Entertaining: Bring Together Fronds & Friends...

Fronds are EVERYWHERE this summer and I am loving it. From jumpsuits to candleholders (more on that in a moment) these oversized leaves are showing up in the most unusual of places.

Let's first pay tribute to 1942 by decorator Don Loper and others for popularizing the iconic Martinique wallpaper. Using a banana leaf wallcovering is a bold design choice that has made the Beverly Hills Hotel a legendary example of chic design over the years. Dorothy Draper decked the halls of The The Greenbrier Hotel in leafy green paper as well during in it's renovation in the 40's (what was it with that decade?). In more recent years, designer Tom Scheerer made waves when he wrapped the walls of the Lyford Cay Club lobby in Quadrille's towering palm wallpaper.

The message is clear: palms are cool. Palm leaf prints are even cooler. So today's post is all about working this motif into your life in the most sophisticated of ways. It doesn't need to be a head to toe look, just a hint of a frondy print does a space good. Think: Palm Beach Chic and you've got the right vibe. 

Personally, I love the look in proximity to the water. If you have a pool, God bless you. This is the moment it will shine! Rocking a waterless patio? Not to worry, these plans will make you feel as though you're lounging at the Beverly Hills Hotel being catered too by their overly-solicitous staff. 

Now... are you ready to see how I'm suggesting you dress up your dining area to channel that iconic leafy vibe. 


Michael Aram Palm Candleholders (note: these are pricey, so bookmark & watch for a sale!) // Velvet Leaf Applique Pillow // Bead-Trimmed Placemats & Napkin Rings // Juliska Classic Bamboo Dinnerware // Palm Leaf Pitcher & Drinkware (note: total steal!)

The key is to have fun and play up the tropical vibe without being terribly overt. The pillows are gorgeous and the dinnerware is CLASSIC for indoor or outdoor use. You will never, ever be disappointed you invested in the Juliska dinnerware. I am obsessed with the brand, so more on that later! 

Set the tone with the right tunes. Think: bossanova. Think: Bebel Gilberto. Think: chill mode. Now for scent. Yes, I know fragrance and dining are supposed to be mortal enemies. But in this instance I love Nest's Sicilian Tangerine to seal the deal on the tropical vibe. The diffuser (versus a candle) will lend subtle fragrance to the space. 

Need more help getting in the mood? I have a few books you might enjoy. 



Trendspotting: Sugary Sweet Spring Style...

The fashion media may be lauding the return of pastels, but I see the color story as a bit more punchy. There's nary a note of the chalky colors I associate with true pastels. These colors are a bit more cheery, a bit less Easter Sunday and clearly more fresh. Think: festive mint green, optimistic Barbie pink and a dreamy sky blue and you're on the right track. 

The best part? These aren't your mamma's pale hues. Our color palette for spring is more bold (witness those grass green lace-up trainers below) and perhaps a bit more fun than expected. It seems we've finally reached "anything goes" nirvana when it comes to getting dressed. Frankly, if you're rocking a handbag the color of a ray of sunshine, feeling happy should be the edict of the day. Don't you agree? 



Trendspotting: Highlights From Milan Fashion Week...

Oh, Milan! So much black, so much leather, so much genuine Italian style. It would be an understatement to say that Milan fashion week is one of my favorites of all of the "fashion month" cities. Paris tops it, yes, but Milan is a close second. 

Prada, Pucci, Cavalli, Bottega Veneta, Armani, Etro, Versace, Fendi, Moschino, Gucci... ahhh. My fashion happy place. These are only part of my #MFW is such a standout showcase of style. More than that, it's the setting. Rome may be where my soul resides, but Milan takes its street style seriously. The city is less picturesque than many of its Italian sister cities, but it is not devoid of architectural significance and beauty. The Duomo, the Milanese and the pulse of the city beckon. It is the ultimate black leather clad backdrop for its all-star list of brands coming to showcase their fall wares. 

What did I love? Pucci is a perennial favorite. This season's offerings featured their signature funky kaleidoscope-inspired patterns. The colorful, swirly designs dovetailed beautifully into the overall 70's vibe that has been seen across the globe. My surprise brand crush? Sportmax. The line offered up a clean-lined sense of chic that appealed to my "classic feminine" leanings. I loved focus on tailored leathers and belted dresses.  was very figure flattering and set the stage for a romantic fall ahead.   

Fringe is, of course, still a having its moment in the sun. As is the thematic presence of fun (presumably faux) fur on almost all runways. I'm loving the emergence of the flowy pants we've been seeing, gentle pleating on cascading folds of fabric and the overall optimistic visual story happening. Another recurring element? Seemingly adopted from street style, flats and flatforms were everywhere. That's not to say heels are out by any stretch (boots are surely still on the rise), but it seems comfort might suddenly be chic. 

The Autumn/Winter shows naturally offer an abundance of coats and jackets. But rather than the staid wools and leathers we commonly enjoy, 2015's fall season is all about the statement coat. Wild embroidered pieces, bold (almost neon but not quite) quilted puffers, opulent hand-stitched pieces and every feathered and fur-adorned style one could possibly imagine. When considering a top layer for next year, best leave any sartorial shyness at home and go for bold "yes, it is fabulous, isn't it?" attitude. As you know, this is an investment piece I"m fully behind! Jackets and coats are my apparel indulgence of choice. Separates may come and go in my closet, but those well-made top layers are mine for the keeping for years to come. 

And then there was Dolce & Gabbana's tribute to mommies everywhere. The fashionable duo paid sweet homage to motherhood without veering into matronly style. The looks were flirty and youthful. Think: postcard inspired prints, message-emblazoned sweaters and roses... oodles of roses. The message love was crystal clear.  

Beauty wise? Simple hair. Easy hair. Tousled hair. Love! And of course... that flick of eyeliner at the corners. Add this to kissable lips and a dewy overall look and I'm smitten. 2015 promises to be one the year of celebrating actual beauty. I couldn't be happier. 



Trendspotting: Everything's Coming Up Roses...

The more you dig into wellness, the more you'll notice certain ingredients emerging as superstars. Rose oil is such a star in the beauty arena, and it isn't going unnoticed in mainstream products. Laura Mercier recently launched a line of skincare items infused with the flower's coveted ingredient, and they are certainly not the first. It bears mentioning, because a big brand such as that anchoring a new line showcasing a singular key ingredient is an indication that we're about to see a wave of rose-enhanced beauty goods. 

I've been reading about the beautifying powers of a rose-infused mist to the face before bedtime (reportedly Mirada Kerr's KORA line holds the mist supermodels covet most). It sounds decadent and (if beauty the Giseles and Miradas are to be believed) wildly effective for nourishing, plumping and restoring lost moisture. Sign me up. I'm convinced!

Beyond the vanity counter you'll see we're in the midst of a full on rose-filled celebration of sorts. Rose gold, pale pink leather, rosé wine and all things rosebud are popping up on everything from bikinis to moisturizers. Personally I can't wait to add a bit more of this fleur to my life, and these pretty pieces make it so much more tempting to do so. I've rounded up a dozen or so of my favorite rosy goods for your enjoyment. Guaranteed to be wilt (and thorn) free. Happy Valentine's Day to you all! 



Trendspotting: Birds of a Feather...

Ask any chinoiserie fan and they'll assure you that birds are never, ever out of vogue. But look around at the moment and you'll see that our feathered friends have flown far beyond the de Gournay wallpaper and landed in every room of the home - including the closet. For these with an affinity for decor and fashion with an avian influence it's a welcome trend indeed. 

Birds are unique in their near universal appeal. Their forms are lyrical in nature and add undeniable femininity to any setting in which they are placed. Their delicate forms and whimsical nature lend themselves to elegant patterns and glamorous little unexpected flourishes.


So... how do you migrate these fine feathered creatures from adorning your walls (their usual haunt) to less common applications? If you look around you, the answer already exists. From flared skirts to imaginative candleholders, I've rounded up a few of my favorite fluttering finds. I trust you'll enjoy the colorful yet chic impact these chirping creatures are adding to home decor and your fashion repertoire. But brace yourself: each of these charming applications will be the start of much "where did you get that" chatter setting your ego aflutter. Hopefully you'll be singing praises of your fabulously feathered discoveries and chirping it up to all who inquire. It's only fair, after all. 


Trendspotting: Fabulous Florals for 2015...

Diane absolutely shut it down with her ethereal collection at #NYFW. Between the breezy chiffon fabrics and the oversized and modernized floral prints, I was overcome by her shameless femininity. DVF often reads a bit more modern and strong female power, but I dare say she's tapped into the theme of boldness in softness (which I adore!) and is showcasing the most powerful asset we have as women: our femininity. 

Not limited to just one style, Diane showed us gingham, florals, stripes, suiting, pants, skirts, solids and every hemline possible. We're loving her bold thigh-high slits but it's her prettier looks we adore more. Full skirts, matching jackets and the dreamiest tangerine meets hot pink combo you ever did see. And... did I mention Naomi Campbell ended the show. Enough said. See the full scoop here

Following her on Instagram is so inspiring, as it offer glimpses into the behind-the-scenes action. Diane's instructions to the girls on the catwalk was "Be happy, be sexy, be the woman you want to be. Smile!" which set the tone for the show. Bouncy hair, perfect makeup a colorful pouts further pushed the feminine mindset. I can barely wait for these beautiful pieces to hit the showroom floors. In the meantime, here's a little current season DVF for to inch you closer to next year's full-on flowery look.