Mommy Chic: New Mom Survival Kit...

A very good friend of mine just had her first child, a wonderful baby boy. In these first few days of being a new mommy you are overwhelmed with emotion - all of them good. You are also more than likely swimming in fabulous products given to you by loving family and friends. Yet I often feel people overlook the real person of need: the new mom. She will soon discover, as did I, that she too could use a little pampering. Those products, of course, must also be time savers, life savers and miracle workers. 

Below is what I consider to be a new mom survival kit. What does that entail? Dark sunglasses to shield sleepy eyes. Skin products to bring back that rosy glow. A stroller than some would say is overkill, but I say is just what the doctor ordered. Luxurious pajamas because, let's face it, if you're going to be in jammies all day they should be fabulous. And of course, a few goodies for the little man as well.

The truth is, sometimes a bubble bath and a blowout are all a girl needs to feel like she can rule the world again - especially if that world now revolves around a beautiful new face.


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