Tech Chic: Thrillseekers, Meet Lily, Your Drone Bestie...

Ever wish you had a camera crew follow you everywhere you went? That's Lily. She's a next-generation drone designed for extreme sports enthusiasts who are always on the move. Lily is rugged, GPS stabilized and totally agile enough to handle whatever path you blaze. To get her up and running you literally throw her up in the air and she stabilizes herself. Led by a device you wear yourself, she'll follow you wherever your surfing, parkouring, running, rockclimbing self will lead her. She's waterproof, flies herself and is equipped with a high-def 1080p camera ready to shoot video, slo-mo films or perfect stills. How seriously cool. Will be $999 when she hits the market. Pre-order now for a steep (think: 50%) discount and be the coolest early-adopter around. 

Note to self: learn parkour and give yourself a reason to own this amazing piece of tech. 

Tech Chic: Making the Case for Cases...

Oh how I love (and need) a good iPhone case. I live in admiration and disbelief at those of you who rock your slim handheld devices sans case. You are either blessed to live in a completely cushioned environment impervious to accidental bumps or straight up crazy. Regardless of how delicately I handle my lovely iPhone it most assuredly will take a tumble at some point. Perhaps while working out, perhaps as it slides from my handbag as I exit the car or (as is often the case) while in the young hands of my daughter. 

Since I spent a fast half hour last week replacing my shattered phone I'm now hot on the quest for a newer case with more padding (or at least a more anti-slip grip) than the previous. While our male counterparts can rock a military grade rubberized black case and call it a day, we girls love our cases slim and sophisticated. Who can blame us? A pretty little cover adds a layer of protection from would-be mishaps as well as individualization to an otherwise ubiquitous device.

Perhaps it isn't the rare device drop so much as the ease of daily use that makes a case so sensible. Texting, video watching and taking pix is so much easier with a surface with more tact than the super slippery rose gold aluminum shell my naked phone offers. Life is easier with a chic case with a slim rubber lining giving hands a surface upon which to grip. The case for a case is simple. I need one, and I feel everyone does.  

What about you? Are you a freedom-loving girl who eschews the idea of a case, no matter how pretty? Or, like me, do you cling to the comfort of a personality-showcasing case that offers a little cushioning for those inevitable bumps and drops? If you're in the mood for a new case I've done the shopping for you. These cute covers will set you apart from the crowd and (perhaps) prevent you from having to spend any unnecessary time with your favorite Genius. 

Besides... spring is on the way. And a fresh little look for your technology bestie is just the thing to get you in the mood for sunny rays and warm days ahead. Happy hunting!