Icons: Barbie's Ongoing Legacy...

Trivial fact: today marks Barbie's birthday. Born in 1959, this fair haired beauty has evolved over the years and cemented her place in history. Not convinced? Barbie is killing it on Instagram and posting selfies and street style shots you wish you could mimic. Seriously.

Trust when I tell you her wardrobe rivals Olivia Palermo... and everyone else you follow on social media. Her flowing mane and tailored outfits are perfectly shot outside of every major landmark and fashion show you might imagine. Ahhh, Barbie. To have your passport and your collection of shoes. 

If you're looking for some major fashion inspiration and hoping to up your flat lay game, look no further than the original style icon. I'm happy to say Barbie has definitely changed with the times. As a mom of two huge fans of the blonde bombshell I'm thrilled they've kept her clean cut and fabulous. Also, there seems to be an effort to downplay her epic feminine proportions. She looks flawless, approachable and largely makeup free. But that wardrobe is still dazzlingly aspirational, just the way it should be. Seriously, Barbie is killing it in 2015. Follow her and find yourself inspired every day. 

If your only exposure to the long legged legend is a passing awareness of the dolls, you'll be happy to know that Barbie is more than just pretty clothes & fabulous hair (but can we all admit those are pretty spectacular?). The movies and books are all about good triumphing over evil and staying true to yourself. The message to little girls of all shades of the rainbow is to embrace your unique truth and do the right thing. There's no hint of conforming or selfishness. Instead the stories are about bravery and standing up for what is right. Barbie is a total #girlboss in the best possible way. She takes command of her life in heels, fab clothes and a smile without ever trading in her girl card. That's something we can all applaud. 

Happy birthday, Barbie. We ♥ you! 



Icons: Amal's Pitch Perfect Venice Wedding Wardrobe...

I mean... girl doesn't miss a beat. Amazing. This woman is poised perfection. I posted a few days ago some of her looks from the weekend, but these new ensembles deserved an applause all their own. The ivory Stella McCartney outfit? Shutting it down. Her Giambattista Valli Couture floral creation? Amazing. George, you lucky man. 

{all images via Harper's Bazaar}

Icons: The Sweetness of Lauren Conrad...

It's impossible to say the name Lauren Conrad without imagining her perfectly tousled loose curls and LA meets Audrey Hepburn style. She radiates chic in the most laid-back way possible. For me it's been a not-so-hidden love affair with her hair, her classic wardrobe and her ability to quietly keep moving forward in a quiet, understated way. While other reality TV starlets become gossip tabloid fodder, LC has quietly been building her fashion empire and - oh, yes - even getting married.

While some of you might find her a tad predictable, I wholeheartedly admire a girl who identifies her signature style early on and commits to it. Lauren has long loved Chanel and long flowy skirts. She prefers billowy blouses and often wears flats in spite of her small stature. A modern day icon, Lauren always looks timeless and perfectly polished without ever looking overdone. That, ladies, is called nailing it.

Hoping to channel your inner LC? Think classic pieces with slightly relaxed styling and a whole lot of Chanel and you're all set. For wardrobe builders akin to Lauren's signature sweet style, I would encourage you to seek classic colors like black, white and cream and timeless accessories like a great Chanel bag and logo necklaces. And don't be afraid to add a few hearts here & there to really seal the deal. 


{images of Lauren Conrad via}


Icons: Ford's Focus...

Last night I read an interesting interview with Tom Ford via esquire. He dishes on fatherhood, his loathing of short pants, the importance of maintaining tight abs and other tidbits. Here are a few of my choice quotes:

"The most important thing a man can do is exercise and maintain his weight. Because that’s the key to looking youthful."

I liked that one because it applies to all humans. Exercise adds color to your face and delivers that natural glow better than any NARS product possibly could. 

"I don’t shout. Shouting is wasted energy. It embarrasses people in front of other people."

So much wisdom packed into this. He is absolutely right of course. Shouting, in my opinion, is a display of being out of control. It reflects terribly on the person doing the shouting, and visibly wounds the one on the receiving end. Don't do it. 

"If I were straight and I were trying to seduce a woman, I could do it just by standing up at the table when she came back from the bathroom. It works. Every time I do that, all the straight men are sitting at the table and their wives are kicking them."

Wise observation, Mr. Ford. Wise observation. Chivalry is most certainly an appealing quality in a man. 

It's clear from this (and every) interview with the fashion icon that confidence is not something Mr. Ford lacks. In the interview he candidly admits to having little or no fashion industry expertise in his early career. I love a self-made star who is simply "born with it" and then works tirelessly to achieve the level of success Tom has. He's an interesting fellow showing no signs of stopping or ceasing to evolve. At 53 (yesterday was his birthday) he's as relevant today as he was during those revolutionary Gucci years.

Happy belated birthday, Tom. And keep those abs tight. We're watching. And by all means, please keep making those amazing sunglasses. We love them.