Tastemakers: Michelle Nussbaumer's Inimitable Style...

If you're going to adore a designer, it helps is she has outrageously stylish taste, a fabulous sense of humor and an enviable Instagram life. Michelle Nussbaumer is such a force, and to know her style is to be invited to peer through the creative lens of a well-traveled, life-embracing design dynamo.

More is more. Less is never more. Less is obviously less. Who wants less?
— Michelle Nussbaumer

I was first introduced to her via her Dallas outpost Ceylon et Cie (mentioned here) and developed a fast crush on her warmth and passion for all things colorful and richly storied. There is no designer thumbprint on her work, as every project is a unique work unto itself. Yet what does radiate through everything she creates is her authenticity. Michelle is living her own life according to her rules - and loving every moment of it. And I certainly want more of that in my life, don't you?

Fortunately, we have a few great resources to draw upon to infuse a bit of the designer's globetrotting joie de vivre into our lives. First up: her brand new book Wanderlust: Interiors That Bring the World Home. A richly hued tome certain to set your passion for life, travel and decor on fire. Over 300 pages of pure design inspiration reside between the hardcovers of this colorful book.

Your next step? Go. Go anywhere and everywhere. Open your eyes to the world around you and develop an awareness for those things that make you gasp, cause you to flush, make your eyes open wide and beg to be examined. Because you need more moments like that. You need more experiences like that. You need more LIFE in your life.

So let's get going. Journey far and wide, seeking out the aforementioned life-altering pieces to call your own. Perhaps it's a hand-painted plate from an off-the-beaten path boutique in Portugal, or a peculiar piece of art you spied at a London art show. Maybe for you the temptation is a piece of pottery from an artisan in South America, or a remnant of a woven Moroccan textile you found at flea market. See it, seize it, bring it home and build your collection of adventures and, yes, meaningful decor elements along the way. It's not about feathering your nest you see. It's about feathering your life. The artifacts and collector's items are simply the evidence of a life well-lived. Daily reminders of adventures past and reminders to keep going, to keep exploring.

Q: When decorating, what should you never skimp on?
A: Art
— Michelle Nussbaumer

A life richly lived is the true lesson here, and what better way to do than by exploring the world at large with eyes (and mind) wide open. Travel far, travel often and if something strikes your fancy and makes your heart skip a beat, you can be confident there's a place for it in your home - and in your life.

Stay tuned, friends. Book review of Wanderlust: Interiors That Bring the World Home is coming soon. Until then, enjoy the Feeling Bookish section for dozens of incredible reads to inspire you to live your best life.