Spectacular Properties: Selling the $38MM Real Estate Dream...

How does one sell a tricked out multi-million dollar home on LA's bird streets? With a full force marketing strategy and - of course - a "sell the dream" style video. If you weren't already aware of the real estate goodness (read: epic views of the skyline) that this Beverly Hills address offers, you won't be able to forget it once you see this sleek video below. But by all means, do yourself a favor and click on this to see the original $40K video featuring Flo Rida's "Welcome to My House" track. It's magnificent and is definitely compelling. The more toned down video below is still pretty sweet, but not as hypnotically cool. 

Inspired? I certainly am. It's always fun to consider having of a "girls day in" at a posh pad like this one. Wine cellar, infinity edge pool and those unbeatable views. All without leaving the property. If you're buying this spacious estate, give me a ring won't you? I do believe my schedule can be freed up for a visit! 


Spectacular Properties: Mighty Moroccan Influence on the Gulf Coast...

Without seeing the surroundings I'd have guessed this home was in Santorini or (more obviously perhaps) Marrakesh. Surprisingly, this ode to all things Moroccan sits squarely on Florida's Gulf Coast. And while those exterior spaces are sleek and modern with hints of exoticism, this home's interiors are a transcendent mix of well-chosen pieces that boast a modern-meets-antique vibe. It is amazing, to say the least. 

A not to our modern lives, the first thing I thought when seeing it on Elle Decor was this: I wonder if it's on Airbnb? :) 

So let's be fair: all you and I care about here is what to wear on a killer rooftop deck like this. I say let the enchanted atmosphere transport you - of only temporarily - to a faraway destination. One look at that private pool - and I do mean private - means you can while away your cares while soaking in the warm rays. Ahhh... it might not be Morocco, but you can pretend at least for a while. 


Spectacular Properties: The $18.9MM Santa Monica Spread...

Fancy yourself a new pad? I stumbled across this 6 bedroom "cottage" yesterday and drew a deep breath when I saw that top photo overlooking the pool. That's what California living is all about. That endless, jaw dropping view. 

The bones of the house make me think of a Kelly Wearstler project from the AD archives. While it's not the same house, this pimped out English Tudor has seen its share of celebrity designers leave their mark. Elaine Culotti, Ralph Pucci, David Bromstad, Susan Cohen, Sami Hayek and Kyle Schuneman all played a role over the years on this 11,000 square foot spread on the best street in Santa Monica overlooking Riviera Country Club.

Is it my taste? No. But isn't it fun to look at these fully outfitted houses with strong design choices and wonder about the owners or the experience of living there? Of course it is. We all love stalking "out there" real estate. This house holds more than a few signature details - no question. 

In addition to a fully tricked out recording studio, 6 bedrooms, 8 baths and an unexpectedly contemporary kitchen, the home comes with a rich history. According to the listing, "In its last incarnation, you might have found Grayson performing a duet with Mario Lanza while Judy Garland and Frank Sinatra cozied up by the fireplace and Howard Hughes slept in a guest room." All that's missing from that epic gathering is Marilyn Monroe. Let's suffice it to say you won't be moving in without going unnoticed by your well-meaning (and well-connected) neighbors. 


Spectacular Properties: Dr. Dre's Hollywood Hills Manse...

Is it too late for me to begin pursuing my dream of being hip-hop impresario? One look at these digs that Dr. Dre just unloaded (to a very lucky buyer, I might add) and it's clear I had no idea his taste in real estate was so sophisticated. 

Sweeping views of the glittering Los Angeles skyline, ample grounds outdoors for entertaining (the likes of which are so pretty the might make Lisa Vanderpump gush) and A-List neighbors Tobey, Jodie, DJ Aviici, Leonardo, Jennifer, Christina and Keanu (yes, the ones you're thinking of) have all the makings of LA dream property, right? So why the move? First: profit. In addition to selling the mansion for $32.5 (almost double what he paid a few years ago), Dre has been comfortably living in another favorite Los Angeles pad, the former estate of Gisele and Tom.

Yes, the handsome profit he netted edges him nearer to billionaire status. Can you say baller? 

{via Curbed}


Spectacular Properties: Gorgeous West Coast Escapes...

When I grown up, I want to own a handful of rental properties like this villa in Del Mar. Just look at those views? Holy smokes. And at a $1500 per night surely I could use the income to make a dent in those California property taxes and such. It sleeps 13 and is so fabulous it was was featured in the July 2013 San Diego Home and Gardens magazine. This gorgeous place is walking distance to shops and a mile from the beach. Hello, home away from home!

And did you see the cool bedroom with the bunk beds? Certainly not just for kids. My favorite parts are the open air areas including those slide-away doors in the kitchen. Amazing. 

This pad is pimped and perfect. Ahhhh... goals. I now have a new one: own several insanely gorgeous luxury rentals. 

It seems the more significant earnings would seem to be found in Oprah's hilly enclave of Montecito. This expansive (and expensive) 53 acre pad will set you back a neat $12,500 per week. Not to worry, it sleeps a dozen so you & your friends can each chip in just over a grand per week (actually not unrealistic when broken up that way compared to a hotel) to stay in this private hillside sanctuary. Pretty gorgeous if you ask me. This gated retreat are yours for the taking if you've got the cash to spare (and the minimum seven days to stay). 

There's one more I have to show you but I can't find it right now. Stay tuned and I'll showcase my ultimate rental and the home I'd actually love to own myself. Happy real estate dreaming! 

Spectacular Properties: The French Villa You've Been Craving is For Sale...


Villa Cap-d'Ali can be yours. She boasts 8 bedrooms, 6.5 baths and jaw-dropping views of the Mediterranean (not to mention the Prince of Monaco's palace and neighboring yacht marina).  Naturally, this 8,600 square foot $100MM estate nets you a private palm grove, rose garden, swimming pool and waterfall.  Warning: the interiors are a bit Versace-esque in their Old World style, but with incredible views like these and impeccably maintained grounds I feel confident you won't mind doing a little freshening up on the inside. {via}