. Now... pour those shots of espresso over the top of your sweetened icy, milk mixture. Add a straw if you want to feel fancy (and don't we all?) and brace yourself for a masterpiece of creamy and sweet coffee-filled goodness. Repeat as often as necessary.  :) 

Bonus recipe: Pour the mixture (sans ice) into any popsicle mold, place in the freezer and in just a few hours you'll enjoy the best frozen treat of your adult life. Make them now. Thank me later. 


So... on to the giveaway! One lucky winner will receive a brand new Nespresso Pixie Clips machine. Like my beloved machine, your can count on the Pixie Clips to create the perfect cup of espresso while minimizing time, space and energy. The new clip technology allows you to change the look in the same fashion you change the look of your smartphone - simply "clip" on new colored side panels for a fresh look. The giveaway prize is valued at $229 and I assure you this will be a very welcome addition to any kitchen. I adore mine (but a teensy bit envious yours will have those cool swappable clips!). 

That lovely cup of espresso in the intro image? That's an single shot of that Peruvian goodness (read about it on Nespresso) prepared with my own machine. Less than 30 seconds to perfect espresso or cappuccino. You will not be disappointed, friends. 


It's easy! Drop a comment below. Boom! You're entered! Want to improve your odds? Mention this post on Instagram or Twitter (tag me in your post @frankidurbin so I can track it) and I'll toss your name in the hat again. Entries must be received by July 22, 2015 at midnight CST. That's it! Happy coffee drinking, everyone! Drop a comment below and let's get this contest rolling! 

Giveaway: Join Me on My ALOHA Journey...

As I shared a few days ago, I'm really trying to up my nutrition game with the addition of ALOHA products into my repertoire. Wow, friends. What a difference a few days can make! I can almost hear my body quietly saying "thank you" each time I drink my Daily Good. To say this has been a improvement in my health is to sell it short. It's clear to me now that my "well rounded" diet was far from complete. 

I'm loving it so much that I wanted the opportunity to share these incredible products with you. The friendly team at ALOHA has offered a custom giveaway for readers of this blog. All you need to do is drop a comment below. It can be anything. If you want to share about your journey to feeling great, I'd love to read it. If you want to share your struggle to squeeze in yoga or running or even finding a spare 10 minutes to breathe, please express yourself. 

Drop your comment below by Saturday, November 22 at midnight CST and you'll be entered to win two packets of each The Daily Good blend (two each of: original, berry and chocolate) and one packet of the each plant-based ALOHA protein flavor (one each of: vanilla & chocolate).

Made from thoughtfully sourced whole foods and protein from plant sources, our protein powder is delicious, nutritious, and grown purely from earth.
Moringa, spirulina, wild blueberries from Alaska? It can be exhausting, not to mention costly, trying to get high quality superfoods that your body needs daily. We make it easy and simple to get what you need (and more), all in one convenient pouch.

This beefed up trial is enough to get you kick started on a vibrant new health journey - and it's enough to launch you into the holidays on a healthier and more vibrant note. I can tell you with utmost confidence that you'll feel a significant difference in energy and mental clarity by day two of this routine. It has been eye opening for me to say the least. I can't wait to continue my ALOHA journey and I hope you'll join me. It's the start of something marvelous in my life.

Drop your comment below to be entered! 

Giveaway: November by Novogratz... a Signed Book for You...

Looking for a special gift to set you up for all those family gatherings and gift exchanges? How about a signed copy of a best selling book? Today kicks off the November by Novogratz giveaway where one lucky winner will receive a copy of Home by Novogratz

I was fortunate to receive a surprise copy in the mail when it came out in 2012. I assumed it was a DIY book with clever how-to's and a detailed look at projects. To my delight, this book is loaded with strategy, budgeting guidelines, project overviews and a look at client wish lists in comparison to the the ultimate outcome of individual projects. In short: it's a phenomenal book whether you're a pro or simply a design enthusiast.

Broken up by client, Home delights in the details of each project. The layout generously highlights the spaces before and after the transformation with callouts dotting the landscape to feature pertinent info. An impressive amount of relevant info was packed into this chic hot pink cover. Floor plans, line item budget details and tons of shopping resources grace each lovely chapter alongside narratives giving more scoop about client personalities and obstacles they overcame. 

The book may showcase the inner workings of design projects, but in truth it's full of heart and warmth - which is something every design project should imbue. Each space is completely different from the next but that signature Novogratz charm shines through as a unifying characteristic no matter the location or challenge. 

As mentioned before, I think Bob & Cortney are just phenomenal individuals. Proving my point, they've offered to sign a copy of this book and send it straight to the lucky winner. I assure you someone on your gift list (yes, perhaps you!) would love to add this lovely book and its vibrant pop of color to their library.

How do you enter? Simply drop a comment below by November 12th at midnight EST & let the giveaway begin! Happy November, style lovers! 

Giveaway: Add a Little "Oomph" To Your Life...

Hello, lovely readers! I have a special surprise for you this month. You Instagrammers have no doubt noticed me mention a collaboration with this brand, but it's finally here for all to enjoy. I've partnered with furniture and accessories brand Oomph to offer you the opportunity to not only win one of their marvelous products, but design it yourself.

Do you know Oomph? If not, brace yourself for a fresh look on furniture design. This specialty brand offers color and customization in ways you rarely find at price points like theirs. From lacquered tables (like these) to incredible lighting or statement-making upholstery, Oomph puts you in control of the design process. 

What does my giveaway entail? Everything your custom loving heart desires: You'll be able to choose from several unique shapes of their popular Tini Table and design it to suit your cravings. Select from 16 amazing glossy colors and 10 incredible tabletop surfaces to create the precise table you love. 

These versatile little occasional tables can be used almost anywhere in the home you might imagine. Use one chair side or use one on each side of the sofa. The rectangular ones are terrific in narrow spaces as they are only 8" in width. Amazing! Those of you with more abundant space might opt for the quatrefoil shaped IV which is measure 18" deep and wide. There are round, square and oblong shapes to choose from as well. Which one suits you best? Fortunately YOU get to decide that yourself! 

This is one of those rare occasions when a product truly can be styled to suit your preferences. And don't let those festive Trina Turk colors at the top fool you. Oomph offers finish & surface options that span the range of wild to mild and everything in between. Just look at these posh samples below. Dreamy! 

My favorite combo? I'm a classicist to a fault, so although I can see my future Palm Beach self owning the tangerine or hot pink version with a raffia top (so chic!!)... for my present life I am loving this quatrefoil shaped option in cream with a tan shagreen top. It is just so positively chic and will go with everything I have now and anything I'll obtain in the future. I just LOVE this table and think it is utterly sophisticated. 

Tini Table IV in Cream with Tan Shagreen Top

Tini Table IV in Cream with Tan Shagreen Top

But you, dear design lover? What does your heart desire? You may crave a walk on the wild side and pine for those zebra stripes. Or how about a zesty yellow version with a similarly painted top? What about a white lizard top on acid green legs? Have you ever seen a robin's egg blue table? Now is your opportunity to make those furniture dreams come true. 

So... just how does all of this 1-2-3 presto business work? Allow me to demonstrate...


Their web site makes this even easier by displaying on-the-fly photos of the options you select. No guesswork needed. So... how do you win? Simply tell me why YOU need a little Oomph in you life via the comment section below. Does your living room need a lift? Is your nursery almost complete? Is the mother-in-law suite being built this fall? Just share with me why you'd love to win a little Oomph for your home. That's it! 

Because I feel this giveaway is a bit special I'm keeping it active until September 30th at midnight. Enter once, enter twice... just be sure to enter. If you have questions about the tables, be sure to ask me, I'll get them answered for you. Also... be on the lookout for more Oomph posts as I will interview the owners themselves soon. 

Happy commenting and don't forget to pop over to Oomph design the Tini Table you love most.