Feeling Bookish: Diving Into the Tropical World of India Hicks...

I can think of no instagram account I follow that plays out like a fantasy as much as India Hicks. From swimming with pigs in the Bahamas (yes, it's a thing) to zip lining through a lush green forest, this model-turned-designer-turned-author is living the life we all dream of living. Only it's her life - and her family's life - right here, right now.

For a woman with so many hyphens in her professional title, her lifestyle and her general vibe is one of ease, acceptance and balance. Her newest book Island Style celebrates that effortless bohemian style she's known for exuding and embracing. India's aesthetic is undone and fuss free, but also filled with fanciful flourishes and unexpected details. When you think of India's decorating style, it's a unique melange of formal British Colonial meets the carefree spirit of the Caribbean. 

Island Style invites us all to slide into our metallic espadrilles and find comfort in the shade in a hammock alongside she and her naturally tanned brood. Their smiles are infections, and even more reason to urge you to channel some of her laid-back sensibilities into your over-scheduled life. The timeless homes she designs are strikingly gorgeous and provide more stylistic range than I would have expected in a book of this title. Her eye for detail and breadth of knowledge is clear, as is her father's influence. The influential David Hicks would be incredibly proud of India's regal take on casual living. It is inspiring to see the wide range of styles that comprise island living. This stunning book she offers a roadmap for achieving a similar aesthetic into your own home.

This summary from the book's official release captures it perfectly:

"In ten chapters, India walks the reader through the basics of capturing the look: the subtle palette of island life; the miracle of tablescaping; the warm anarchy of a family kitchen; the pleasure of porches; the drama of entertaining; bedrooms as places of self-expression; the "more is more" style of living with collections; the importance of repurposing; and creating spaces of sanctuary." 

What makes India and this book so unique is how openly she invites us into her life via the pages. It is written from a very personal perspective, sharing her passion for scrapbooking, the importance of building collections, lovely details about her family life and her absolutely wonderful tips on design, living and entertaining. And through the photographs she fully opens the door to her love of family, entertaining and celebrating each day of life. 

Honestly, the whole book makes me want to sell it all and move my own small tribe to a warm sunny place with hammocks and swaying palms. Let me tell you, this woman knows how to live! India embraces life with a passion and an ease most of us could only hope to achieve. 


So find spot in the shade, fill up your glass with mango-infused tea and for a moment, just a moment, imagine swear you can feel the breeze from the sea on your skin, hear the waves crashing, breathing in the salty air as it blows the vibrant bougainvillea branches against against the shutters. Island Style will take you there and leave you inspired and empowered to lend a little of India's signature subtle boho glamour in your own home.