Monument: Rome's Trevi Fountain

The Trevi Fountain is a famous landmark, used as a backdrop in movies such as Three Coins in a Fountain, La Dolce Vita, and my personal favorite, Roman Hoilday! (I've only seen a little, but it's Rome!)

The Trevi Fountain has a strange theme. When you come, you toss a coin or two as a promise you will come back to Rome. All the money goes to a supermarket for Rome's needy. There are regular attempts to steal coins from the fountain. (Of course they are! You want to know those thieves are thinking? $$$$$!!! And maybe you're thinking $$$$ now, too).

The fountain is sometimes called a monument, though it doesn't stand for a person. It does, however, celebrate the discovery of a key resource for pure water for Rome. Legend has it that in 19 BC, an ordinary young girl led Roman soldiers to a key source of water. The soldiers named it "Virgin Water", in honor of the little girl. 

The architect of the Trevi Fountian is named Nicola Salvi. The fountain was draped in black when the artist died. (Sniffle, sniffle! Isn't that sad? Oh!)

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